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Collections of data

Atali, H.B. et al. (7 authors) 2014, IBVS No. 6102. (5a) Times of minima of cataclysmic EBs: PX And, V1315 Aql, BH Lyn, TT Tri, HS0455+8315.

Boffin, H.M.J. et al. (8 authors) 2014, A&A 564, A1. (2ao, 4c, 5de) Roche-lobe filling factor of mass-transferring red giants: the PIONIER view. V1472 Aql (HD 190658), 5 Cet (HD 352), ER Del, V1261 Ori, AG Peg, FG Ser.

Bogomazov, A.I. 2014, ARep 58, 126. (8c) Study of the evolution of CBs using the ''Scenario Machine'': V1343 Aql (SS 433), V1521 Cyg (Cyg X-3), M33 X-7, NGC300 X-1, IC10 X-1.

Drake, A.J. et al. (21 authors) 2014, ApJSS 213, 9. (1ao) Catalina sky survey of periodic variables gives information on O'Connell effect for various binary configurations, discovery of 51 SN, 47,000 periodic variables.

Drake, A.J. et al. (13 authors) 2014, MNRAS 441, 1186. (1ao, 2bc, 5bcd, 6ab, 7cd) CVs from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey. 137 have been spectroscopically confirmed and 705 are new discoveries.

Eker, Z. et al. (8 authors) 2014, PASA 31, e024. (6a) Catalogue of stellar parameters from the detached SB2 EBs in the Milky Way.

Gao, S. 2014, ApJ 788, L37. (1*, 2* ,9) F-G-K MW binarity decreases with temperature and metallicity.

Griffin, R.F. 2014, Obs 134, 57. (2a, 5d) RVs and orbits: HR 6853, HR 8589 (Period 11.5 years, but circular orbit), HD 48913 (22-year period), HD 206843 (eccentric, but 9-day period).

Griffin, R.F. 2014, Obs 134, 109. (2a, 5d) RVs and orbits: HD 45762, HD 74089, HD 194795, NN Del (HD 197952), HD 215622, HDE 353012.

Griffin, R.F. 2014, Obs 134, 157. (2a, 5d) RVs and orbits: UU Cnc (triple), HD 67788, HD 79888, HD 119915, HD 120649.

Guillemot, L., Tauris, T.M. 2014, MNRAS 439, 2033. (1g*) Relation between orbital inclination of binary millisecond pulsars with WD companions and detectability in $\gamma$-rays discussed; estimate of system parameters for PSR J0034$-$0543, PSR J0218+4232, PSR J1327$-$0755, PSR B1855+09 (PSR J1857+0943).

Hermes, J.J. et al. (13 authors) 2014, ApJ 792, 39. (1ai, 5bce) LC analysis of 20 low-mass WD binaries, identified by co-ordinates in unknown catalogue.

Hoard, D.W. et al. (14 authors) 2014, ApJ 786, 68. (2i) IR excess in 12 nova-like CVs: TT Ari, WX Ari, QU Car, V592 Cas, V442 Oph, V347 Pup, V3885 Sgr, VY Scl, RW Sex, RW Tri, UX UMa, IX Vel.

Ishioka, R. et al. (20 authors) 2014, AJ 147, 70. (6b) New EBs detected in search for occultations by small Kuiper Belt objects.

Kato, T. et al. (87 authors) 2014, PASJ 66, 30. (1ao, 5bcij, 6ab, 9) Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. V. The fifth year (2012-2013).

Koliopanos, F. et al. (4 authors) 2014, MNRAS 442, 2817. (1x, 5cghi) X-ray diagnostics of chemical composition of the AD and donor star in UCXBs: V1405 Aql (4U 1916$-$05), V1055 Ori (4U 0614+091), 4U 0513$-$40, 2S 0918$-$549, XTE J1807$-$294.

Lapukhin, E.G. et al. (5 authors) 2014, PZP 14, 11. (1a, 6b) New variable stars in Lacerta: area of $2^\circ.3\times2^\circ.3$, Centred at $\alpha$ = 22h50m, $\delta=50^\circ00'$ (2000.0). Part II: USNO-A2.0 1350-17311383, USNO-A2.0 1350-17312153, USNO-A2.0 1350-17312592, USNO-A2.0 1350-17318917, USNO-A2.0 1350-17324338, USNO-A2.0 1350-17324387, USNO-A2.0 1350-17327772, USNO-A2.0 1350-17328550, USNO-A2.0 1350-17328682, USNO-A2.0 1350-17330819, USNO-A2.0 1350-17330878, USNO-A2.0 1350-17332724, USNO-A2.0 1350-17336456, USNO-A2.0 1350-17338929, USNO-A2.0 1350-17345172, USNO-A2.0 1350-17347252, USNO-A2.0 1350-17357431, USNO-A2.0 1350-17358577, USNO-A2.0 1350-17361658, USNO-A2.0 1350-17365531, USNO-A2.0 1350-17369393, USNO-A2.0 1350-17374119, USNO-A2.0 1350-17380555, USNO-A2.0 1350-17382751, USNO-A2.0 1350-17393480, USNO-A2.0 1350-17408341, USNO-A2.0 1350-17414334, USNO-A2.0 1350-17417634, USNO-A2.0 1350-17419946, USNO-A2.0 1350-17423185, USNO-A2.0 1350-17428473, USNO-A2.0 1350-17429119, USNO-A2.0 1350-17432949, USNO-A2.0 1350-17432974.

Lehmer, B.D. et al. (14 authors) 2014, ApJ 789, 52. (1x*, 2x*) Stellar age dependence on x-ray luminosity functions.

Lohr, M.E. et al. (16 authors) 2014, A&A 566, A128. (1ao*, 5ab) Period and amplitude variations in post-common-envelope EBs observed with SuperWASP: DE CVn, AA Dor, HW Vir, NY Vir, QS Vir, EC 10246$-$2707, 2M 1938+4603, HS 2231+2441, ASAS 10232, 2MASS J15334944+3759282 (NSVS 07826147), 2MASS J20200045+0437564 (NSVS 14256825).

Mayer, P., Drechsel, H., Irrgang, A. 2014, A&A 565, A86. (2ado*, 5cd) New and revised parameters for several southern OB binaries: SB2 systems HD 97166, HD 115455, and HD 123590; SB1 systems HD 130298, HD 163892, 16 Sgr (HD 167263), KX Vel (HD 75821).

Meng, Z. et al. (6 authors) 2014, MNRAS 441, 3733. (1ao, 5cg, 6ab, 7cd) A search for EBs that host discs.

Milliman, K.E. et al. (6 authors) 2014, AJ 148, 38. (2ao, 5d) RV and orbits for 93 SBs in NGC 6819.

Miszalski, B., Mikolajewska, J. 2014, MNRAS 440, 1410. (2ao, 6b) Discovery of new Galactic symbiotic systems by spectroscopic survey with SALT; 12 bona fide and 3 possible stars identified: (all 2MASS J) 14031865$-$5809349, 15431767$-$5857221, 16003761$-$4835228, 16422739$-$4133105, 17050868$-$4849122, 17334728$-$2719266, 17391715$-$3546593, 17422035$-$2401162, 17463311$-$2419558, 18131474$-$1007218, 18272892$-$1555547, 18300636$-$1940315, and possibly 16503229$-$4742288,
17145509$-$3933117, 17460199$-$3303085.

Mróz, P. et al. (12 authors) 2014, MNRAS 443, 784. (1ao, 5bcg) Photometric study of recurrent and symbiotic novae in data from the OGLE sky survey: V745 Sco, V3890 Sgr, Nova LMC 1990b, V5590 Sgr, OGLE-2011-BLG-1444.

Muraveva, T. et al. (12 authors) 2014, MNRAS 443, 432. (1ao, 2b, 5cg, 6ab, 7cd) A catalogue of 1768 EBs in the Large Magellanic Cloud: results from the EROS-2, OGLE and VMC surveys.

Nelson, R.H. 2014, IBVS No. 6112. (5b) New period-change EBs: EG CVn, V2240 Cyg, MS Her, V400 Lyr, V406 Lyr, V579 Lyr, KN Vul.

Neugent, K.F., Massey, P. 2014, ApJ 789, 10. (2o) WR CB frequency in M31 and M33.

Ng, C. et al. (25 authors) 2014, MNRAS 439, 1865. (1r, 3b, 5b, 6b) Discovery of four millisecond pulsars with WD companions and updated timing solutions for 12 other systems: PSR J1017$-$7156, PSR J1543$-$5149, PSR J1801$-$3210, PSR J1811$-$2405.

Nuñez, N. E. et al. (4 authors) 2014, A&A 565, A82. (2dox, 5g) Symbiotic stars in x-rays. II. Faint sources detected with XMM-Newton and Chandra: V852 Cen (Hen 2-104), V2416 Sgr, 2MASS J12454702$-$6300356 (Hen 2-87), 2MASS J21414488+0243543 (NSV 25735).

Pagnotta, A., Schaeffer, B.E. 2014, ApJ 788, 164. (1o*) Identifying SN Ia progenitors from "masquerading" classical novae.

Paizis, A., Sidoli, L. 2014, MNRAS 439, 3439. (1x*, 2dx) Long-term INTEGRAL hard x-ray data used for analysis of supergiant fast x-ray transients: 1. SFXTs: IGR J08408$-$4503 (LM Vel), IGR J11215$-$5952, IGR J16418$-$4532, IGR J16465$-$4507, IGR J16479$-$4514, XTE J1739$-$302, IGR J17544$-$2619, SAX J1818.6$-$1703 (HD 168078), IGR J18410$-$0535, IGR J18450$-$0435, IGR J18483$-$0311: 2. HMXBs: Vela X-1 (GP Vel), 4U 1700$-$377 (V884 Sco), 4U 1907+09.

Revnivtsev, M.G., Filippova, E.V., Suleimanov,V.F. 2014, AstL 40, 177. (1xo, 6c) Relation between the x-ray and optical luminosities in binary systems with accreting nonmagnetic WDs: WW Cet, VW Hyi, WX Hyi, T Leo, V405 Peg, TW Pic, EF Tuc, SU UMa, SW UMa, BZ UMa, RX J1831.

Reynolds, M.T. et al. (5 authors) 2014, MNRAS 441, 3656. (1x, 5cegi, 8a ) The quiescent x-ray spectra of 8 accreting BHs: BW Cir (GS 1354$-$64), V404 Cyg (GS 2023$-$338), V616 Mon (1A 0620$-$00), GU Mus (GS 1124$-$683), V381 Nor (XTE J1550$-$564), V1033 Sco (GRO J1655$-$40), KV UMa (XTE J1118+480), MM Vel (GRS 1009$-$45).

Shivvers, I., Bloom, J.S., Richards, J.W. 2014, MNRAS 441, 343. (1ao, 2a, 5abcde, 6ab, 7cd) Search for 106 highly eccentric systems in ACVS and MACC. New RVs and absolute parammeters for 6 systems: HD 199428 (ASAS J205642+1153.0), HDE 299972 (ASAS J091704$-$5454.1), BD $-08^{\circ}$3152 (ASAS J112145$-$0850.2), ASAS J064057$-$2637.6, ASAS J073611$-$3123.4, ASAS J193043$-$0615.6.

Smalley, B. et al. (21 authors) 2014, A&A 564, A69. (1ao, 2ao, 5cd) Am EB systems in the SuperWASP survey - 28 newly discovered. SB orbits for Renson 25070 (HD 87450), Renson 34770 (HD 120777), Renson 36660 (HD 128806), Renson 49380 (HD 177022), Renson 51506 (HD 186753).

Sokolovsky, K.V. et al. (7 authors) 2014, ARep 58, 319. (1a, 6b) New variable stars on digitized plates of the Moscow collection. Field SA9: MDV 519, MDV 520, MDV 521, MDV 522, MDV 523, MDV 524, MDV 526, MDV 527, MDV 528, MDV 529, MDV 530, MDV 531, MDV 533, MDV 535, MDV 536, MDV 537, MDV 538, MDV 539, MDV 540, MDV 541, MDV 542, MDV 543, MDV 544, MDV 545, MDV 546, MDV 547, MDV 549, MDV 550, MDV 552, MDV 553, MDV 554, MDV 555, MDV 557, MDV 558, MDV 559, MDV 560, MDV 561, MDV 562, MDV 563, MDV 564, MDV 566, MDV 567, MDV 568, MDV 570, MDV 571, MDV 572, MDV 573, MDV 574, MDV 575, MDV 576, MDV 577, MDV 578, MDV 579, MDV 580, MDV 581, MDV 583, MDV 584, MDV 585, MDV 586, MDV 587, MDV 590, MDV 591, MDV 592, MDV 593, MDV 594.

Terrell, D. 2014, IBVS No. 6101. (1a) APASS colours for 112 short-period W UMa binary candidates.

Tokovinin, A. 2014, AJ 147, 86. (7d, 9) Data on binaries and multiples within 67 pc of sun.

Torres, M.A.P. et al. (11 authors) 2014, MNRAS 440, 365. (1ao, 2aco, 4a, 6c) Optical counterparts of 23 accreting x-ray binaries of Galactic Bulge Survey identified; among these are 2 EBs, 1 magnetic CV, and 1 novalike CV (only preliminary designations by CX numbers).

Veramendi, M.-E., González, J.-F. 2014, A&A 567, 35. (2b) Spectroscopic study of early-type multiple stellar systems. II. New binary subsystems - orbits for SB2s: WDS 08079$–$6837A (HD 68520), WDS 20118$–$6337A (HD 191056), and SB1s: WDS 08314$–$3904A (HD 72436), WDS 13226$–$6059C (HD 116072), WDS 15185$–$4753C (HD 135748).

Wang, X., Wang, Z. 2014, ApJ 788, 184. (1i, 2x*) WISE IR detection of LMXBs: V1487 Aql (GRS 1915+105), V821 Ara (GRS 339-4), V822 Cen (Cen X-4), V1341 Cyg (Cyg X-2), HZ Her (Her X-1), V616 Mon (AO 0620$-$00), V2116 Oph (GX 1+4), V1055 Ori (4U 0614+091), V818 Sco (Sco X-1), KV UMa (XTE J1118+480), V934 Her (4U 1700+24), SAX J1711.6$-$3808, 2S 1711$-$339, Swift J1753.5$-$0127, 3A 1954+319.

Williams, M.D., Milone, E.F. 2013, JAD 19, 2. (1ao, 5c, 6b) New binaries found in Rothney Astrophysical Observatory variable star searchj program.

Williams, S.C. et al. (5 authors) 2014, ApJSS 213, 10. (1oi) Detections of progenitors of 2006-2012 M31 novae, 8 still in decline.

Zasche, P. et al. (4 authors) 2014, AJ 147, 130. (5ab, 8a) Period analyses reveal third bodies with periods determined: V418 Aql, SU Boo, RV CVn, CR Cas, GV Cyg, V432 Per, BD +42$^{\circ}$2782.

Zasche, P. et al. (5 authors) 2014, IBVS No. 6114. (5a) Collection of minima of EBs: AD And, BX And, GZ And, V389 And, V392 And, RY Aqr, SU Aqr, DX Aqr, $\sigma$ Aql, V342 Aql, V346 Aql, V822 Aql, V1461 Aql, V1470 Aql, AL Ari, BQ Ari, IU Aur, LY Aur, V424 Aur, V462 Aur, V560 Aur, i Boo, AC Boo, EM Boo, ET Boo, GK Boo, SZ Cam, CV Cam, DT Cam, S Cnc, TX Cnc, GU CMa, KL CMa, LT CMa, RW CMi, CX CVn, YZ Cas, AR Cas, CC Cas, DN Cas, DO Cas, V368 Cas, V649 Cas, V745 Cas, V776 Cas, V779 Cas, V791 Cas, U Cep, VW Cep, ZZ Cep, CW Cep, DP Cep, LP Cep, NN Cep, V357 Cep, V383 Cep, V442 Cep, V453 Cep, KK Com, KR Com, RV Crt, CG Cyg, V749 Cyg, V796 Cyg, V1187 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V2083 Cyg, V2154 Cyg, V2165 Cyg, V2169 Cyg, V2486 Cyg, MR Del, RR Dra, WW Dra, BH Dra, BV Dra, BW Dra, CM Dra, GQ Dra, GZ Dra, HI Dra, CI Eri, KP Eri, YY Gem, V337 Gem, AK Her, V819 Her, V822 Her, V994 Her A, V994 Her B, HS Hya, CY Lac, V394 Lac, V401 Lac, V402 Lac, TX Leo, AM Leo, BV Leo, T LMi, $\delta$ Lib, GV Lib, DI Lyn, TZ Lyr, UZ Lyr, V380 Mon, V498 Mon, V684 Mon, V727 Mon, V730 Mon, V879 Mon, U Oph, V456 Oph, V2388 Oph, V2610 Oph, V645 Ori, V1804 Ori, V1834 Ori, Delta Ori, Eta Ori, AW Peg, KP Peg, PU Peg, V415 Peg, V416 Peg, ST Per, AG Per, IQ Per, IQ Per, LX Per, V366 Per, V436 Per, V590 Per, V593 Per, V736 Per, V871 Per, Beta Per, Zeta Phe, UV Psc, SZ Psc, ET Psc, EU Psc, PV Pup, DM Sge, V505 Sgr, V1301 Sco, PS Ser, V413 Ser, CD Tau, V1128 Tau, V1154 Tau, Ksi Tau, VV UMa, W UMa, AC UMa, AW UMa, DN UMa, GT UMa, HR UMa, HV UMa, II UMa, NU UMa, AH Vir, AZ Vir, DL Vir, HT Vir, HY Vir, LV Vir, Z Vul, BU Vul, V402 Vul, BD+58$^{\circ}$2217, CSS J172513.9+512625, GSC 01742-01524, GSC 02405-01886B, HD 6421, HD 24105, HD 55338, HD 63238, HD 99666, HD 174343, HD 178661, HD 179923, HD 180848, HIP 57810, NSV 2698, NSVS 16400408, NSVS 7826147, SAO 34132, SAO 90888, TYC 2696-2866-1, TYC 3807-759-1 A, TYC 3807-759-1 B, TYC 4046-00154-1, TYC 4048-01455-1, TYC 4315-01566-1, TYC 5112-00252-1, TYC 5423-01246-1.

Zasche, P., Uhlar, R., Svoboda, P. 2014, AcA 64, 125. (5b) Study of triple systems: V819 Her, V2388 Oph, V1031 Ori.

Zhang, L-Y., Pi, O-F., Yang, Y-G. 2014, MNRAS 442, 262. (1ao, 2abc, 5abcde, 8a) Magnetic activity and orbital periods of five low-mass EBs: 2MASS J08441103+5423473 (NSVS 02502726), NSVS 07453183, 2MASS J23175756+1917028 (NSVS 11868841), BX Tri (NSVS 06550671), 2MASS J16072787+1213590 (NSVS 10653195).

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