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Proceedings of Conferences, Symposia, and Monographs

A Life with Stars, a conference in honour of E.P.J. van den Heuvel, eds. R. Wijers, L. Kaper, M. van der Klis, 2010, New Astron. Rev. 54. Includes several papers on binary-star evolution and x-ray binaries.

Binaries - Key to comprehension of the Universe, eds. A. Prša, M. Zejda, 2010, ASP Conference Series 435, contains 117 CB related contributions.

Planetary Systems beyond the Main Sequence, eds. S. Schuh, H. Drechsel, U. Heber, 2011, AIP Conference Series 1331, includes some papers on CBs with compact and substellar components and ADs.

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