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Collections of data

Abbasi, R. et al. (258 authors) 2012, ApJ 748, 118. (10) Searches for neutrino emissions from several XRBs.

Banfi, M. et al. (20 authors) 2012, IBVS No, 6033 (5a) Minima of EBs: V473 And, V480 And, V487 And, V502 And, XX Ant, CK Aqr, GS Aqr, AL Ari, EM Aur, MM Aur, MR Aur, V562 Aur, V594 Aur, TU Boo, EF Boo, XZ CMi, AE Cas, DO Cas, V541 Cas, DM CVn, EL CVn, EV CVn, UX CrB, V997 Cyg, V1187 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1905 Cyg, V1763 Cyg, V2287 Cyg, V2486 Cyg, CR Del, KO Del, HL Dra, GSC 3881-0579, VV Eri, AM Her, V1072 Her, V1088 Her, V1106 Her, GSC 1518-0913, EZ Lac, FU Lac, XX Leo, VW LMi, WZ LMi, AA Lyn, CW Lyn, DI Lyn, EH Lyn, HY Lyr, PV Lyr, QQ Lyr, V574 Lyr, GSC 3108-0057, DD Mon, V383 Mon, V464 Mon, V527 Mon, ET Ori, BW Peg, V365 Peg, V963 Per, GR Psc, CP Sge, V423 Tau, V1374 Tau, BE Tri, BM Tri, BX Tri, CM Tri, CN Tri, CS Tri, XY UMa, GZ UMa, LL UMa, MS UMa, EY Vul, V384 Vul, V467 Vul.

Bernardini, F. et al. (8 authors) 2012, A&A 542, A22. (2dx) Characterization of nine hard x-ray CVs: V2069 Cyg, XSS J0056, RX J0636+3535, IGR J08390$-$4833, IGR J1509-6649, IGR J16500$-$3307, IGR J17195-4100, IGR J18173$-$2509, IGR J18308$-$1232.

Bird, A.J. et al. (4 authors) 2012, MNRAS 423, 3663. (1ao, 5bc) Optical periodicities of 49 SMC Be/x-ray binaries.

Bodaghee, A. et al. (4 authors) 2012, ApJ 751, 113. (1x, 4a) Improved positions for five XRBs.

Bodaghee, J.A., Tomsick, J.A., Rodriguez, J. 2012, ApJ 753, 3. (1xi*, 2x,) Observations of INTEGRAL sources IGR J18482+0049, IGR J18538$-$0102, IGR J18457+0244, IGR J18532+0416, IGR J18462$-$0223; last one is probably HMXB.

Bozzo, E. et al. (8 authors) 2012, A&A 544, 118. (6c) XMM-Newton observations of five hard x-ray emitters, probably all HMXBs: IGR J08262$-$3736, IGR J16328$-$4726, IGR J17348$-$2045, IGR J17354$-$3255, SAX J1818.6$-$1703.

Cao, Y. et al. (13 authors) 2012, ApJ 752, 133. (1au) 29 classical novae in M31.

Denisenko, D.V. 2012, AstL 38, 249. (1o*i*, 6b, 7d) CVs from the USNO-B1.0 Catalog: stars with outbursts on infrared Palomar plates.

Diethelm, R. 2012, IBVS No. 6029 (5a) Timings of Minima of EBs: ASAS 054432+1305.7, AA UMa, AB Cnc, AC Boo, AC CMi, AC Crt, AD Boo, AE LMi, AF LMi, AG CMi, AG LMi, AG Leo, AG Vir, AH Cnc, AH Lyn, AH Vir, AI Sex, AK CMi, AK Cam, AL Cam, AL Leo, AL Tau, AM Leo, AN Tau, AO CMi, AO Cnc, AO Ser, AP Aur, AP Leo, AP Tau, AQ Com, AQ Ser, AQ Tau, AR Boo, AR CrB, AR Dra, AS CrB, AS Mon, AS Ser, AS Tau, AT Mon, AU Dra, AU Ser, AV CMi, AV CrB, AV Hya, AW Vir, AX Dra, AX Vir, AY CrB, AZ Cam, AZ Vir, BD CrB, BE UMa, BF Dra, BF Vir, BG Leo, BH UMa, BH Vir, BI CVn, BI Ser, BL Leo, BM UMa, BO CVn, BQ Eri, BQ UMa, BS UMa, BU Dra, BW Leo, BX Dra, CC Com, CC Ser, CC Tau, CE Leo, CG Vir, CI CVn, CK Boo, CK Gem, CM Com, CM Dra, CN Com, CQ Hya, CQ Ser, CT Her, CU Hya, CV Boo, CV Dra, CX CMi, CX Vir, DD Com, DE Hya, DE Lyn, DF CVn, DF Hya, DG Com, DH CVn, DI CVn, DI Her, DK CVn, DM Vir, DO Aur, DP Gem, DQ CVn, DR CVn, DR Vul, DU Leo, DW CMi, DX CVn, DY CVn, DY Vir, DZ Ori, EE CVn, EF Boo, EF CVn, EF Ori, EG Ori, EH Cnc, EH Ori, EI Aur, EI CVn, EK Com, EK Lyn, EL CMi, EN CVn, EN Tau, EP Aur, EQ CMi, EQ Com, EQ Ori, ER Ori, ES Lac, ES UMa, EW Boo, EW Ori, EX CVn, EY Gem, EZ Hya, EZ Mon, EZ Sct, FG Hya, FH Mon, FI Lyn, FO Aur, FP Aur, FQ CVn, FQ Vir, FS Mon, FT Gem, FT Ori, FU CVn, FU Dra, FU Lib, FU Lyn, FV CVn, FW Her, FY Boo, FZ CVn, GG CVn, GG Mon, GG Ori, GH Boo, GH Mon, GI Boo, GI CVn, GK Boo, GK Lib, GL Boo, GN Boo, GN CVn, GO Boo, GO CVn, GQ Boo, GQ Cnc, GR Boo, GS Boo, GSC 1006-1687, GSC 1010-1632, GSC 108-1146, GSC 122-419, GSC 1293-1162, GSC 1304-227, GSC 1351-225, GSC 1351-383, GSC 1360-49, GSC 1368-1192, GSC 1368-1411, GSC 1368-1825, GSC 1369-98, GSC 1383-181, GSC 1407-222, GSC 1410-439, GSC 1417-401, GSC 1419-666, GSC 1422-142, GSC 1429-137, GSC 1429-560, GSC 1434-1034, GSC 1441-914, GSC 1443-87, GSC 1445-866, GSC 1446-1499, GSC 1446-2377, GSC 1467-1309, GSC 1470-582, GSC 1477-516, GSC 1478-669, GSC 1484-525, GSC 1499-834, GSC 1505-565, GSC 1528-936, GSC 1538-342, GSC 1539-326, GSC 1546-1276, GSC 1552-839, GSC 1553-1964, GSC 1577-974, GSC 1580-1606, GSC 1581-2444, GSC 1624-493, GSC 163-1374, GSC 167-251, GSC 1864-1065, GSC 1909-2392, GSC 1927-1182, GSC 1950-1942, GSC 1963-488, GSC 1969-579, GSC 1971-916, GSC 1981-237, GSC 199-2035, GSC 1994-465, GSC 1994-935, GSC 1999-404, GSC 201-1119, GSC 2034-1670, GSC 2043-227, GSC 2090-1621, GSC 2093-1834, GSC 2094-2056, GSC 2115-1000, GSC 217-849, GSC 230-1627, GSC 234-960, GSC 235-461, GSC 238-2372, GSC 242-2191, GSC 243-397, GSC 246-90, GSC 2484-139, GSC 250-668, GSC 253-870, GSC 256-41, GSC 262-948, GSC 263-585, GSC 265-617, GSC 267-162, GSC 267-253, GSC 270-593, GSC 270-777, GSC 270-9, GSC 272-630, GSC 272-94, GSC 274-437, GSC 279-35, GSC 279-822, GSC 286-631, GSC 291-860, GSC 296-9, GSC 303-36, GSC 303-65, GSC 303-735, GSC 3039-709, GSC 304-73, GSC 3011-1150, GSC 3080-1410, GSC 314-1184, GSC 314-388, GSC 3152-1202, GSC 316-99, GSC 317-1142, GSC 317-161, GSC 318-1169, GSC 322-760, GSC 323-602, 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V784 Sco, V789 Her, V802 Aql, V803 Aql, V839 Oph, V842 Her, V843 Mon, V848 Her, V856 Her, V857 Her, V889 Aql, V925 Mon, V929 Mon, V934 Mon, V948 Mon, V953 Mon, V962 Aql, V963 Per, V974 Cyg, V983 Oph, VV CVn, VV UMa, VV Vir, VW Boo, VW Hya, VY Pup, VZ CVn, VZ Leo, VZ Lib, VZ Sct, VZ UMi, W Crv, WW Cnc, WW Eri, WW Gem, WW Sex, WX Sex, WZ Sex, XX Leo, XY Boo, XY LMi, XY Leo, XY UMa, XZ Leo, XZ UMa, Y Leo, Y Sex, YY Cnc, YY CrB, YZ CVn, Z Dra, Z Lep, ZZ Aur, ZZ UMa.

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Fruth, T. et al. (13 authors) 2012, AJ 143, 140. (1ao, 6b) New variables in CoRoT field include many EBs.

Gallo, E., Miller, B.P., Fender, R. 2012, MNRAS 423, 590. (1rx, 5cgi) Evidence for dual tracks in the radio/x-ray domain of BH x-ray binaries: XTE J1650$-$500, XTE J1908+094, A0620$-$00, XTE J1720$-$318, GRO J1655$-$40, IGR J17177$-$3656, Swift J1753.5$-$0127, H1743$-$322, IGR J17091$-$3624, 4U 1543$-$47, V404 Cygni.

Goulding, A.D. et al. (11 authors) 2012, ApJS 202, 6. (1x, 2x) The Chandra x-ray point-source catalog in the DEEP2 galaxy redshift survey fields.

Griffin, R.F. 2012, JApA 33, 29. (1bo, 5d) Spectroscopic orbits for 52 stars in the Hyades field: van Bueren 22, vB 39, vB 50, vB 59, vB 75, vB 102 and other systems.

Griffin, R.F. 2012, JApA 33, 227. (1bo, 5d) Six more SBs among the Redman K stars: HD 3345, 15728, 20509, 188058, 191046 and 191084.

Griffin, R.F. 2012, Observatory 132, 76. (2ao, 5d) HR 396, HR 7477, 7636, 6 And, bright SB1s; HR 396 has slow trend in $\gamma$, others all long-period.

Griffin, R.F. 2012, Observatory 132, 156. (2ao, 5d) HD 180660 (companion to V342 Aql), HD 183791 (large f(M)), BD +57$^{\circ}$2161 (carbon star), BD +34$^{\circ}$4216 (composite spectrum).

Griffin, R.F. 2012, Observatory 132, 223. (2ao, 5d) HR 1313, HR 3567, HR 3907, HR 6239, giant SB1s.

Griffin, R.F., Stroe, A. 2012, JApA 33, 245. (1bo, 5d) 45 years' monitoring of the RVs of the Redman K Stars.

Halbwachs, J.-L., Mayor, M., Udry, S. 2012, MNRAS 422, 14. (2a, 5bd, 6b) 66 CPM stars with variable RV from AGK3 catalogue found to be SB2 systems; orbital elements for 52 systems (new orbits for 40 SB2 systems, others were improved), including two triple systems and one with a brown dwarf component.

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