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Collections of data

Balman, S., Revnivtsev, M. 2012, A&A 546, A112. (2dx, 5i) X-ray variations in the inner accretion flow of dwarf novae: WW Cet, SS Cyg, VW Hyi, T Leo, RU Peg.

Birkby, J. et al. (20 authors) 2012, MNRAS 426, 1507. (1ai, 2ao, 5cde, 6b) Discovery of 16 detached M dwarf EBs; IR LC solutions together with optical spectroscopy give precise masses and radii for 3 systems: 19b-2-01387, 19c-3-01405, 19e-3-08413.

Carter, P.J. et al. (10 authors) 2013, MNRAS 429, 2143. (2a, 5d, 6b) Two new candidate AM CVn binaries: SDSS J104325.08+563258.1, SDSS J173047.59+554518.5; and spectra of 29 new CVs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Coeleiro, A., Chaty, S. 2013, ApJ 764, 185. (1*auoi) Distribution of HMXBs in Milky Way.

Çoker, D. et al. (6 authors) 2013, PASA 30, 13. (1ao, 5c) Analyses of photometric data with the Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment Telescope (ROTSE-IIId) for W UMa-type systems: V472 And, V473 And, V490 And, NN Aqr, GQ Boo, GR Boo, DN Cam, V415 Cam, AH Cnc, CZ CMi, V959 Cas, V1107 Cas, ES Cep, V755 Cep, V790 Cep, V793 Cep, V981 Cyg, V2364 Cyg, AH Gem, V829 Her, PP Lac, V451 Lac, RT LMi, XX Lyn, V574 Lyr, V591 lyr, V455 Mon, V2203 Oph, V357 Peg, GR Psc, 2MASS J11403001+7111021, 2MASS J11483649+7107507, 2MASS J18413909$-$0044433, 2MASS J18562000+4556486, 2MASS J19033572+4336124, 2MASS J19062202 +4338096, ROTSE J190830.01+433601.5, 2MASS J19180543+4441153, 2MASS J20292467+6029444, C1* NGC 7789 XZD 3, C1* NGC 7789 XZD 7, C1* NGC 7789 XZD 10, USNO-A2.00900-11608642.

Cool, A.M. et al. (8 authors) 2013, ApJ 763, 126. (1ox*, 4a) X-ray sources positioned and identified in $\omega$ Cen.

Demircan, Y. et al. (12 authors) 2012, IBVS No. 6041 (5a) Times of minima of EBs: TZ Boo, GK Boo, GS Boo, HH Boo, DY CVn, EF Cep, EG Cep, V1191 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, HI Dra, V1033 Her, CD Tri, ASAS J202521+0425.5, ASAS J231700+1944.9, GSC 2751-1007, TYC 4589-2999-1.

Diethelm, R. 2013, IBVS No. 6042 (5a) Times of minima of EBs: RT And, XZ And, AA And, AB And, AD And, BD And, BL And, BX And, CN And, CU And, DK And, EP And, EX And, GZ And, HR And, HS And, KP And, LM And, LO And, LY And, MO And, QX And, V372 And, V382 And, V422 And, V440 And, V449 And, V473 And, V489 And, V502 And, V506 And, V546 And, V563 And, V566 And, V568 And, V571 And, GSC 1734-408, GSC 1739-1463, GSC 3234-1318, GSC 3243-962, GSC 3303-1583, GSC 3627-1727, GSC 3638-2422, GSC 3641-587, BW Aqr, EF Aqr, EL Aqr, GN Aqr, GS Aqr, NN Aqr, GSC 529-285, GSC 5210-437, GSC 5220-352, GSC 5248-214, GSC 5777-383, GSC 5811-437, GSC 5817-92, GSC 5817-435, GSC 5826-1082, GSC 5835-944, RX Ari, SS Ari, SZ Ari, TX Ari, BO Ari, GSC 645-85, GSC 1213-1483, GSC 1217-696, GSC 1240-657, GSC 1794-393, GSC 1794-1525, DO Aur, KO Aur, KU Aur, QT Aur, V365 Aur, V379 Aur, V585 Aur, V599 Aur, V608 Aur, V612 Aur, V641 Aur, GSC 3751-178, AO Cam, AS Cam, LR Cam, NO Cam, NR Cam, NX Cam, OQ Cam, QV Cam, QZ Cam, PP Cam, V337 Cam, V387 Cam, V389 Cam, V392 Cam, V393 Cam, V401 Cam, V418 Cam, V424 Cam, V426 Cam, V437 Cam, V442 Cam, V443 Cam, V466 Cam, GSC 3715-43, KM Cnc, GSC 1388-132, GSC 5388-967, GSC 5404-2421, GSC 5406-2659, GSC 5407-430, AH Cas, AL Cas, BH Cas, BS Cas, BU Cas, BW Cas, BZ Cas, CW Cas, DP Cas, EG Cas, EI Cas, EY Cas, IR Cas, IT Cas, LQ Cas, LX Cas, MR Cas, MS Cas, MT Cas, MU Cas, NN Cas, NT Cas, OX Cas, PV Cas, QQ Cas, V344 Cas, V336 Cas, V361 Cas, V375 Cas, V380 Cas, V411 Cas, V427 Cas, V445 Cas, V459 Cas, V520 Cas, V523 Cas, V537 Cas, V541 Cas, V608 Cas, V775 Cas, V821 Cas, V851 Cas, V860 Cas, V959 Cas, V1001 Cas, V1007 Cas, V1030 Cas, V1031 Cas, V1043 Cas, V1060 Cas, V1107 Cas, V1137 Cas, V1138 Cas, GSC 3671-99, GSC 4029-1087, UCAC3 J232931+6031.6, VZ Cep, WZ Cep, XY Cep, CO Cep, DL Cep, DP Cep, DY Cep, GW Cep, IP Cep, LL Cep, NN Cep, OT Cep, V358 Cep, V699 Cep, V731 Cep, V734 Cep, V744 Cep, V756 Cep, V757 Cep, V790 Cep, V796 Cep, V804 Cep, V805 Cep, GSC 3965-1172, GSC 3996-1098, GSC 4286-49, GSC 4477-706, GSC 4481-1535, GSC 4482-1238, GSC 4487-347, GSC 4488-376, GSC 4490-777, SS Cet, TV Cet, HM Cet, HS Cet, GSC 44-1314, GSC 49-120, GSC 54-373, GSC 4698-855, GSC 4708-841, GSC 5268-1013, GSC 5270-645, GSC 5284-2130, DK Cyg, LO Cyg, V387 Cyg, V525 Cyg, V616 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V680 Cyg, V704 Cyg, V706 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V836 Cyg, V1815 Cyg, GSC 536-9, GSC 537-1462, RU Eri, TZ Eri, UX Eri, YY Eri, AM Eri, BC Eri, BL Eri, KZ Eri, GSC 4703-84, GSC 4732-1231, GSC 4739-480, GSC 5294-1116, GSC 5303-939, GSC 5322-2251, GSC 5323-652, GSC 5330-664, LO Gem, MU Gem, V410 Gem, GSC 1351-383, GSC 1368-1411, GSC 1864-1065, ASAS J065830+1311.5, RW Lac, TZ Lac, VY Lac, CO Lac, EM Lac, FL Lac, GX Lac, MZ Lac, V364 Lac, GSC 3208-2644, GSC 3210-1456, Z Lep, RR Lep, GSC 5916-1668, NSV 2698, CL Lyn, DY Lyn, RU Mon, UV Mon, BP Mon, GG Mon, V383 Mon, V464 Mon, V530 Mon, V843 Mon, V873 Mon, V900 Mon, V925 Mon, GSC 174-675, GSC 4785-147, GSC 4827-2862, DZ Ori, EF Ori, EH Ori, EQ Ori, ER Ori, EW Ori, FK Ori, GG Ori, GU Ori, V392 Ori, V645 Ori, V1027 Ori, V1353 Ori, V1626 Ori, V1642 Ori, V1799 Ori, V1848 Ori, V1851 Ori, GSC 85-1357, GSC 89-1424, GSC 93-668, GSC 103-738, GSC 103-894, GSC 111-1902, GSC 122-419, GSC 128-980, GSC 4780-344, GSC 709-1047, GSC 730-243, GSC 730-2307, GSC 1315-1104, GSC 4741-1062, GSC 4754-44, GSC 4754-339, GSC 4766-69, GSC 4783-2332, NSV 1864, ZZ Peg, BQ Peg, BX Peg, BY Peg, CC Peg, CF Peg, DK Peg, DM Peg, DV Peg, EU Peg, FL Peg, GP Peg, KW Peg, V407 Peg, V411 Peg, V421 Peg, ASAS J212654+1912.6, ASAS J215503+2417.8, GSC 570-73, GSC 573-1241, GSC 1158-201, GSC 1174-344, GSC 1178-1208, GSC 1664-110, GSC 1677-992, GSC 1686-1001, GSC 1704-356, GSC 1709-614, GSC 1715-1370, GSC 1716-1457, GSC 1718-1664, GSC 1721-1591, GSC 2188-568, GSC 2189-1101, GSC 2223-87, GSC 2740-1859, GSC 2744-1229, GSC 2749-2238, GSC 2755-2136, GSC 2766-775, BE Per, BY Per, CH Per, DK Per, FW Per, IM Per, IT Per, IU Per, KL Per, KN Per, NO Per, QT Per, QW Per, V434 Per, V450 Per, V482 Per, V680 Per, V723 Per, V737 Per, V761 Per, V789 Per, V871 Per, V873 Per, V876 Per, V877 Per, GSC 2344-92, GSC 2361-2410, GSC 2854-125, Y Psc, VZ Psc, EX Psc, GSC 14-479, GSC 24-466, GSC 575-429, GSC 621-834, GSC 1179-501, GSC 1183-1110, GSC 1762-103, GSC 5253-982, GSC 5255-370, UZ Pup, AV Pup, GSC 5404-4206, GSC 5424-55, AH Tau, AQ Tau, EQ Tau, V1249 Tau, V1260 Tau, V1352 Tau, V1355 Tau, V1356 Tau, GSC 67-348, GSC 74-465, GSC 76-527, GSC 650-1226, GSC 658-185, GSC 661-580, GSC 663-23, GSC 1235-663, GSC 1256-188, GSC 1291-1139, GSC 1304-227, GSC 2258-1489, RW Tri, VW Tri, VZ Tri, BF Tri, CC Tri, CM Tri, CR Tri, BG Vul, BI Vul, V384 Vul, GSC 2177-709.

Dong, S., Katz, B., Socrates, A. 2013, ApJ 763, L2. (1a*) TYCHO observations of EBs indicate that very long-period binaries are formed in triple-star systems that quickly become CBs by Kozai cycles.

Djurasevic, G. et al. (9 authors) 2013, AJ 145, 80. (1ao, 5abcg) Multicolour LCs and solutions for CBs: HS Aqr, DU Boo, EG Cep, VW LMi.

Fernandes, J., Vaz, A.I.F., Vicente, L.N. 2012, MNRAS 425, 3104. (5e) Determination of mass, age, He abundance and convection parameters by comparison with evolutionary models for FGK binaries: $\alpha$ Cen, V636 Cen, VZ Hya, UX Men, WZ Oph, V505 Per, NGC 188 KR V12.

Fuhrmann, K., Chini, R. 2012, ApJSS 203, 30. (2oi) Multiplicity among F-type stars ( 150 stars).

Ghaderi, K. et al (5 authors) 2012, RAA 12, 1666. (2ao*, 7c) A probabilistic neural-network analysis of RV curves of 5 SBs: HD 89959, HD 143705, HD 146361, HD 152248 and HD 165052.

Godon, P. et al. (8 authors) 2012, ApJSS 203, 29. (1u, 2u, 6a) Online catalog of CVs from FUSE.

Gokay, G., et al. (13 authors) 2012, IBVS No. 6039 (5a) Times of minima of EBs: AP Aur, ASAS J013630 +0150.3, ASAS J202521+0425.5, ASAS J225956+1418.2, BO Ari, CD Cam, GS Boo, GSC 2751-1007, GSC 3526-2369, GSC 4428-1574, GV Leo, GW Cnc, HH Boo, V Tri, V1073 Cyg, V1367 Tau, V1918 Cyg, V407 Peg, V546 And, V566 Oph.

Griffin, R.F. 2012, Observatory 132, 309. (2a, 5d) RV and orbits: HD 6840 (SB2), GY And (HD 9996, SB1), HD 10332 (SB1), HD 11571 (SB1, P about 10000 days).

Griffin, R.F. 2012, Observatory 132, 356. (2a, 5d) RV and orbits: HD 108815 (SB1), HD 112475 (SB2), HD 115463 (SB1), HD 117319 (SB2).

Griffin, R.F. 2013, Observatory 133, 1. (2a, 5d) RV and orbits for stars with Hipparcos orbits: HD 32850, HR 4657 (HD 106516), HD 110314, HD 137687, HD 138369, HD 156558, HD 178593, HD 183536, HD 188307, HD 193554.

Harrison, T.R. et al. (5 authors) 2013, AJ 145, 19. (1i) Herschel observations of 8 CVs; none have dusty circumbinary disks: V592 Cas, SS Cyg, EF Eri, U Gem, AM2  Her, EX2  Hya, WZ Sge, V1223 Sgr.

Hearnshaw, J.B. et al. (4 authors) 2012, MNRAS 427, 298. (2a, 5degh, 8a) Orbital analysis of six southern SB1 systems: HD 77258, HD 85622, HD 101379, HD 124425, HD 136905, HD 194215.

Horch, E.P. et al. (4 authors) 2012, AJ 144, 165. (4ac) Speckle observations of Kepler, CoRoT and Hipparcos stars including some known or potential SBs.

Hubrig, S. et al. (11 authors) 2012, A&A 547, A90. (2a*, 3b, 5d) Magnetic fields of HgMn stars in SB systems: AR Aur, $\gamma$ CMa, $\kappa$ Cnc, 41 Eri, 66 Eri, $\mu$ Lep, $\phi$ Phe.

Hübscher, J., Braune, W., Lehmann, P.B. 2013, IBVS No. 6048 (5a) BAV-results of observations of photoelectric minima of EBs: BD And, LM And, V346 Aql, V1426 Aql, V1542 Aql, SS Ari, SX Aur, TT Aur, ZZ Aur, AH Aur, AP Aur, CQ Aur, EM Aur, EP Aur, FN Aur, FZ Aur, HL Aur, HW Aur, KL Aur, KO Aur, MN Aur, MT Aur, NN Aur, V426 Aur, V596 Aur, V640 Aur, V644 Aur, SS Boo, TZ Boo, UW Boo, AD Boo, AQ Boo, BG Boo, EF Boo, ET Boo, GH Boo, GM Boo, GN Boo, GQ Boo, GR Boo, GT Boo, GX Boo, HH Boo, HR Boo, IL Boo, IW Boo, IX Boo, KO Boo, KP Boo, KW Boo, LM Boo, LY Boo, MN Boo, MQ Boo, MT Boo, OQ Boo, PT Boo, PU Boo, AV Cam, HW Cam, NR Cam, V375 Cam, V428 Cam, V429 Cam, V438 Cam, V473 Cam, V476 Cam, V478 Cam, V479 Cam, V483 Cam, V488 Cam, V489 Cam, V496 Cam, V497 Cam, V500 Cam, V501 Cam, V505 Cam, V506 Cam, V509 Cam, V511 Cam, V512 Cam, S Cnc, SW Cnc, TX Cnc, KM Cnc, RS CVn, BI CVn, CI CVn, DF CVn, DI CVn, DL CVn, DM CVn, DR CVn, DX CVn, EE CVn, EX CVn, GO CVn, R CMa, AM CMi, TV Cas, BS Cas, IT Cas, MR Cas, OX Cas, XX Cep, EF Cep, V790 Cep, V803 Cep, V804 Cep, UX Com, CM Com, EK Com, LL Com, LQ Com, LT Com, MM Com, MR Com, RW CrB, TU CrB, Y Cyg, WZ Cyg, ZZ Cyg, BO Cyg, CV Cyg, DO Cyg, GO Cyg, PV Cyg, V444 Cyg, V501 Cyg, V502 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V743 Cyg, V842 Cyg, V907 Cyg, V1305 Cyg, V1792 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2154 Cyg, V2197 Cyg, V2239 Cyg, V2247 Cyg, UZ Dra, WW Dra, WX Dra, BE Dra, BV Dra, BW Dra, EF Dra, FU Dra, GV Dra, PV Dra, V338 Dra, RU Gem, RY Gem, WW Gem, EN Gem, EY Gem, IV Gem, KV Gem, KY Gem, OW Gem, V345 Gem, V390 Gem, V405 Gem, KL Her, V338 Her, V728 Her, V731 Her, V732 Her, V857 Her, V861 Her, V1055 Her, WY Hya, AI Hya, DE Hya, DK Hya, FG Hya, V470 Hya, V474 Hya, V475 Hya, V476 Hya, SW Lac, V339 Lac, V345 Lac, V364 Lac, AM Leo, AP Leo, ET Leo, FM Leo, FS Leo, FZ Leo, WZ LMi, XX LMi, XY LMi, AE LMi, AF LMi, RY Lyn, SW Lyn, TY Lyn, UU Lyn, BG Lyn, CD Lyn, DY Lyn, DZ Lyn, EL Lyn, FN Lyn, FO Lyn, TZ Lyr, UZ Lyr, AA Lyr, NV Lyr, NY Lyr, V563 Lyr, V574 Lyr, V576 Lyr, $\beta$ Lyr, UV Mon, CF Mon, DD Mon, EZ Mon, GU Mon, V380 Mon, V384 Mon, V450 Mon, V514 Mon, V521 Mon, V532 Mon, EW Ori, FT Ori, GG Ori, V648 Ori, V1633 Ori, RV Per, IK Per, IQ Per, KN Per, KR Per, LX Per, V570 Per, V592 Per, PV Pup, CW Sge, V384 Ser, CR Tau, V1128 Tau, X Tri, RW UMa, AN UMa, AW UMa, KM UMa, MS UMa, V342 UMa, V343 UMa, V354 UMa, V356 UMa, V360 UMa, AG Vir, AH Vir, V355 Vir, BK Vul, FASTT 390, GSC 00279-00822, GSC 02016-00444, GSC 02038-00293, GSC 02411-00613, GSC 02415-00286, GSC 02423-00517, GSC 02761-01817, GSC 02898-02901, GSC 03097-01297, GSC 03109-00859, GSC 03208-01986, GSC 03575-06239, GSC 03578-00263, GSC 03581-01856, GSC 04190-01948, GSC 04922-00116, NSVS 12079, NSVS 5071111, NSVS 5149208, NSVS 710419, USNO-A2 0975-04356998, USNO-A2 1425-14529683, USNO-A2 1425-15156364, USNO-B1 0903-0102370, USNO-B1 1447-0060874.

Kato, T. et al. (88 authors) 2013, PASJ 65, 23. (1ao, 5ab) Survey of period variations of superhumps of 86 SU UMa-type dwarf novae: V725 Aql, EG Aqr, SV Ari, TT Boo, CR Boo, NN Cam,SY Cap, GZ Cet, AK Cnc, CC Cnc, GO Com, TU Crt, V503 Cyg, V1454 Cyg, AQ Eri, UV Gem, NY Her, PR Her, V611 Her, V844 Her, MM Hya, VW Hyi, RZ LMi, BK Lyn, V585 Lyr, FQ Mon, V1032 Oph, V2051 Oph, V1159 Ori, AR Pic, GV Psc, BW Scl, CC Scl, V1208 Tau, V1212 Tau, DI UMa, IY UMa, KS UMa, MR UMa, PU UMa, SS UMi, 1RXS J231935, ASAS J224349, DDE 19, MASTER J072948, MASTER J174305, MASTER J182201, MisV 1446, SBS 1108, SDSS J073208, SDSS J080303, SDSS J165359, SDSS J170213, SDSS J172102, SDSS J210449, SDSS J220553, OT J001952, OT J011516, OT J050716, OT J055721, OT J064608, OT J081117, OT J084127, OT J094854, OT J102842, OT J105122, OT J125905, OT J131625, OT J142548, OT J144252, OT J144453, OT J145921, OT J155631, OT J160410, OT J162806, OT J163942, OT J170609, OT J173516, OT J184228, OT J210950, OT J214738, OT J215818, OT J221232, OT J224736, TCP J084616, TCP J231308.

Katoh, N. et al. (4 authors) 2013, AJ 145, 41. (2a, 5d) Precise RVs and improved elements for SBs: a) SB1 - 29 Aqr (HD 219834), $\zeta$ Her (HD 150680), 36 LMi (HD 92000), $\epsilon$ Lib (HD 137052), 49 Lib (HD143333), 16 UMa (HD 79028), HR 51 (HD 11613), HR 672 (HD 14214), HR 1878 (HD 36859), HR 2251 (HD 43587), HR 2259 (HD 43821), HR 2692 (HD 54563), HR 3805 (HD 82674), HR 4896 (HD 112048), HR 5553 (HD 131511), HR 5816 (HD 139461), HR 6659 (HD 162596), HR 7024 (HD 172831), HD 9312, HD 35956, HD 105982, HD 160346, HD 219420, HD 220007: b) SB2 - 29 Ari (HD 15814), HR 6697 (HD 163840), HR 8467 (HD 210763), HR 8581 (HD 213429), HD 9939: c) New SB2 (formerly SB1) - 19 Dra (HD 153597), HR 6950 (HD 170829), HR 7260 (HD 178428): d) confirmed constant - 14 Boo (HD 124570), 23 Cam (HD 46588), $\beta$ CVn (HD 109358), 25 UMa (HD 82328), HR 244 (HD 5015).

Koumpia, E., Bonanos, A.Z. 2012, A&A 547, A30. (1aoi*, 2ao, 5cde) Fundamental parameters of four massive EBs in Westerlund 1: W$_{\rm DEB}$, W13, W36, WR77o.

Lacy, C.H.S. 2013, IBVS No. 6046 (5a) Times of minima of EBs: AP And, V361 Cas, V651 Cas, V1136 Cyg, V501 Her, AL Leo, V506 Oph, IM Per, NP Per, V482 Per, V514 Per, TY Tau, BT Vul.

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