Russell Robb

Senior Scientific Assistant

Teaching Astronomy

I would like to thank all the clever people who put their images and animations on the web for teachers like me to use.
This is Nic's picture of Comet Lovejoy taken 14Jan2015 with a Celestron 8inch and a Canon 1100D(T3)

This is my picture of Comet ISON taken with the new DFM 0.8 meter telescope and CCD camera 16Nov2013

These are the fits files:
  • ISON 14:11 16Nov13
  • ISON 14:15 16Nov13
  • ISON 14:18 16Nov13

  • This is the sum of the previous picture and another one taken a few minutes later and processed by Dave Balam

    New University of Victoria Dept of Phys and Astro 32-inch Telescope

    Light Curve of the month

    This is our observation of the eclipsing contact binary WASP1809

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