UVic Planet Search

Extra-Solar Planet Systems

See the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia for information on all the planets.

Using our automated 0.5 meter telescope. we take pictures of a star and the nearby stars. We measure the brightness of the 9 brightest stars and compare them one to each other. If it becomes cloudy then all the stars will become fainter by the same amount and their relative brightness will not change.

The importance of detecting transits of the planet is that if we see the transit then we know that the planet's orbital plane is in the line of sight and the mass of the planet can then be calculated. The radius of the planet can be found from the duration of the eclipse, assuming a radius of the star and then the density of the planet can be found.
So far we have looked at three stars, which have been discovered to have planets orbiting them. Namely:

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