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Collections of data

Agafonov, M.I., Sharova, O.I., Richards, M.T. 2009, KFNT 25 (supplement), 353. (2a, 5de) Three-dimensional Doppler images of gas flows in Algol-type binaries U CrB and RS Vul.

Antoniou, V. et al. (4 authors) 2009, ApJ 707, 1080. (2o) 20 HMXBs in SMC.

Avvakumova, E.A. 2010, A. Rep. 54, 17. (1b, 5j) Analysis of photometric LC solutions for massive contact OB binary stars: LY Aur, BH Cen, SV Cen.

Buchler, J.R., Wood P.R., Wilson, R.E. 2009, ApJ 703, 1565. (1ao, 6b) Discovery of frequency modulations in 11 of 30 likely CBs in LMC.

Collazzi, A.C. et al. (7 authors) 2009, AJ 138, 1846. (1c*) Remeasured photographic magnitudes of novae before and after eruption: V368 Aql, QZ Aur, HR Del, DQ Her, V446 Her, V533 Her, CP Lac, BT Mon, GK Per, LV Vul (see also General).

de Marchi, F. et al. (5 authors) 2010, A&A 509, A17. (1a, 6b) The first search for variable stars in the open cluster NGC 6253 and its surrounding field (324 new EBs).

Diethelm, R. 2010, IBVS No. 5920. (5a) Timings of Minima of EBs: AA And, AP And, BD And, DS And, EP And, FL And, GZ And, LM And, GSC 3627-1727, GSC 3638-2422, GSC 3641-587, UU Aqr, GH Aqr, GM Aqr, HV Aqr, NN Aqr, NQ Aqr, NW Aqr, GSC 568-1328, GSC 5804-102, V346 Aql, V765 Aql, GSC 1083-2003, GSC 5725-698, GSC 1209-1201, GSC 1216-409, GSC 1217-696, GSC 1221-1118, RY Aur, CI Aur, CP Aur, EP Aur, FO Aur, FP Aur, HP Aur, HU Aur, HW Aur, V576 Aur, GSC 2393-680, GSC 3751-178, GM Boo, GN Boo, GQ Boo, GR Boo, GSC 2013-288, UU Cam, AO Cam, NO Cam, GSC 3715-1039, NSV 3715, GSC 2544-1090, GSC 2545-970, GSC 3034-299, AK CMi, AM CMi, CW CMi, AL Cas, BH Cas, CW Cas, DZ Cas, EY Cas, IL Cas, LX Cas, LY Cas, MN Cas, MS Cas, NN Cas, PV Cas, V345 Cas, V471 Cas, V520 Cas, V541 Cas, V608 Cas, V821 Cas, V961 Cas, TV Cep, WZ Cep, BE Cep, DY Cep, GI Cep, GS Cep, GW Cep, IP Cep, MT Cep, V744 Cep, V746 Cep, GSC 4286-49, GSC 4502-138, TT Cet, XY Cet, GSC 44-1052, AR CrB, AS CrB, AV CrB, DK Cyg, PW Cyg, V680 Cyg, V706 Cyg, V1416 Cyg, V1616 Cyg, V1815 Cyg, V2280 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, MU Dra, GSC 3523-505, GSC 3552-321, GSC 3888-464, GSC 3905-60, RU Eri, UX Eri, WW Eri, AM Eri, BC Eri, BZ Eri, CD Eri, GSC 5297-974, NSV 1864, EL Gem, NSV 3744, V1033 Her, V1036 Her, V1038 Her, V1039 Her, V1044 Her, V1047 Her, V1053 Her, V1055 Her, V1062 Her, V1067 Her, V1073 Her, V1094 Her, V1095 Her, V1096 Her, V1097 Her, V1101 Her, V1102 Her, V1103 Her, V1104 Her, GSC 963-246, GSC 1518-913, GSC 1537-1557, GSC 1549-121, GSC 2587-289, GSC 2587-1888, GSC 2614-1369, GSC 2615-1821, GSC 2618-1385, GSC 3097-1297, GSC 3101-547, GSC 3106-1368, GSC 3510-5, GSC 3510-1283, GSC 3532-553, GSC 196-894, VY Lac, AG Lac, BS Lac, CG Lac, CO Lac, HR Lac, HX Lac, IP Lac, IU Lac, LU Lac, LZ Lac, NR Lac, V364 Lac, Z Lep, RR Lep, GSC 5337-1744, GSC 5361-545, V400 Lyr, V574 Lyr, V579 Lyr, V580 Lyr, V582 Lyr, V591 Lyr, V592 Lyr, V596 Lyr, GSC 3108-57, GSC 3109-859, GSC 3526-1995, GSC 3526-2369, V498 Mon, GSC 145-685, GSC 4839-280, ER Ori, FF Ori, V343 Ori, V392 Ori, V517 Ori, V641 Ori, V1799 Ori, GSC 104-1999, GSC 107-596, GSC 702-1892, GSC 706-845, GSC 1283-53, BN Peg, BX Peg, CF Peg, DV Peg, FL Peg, KW Peg, GSC 563-861, GSC 573-1241, GSC 1141-480, GSC 1170-123, GSC 1174-344, GSC 1178-1208, GSC 1686-1001, GSC 1694-992, GSC 1715-1370, GSC 1716-1457, GSC 1718-1664, GSC 2223-87, GSC 2225-1482, GSC 2226-2148, GSC 2244-1064, GSC 2258-1489, GSC 2766-775, GSC 2766-1184, BE Per, EX Per, HK Per, IU Per, PS Per, QT Per, QW Per, V427 Per, V432 Per, V434 Per, V680 Per, V737 Per, GSC 2853-18, GSC 3708-1325, GSC 8-448, GSC 14-479, GSC 575-429, GSC 621-834, GN Sge, V384 Ser, RZ Tau, WY Tau, AH Tau, AP Tau, BV Tau, CC Tau, CU Tau, EQ Tau, GR Tau, V1222 Tau, V1223 Tau, V1241 Tau, V1260 Tau, GSC 67-348, GSC 658-185,GSC 659-262, GSC 663-23, GSC 1256-188, GSC 1841-879, GSC 1848-1264, V Tri, RV Tri, RW Tri, ST Tri, VW Tri, VZ Tri, GSC 1774-845.

Di Mille, F. et al. (6 authors) 2010, Astron. Nachr. 331, 197. (2do) Spectrophotometric survey of novae in M31.

Durant, M., et al. (4 authors) 2010, MNRAS 401, 355. (1x*, 5bceg, 8a) Decade time-scale modulation of LMXBs: V2216 Oph (GX 9+9), X Sgr X-3 (GX 9+1), 4U 1642$-$45 (GX 354-0), X Sgr X-1 (GX 3+1), MM Ser (Ser X-1), V926 Sco (4U 1735$-$444), V818 Sco (Sco X-1), V801 Ara (4U 1636$-$536), 4U 1642$-$45 (GX 340+0), 4U 1705$-$44, 4U 1820$-$30, V1341 Cyg (Cyg X-2), V5512 Sgr (GX 13+1), NP Ser (GX 17+2), V1101 Sco (GX 349+2), 1RXS J180108.7$-$250444 (GX 5-1).

Erkan, N. et al. (5 authors) 2010, IBVS No. 5924. (5a) New Times of Minima of Some EBs: XZ And, KO Aql, OO Aql, CL Aur, SX Aur, DO Cas, IV Cas, RZ Cas, TV Cas, ZZ Cas, RY Cnc, V909 Cyg, BR Cyg, CG Cyg, DK Cyg, GO Cyg, UW Cyg, WW Cyg, WZ Cyg, ZZ Cyg, TY Del, RR Dra, TZ Eri, AK Her, SZ Her, DG Lac, RW Mon, V501 Oph, FH Ori, FL Ori, AT Peg, BG Peg, DI Peg, TY Peg, RT Per, XZ Per, Z Per, ZX Per, UZ Sge, AC Tau, X Tri, AX Vul, BO Vul, AY Vul.

Farihi, J. 2009, MNRAS 398, 2091. (1ai, 2di, 6b) Study of sample of nearby WDs with near-IR excess leads to discovery of five new WD-red dwarf pairs and five double-degenerate systems.

Glazunova, L.V., Yushchenko, A.V., Mkrtichian, D.E. 2009, KFNT 25 (supplement), 324. (2a, 5de) Spectroscopic investigation of Algol-type binaries R CMa and TX UMa.

Gokay, G. et al. (9 authors) 2010, IBVS No. 5922. (5a) Minima Times of Some EBs: QX And, V1073 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V566 Oph, TV UMi, ASAS 013630+0150.3, ASAS 061245+1134.0, ASAS 22-
5832+0552.4, ASAS 225956+1418.2, BD+42 2782, GSC 2331-0731, GSC 2587-1888, GSC 2750-0854, GSC 3526-2369, GSC 3996-0574, TYC 1761-1246-1.

Griffin, R.F. 2009, Observatory 129, 264. (2a, 5d) HD 3065, HD 40602, HD 134738, HD 216525.

Griffin, R.F. 2009, Observatory 129, 317. (2a, 5d) Active chromosphere stars: HK Boo, BQ CVn, CD CVn, BI Del, GI Dra, EQ Leo, BM Lyn, V1198 Ori, BG Psc, PX Ser, V383 Ser, V1110 Tau, NU UMa (HDE 237944), HD 73512, HD 93915, HD 112099, HD 191179, HD 192785, 2E 1848.1+3305.

Henze, M. et al. (12 authors) 2010, Astron. Nachr. 331, 193. (1ox) Optical and soft x-ray monitoring of classical novae and supersoft x-ray sources in central region of M31.

Hübscher, J. et al. (5 authors) 2010, IBVS No. 5918. (5a) BAV-Results of Observations - Photoelectric Minima of Selected EBs: AB And, BD And, CO And, GZ And, LO And, EX Aqr, OO Aql, V343 Aql, V417 Aql, V1353 Aql, AH Aur, AP Aur, CI Aur, EM Aur, EP Aur, GI Aur, GX Aur, HL Aur, HP Aur, IY Aur, IZ Aur, KO Aur, KU Aur, LY Aur, MU Aur, NN Aur, V379 Aur, V410 Aur, V432 Aur, V534 Aur, SU Boo, TU Boo, TY Boo, TZ Boo, UW Boo, VW Boo, XY Boo, AC Boo, AD Boo, AR Boo, BW Boo, CV Boo, ET Boo, GK Boo, GM Boo, GN Boo, GP Boo, GQ Boo, GR Boo, GS Boo, GV Boo, GX Boo, HH Boo, HR Boo, Y Cam, SV Cam, AK Cam, AL Cam, AO Cam, AQ Cam, AY Cam, CD Cam, DN Cam, NR Cam, TX Cnc, WW Cnc, WX Cnc, WY Cnc, AH Cnc, EV Cnc, GW Cnc, IL Cnc, VZ CVn, YZ CVn, BI CVn, DX CVn, EE CVn, EF CVn, EH CVn, UZ CMi, CZ CMi, ZZ Cas, AT Cas, AX Cas, BG Cas, BH Cas, BI Cas, CW Cas, EG Cas, EP Cas, IR Cas, LR Cas, MS Cas, MU Cas, MV Cas, OR Cas, OX Cas, QQ Cas, V336 Cas, V360 Cas, V375 Cas, V381 Cas, V473 Cas, V520 Cas, SY Cep, BR Cep, DK Cep, EF Cep, EY Cep, V489 Cep, TV Cet, RW Com, UX Com, AQ Com, CC Com, CI Com, CN Com, DD Com, DG Com, EK Com, EQ Com, LL Com, LO Com, LP Com, LQ Com, LT Com, MM Com, MR Com, U CrB, RT CrB, RW CrB, TU CrB, TW CrB, YY CrB, AR CrB, AS CrB, AV CrB, Y Cyg, UW Cyg, AE Cyg, CG Cyg, V370 Cyg, V387 Cyg, V456 Cyg, V477 Cyg, V484 Cyg, V488 Cyg, V496 Cyg, V500 Cyg, V693 Cyg, V906 Cyg, V931 Cyg, V934 Cyg, V1004 Cyg, V1141 Cyg, V1305 Cyg, V1877 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2021 Cyg, V2422 Cyg, TT Del, RZ Dra, TW Dra, AR Dra, AU Dra, AX Dra, BE Dra, BF Dra, CV Dra, EF Dra, FU Dra, GM Dra, NN Dra, RW Gem, SX Gem, WW Gem, AF Gem, AH Gem, AI Gem, AL Gem, AV Gem, BT Gem, CP Gem, CX Gem, DG Gem, EG Gem, EL Gem, EN Gem, FG Gem, HI Gem, HR Gem, KQ Gem, KV Gem, LO Gem, SZ Her, TT Her, TU Her, UX Her, AK Her, BO Her, EF Her, GU Her, IK Her, LT Her, MS Her, MT Her, MX Her, V338 Her, V359 Her, V387 Her, V412 Her, V502 Her, V643 Her, V719 Her, V728 Her, V731 Her, V829 Her, V842 Her, V856 Her, V857 Her, V878 Her, V899 Her, V1024 Her, V1032 Her, V1033 Her, V1038 Her, V1039 Her, V1044 Her, V1045 Her, V1047 Her, V1054 Her, V1055 Her, V1062 Her, V1067 Her, V1068 Her, V1088 Her, V1091 Her, V1092 Her, V1094 Her, V1095 Her, V1096 Her, V1100 Her, V1102 Her, V1103 Her, V1104 Her, UW Hya, VZ Hya, CQ Hya, DF Hya, SW Lac, VX Lac, AW Lac, FL Lac, NR Lac, OX Lac, PP Lac, UV Leo, UZ Leo, XZ Leo, AM Leo, BW Leo, CE Leo, GV Leo, HI Leo, RT LMi, VW LMi, WZ LMi, XX LMi, XY LMi, RY Lyn, RZ Lyn, UU Lyn, UV Lyn, AH Lyn, CC Lyn, DE Lyn, UZ Lyr, BV Lyr, EW Lyr, MZ Lyr, V401 Lyr, V431 Lyr, V563 Lyr, V592 Lyr, RW Mon, AO Mon, AY Mon, BM Mon, CP Mon, DD Mon, GH Mon, GU Mon, HM Mon, IL Mon, IX Mon, NN Mon, V384 Mon, V395 Mon, V396 Mon, V404 Mon, V442 Mon, V448 Mon, V450 Mon, V453 Mon, V496 Mon, V507 Mon, V514 Mon, V521 Mon, V528 Mon, V532 Mon, V634 Mon, V714 Mon, V843 Mon, V449 Oph, V2553 Oph, UW Ori, DN Ori, EG Ori, EY Ori, FF Ori, FR Ori, FT Ori, FZ Ori, GU Ori, V392 Ori, V645 Ori, V647 Ori, V1353 Ori, UX Peg, VW Peg, GP Peg, WY Per, BB Per, BP Per, BY Per, CC Per, HS Per, HV Per, IM Per, IQ Per, IT Per, IU Per, IZ Per, KN Per, KR Per, QT Per, QU Per, V432 Per, V450 Per, V570 Per, AO Ser, AS Ser, V384 Ser, SV Tau, WY Tau, AL Tau, AM Tau, AQ Tau, AS Tau, CF Tau, CR Tau, CT Tau, CU Tau, EN Tau, EO Tau, V1112 Tau, V Tri, RS Tri, RU Tri, W UMa, TY UMa, UY UMa, XY UMa, ZZ UMa, AA UMa, AW UMa, BQ UMa, BS UMa, ES UMa, IY UMa, KM UMa, LO UMa, LP UMa, MQ UMa, MS UMa, W UMi, RT UMi, RZ UMi, AH Vir, PT Vir, QX Vir, AY Vul, BO Vul, CD Vul, GP Vul, GSC 0005900024, GSC 0021501230, GSC 0064600946, GSC 0080801106, GSC 0087500978, GSC 0133000287, GSC 0138300181, GSC 0139500877, GSC 0186401065, GSC 0203800293, GSC 0203-
800800, GSC 0214001485, GSC 0215700014, GSC 0267700988, GSC 0310100683, GSC 0367501186, GSC 0367901920, GSC 0403002020, GSC 0453001042, GSC 0455200118, GSC 0492200116, NSV 26190, U-A2 1200-07442402, U-A2 1200-13084491, U-A2 1275-15124020, U-A2 1275-15134722, U-A2 1500-0005759, U-A2 1500-01208912, U-A2 1508-0029126.

Jordana-Sepic, R., Munari, U. 2010, PASP 122, 35. (1co) Asiago photographic magnitudes of symbiotic stars: Z And, EG And, V352 Aql, UV Aur, T CrB, BF Cyg, CI Cyg, V1016 Cyg, V1329 Cyg, GH Gem, RS Oph, AX Per, HM Sge, V4018 Sgr, DT Ser, PU Vul, 2MASS J18073201$-$2553432 (Hen 3-1591), AS 210, AS 327, Hen 2-442, MaC 1-17,NSV 11776, Pe 2-16, Pt 1, Wray 15-1470.

Karak, B.B., Dutta, J., Mukhopadhyay, B. 2010, ApJ 708, 862. (1x) Search for chaos in NS systems: V1521 Cyg (Cyg X-3) may be a BH, includes study of V818 Sco (Sco X-1), V1341 Cyg (Cyg X-2), V1357 Cyg (Cyg X-1).

Karami, K., Mohebi, R. 2009, JApA 30, 153. (2ao*, 5d) RV-curve analyses: V380 Cyg, V401 Cyg, V523 Cas, V373 Cas, V2388 Oph.

Kilic, M., Brown, W.R., McLeod, B. 2010, ApJ 708, 411. (1ai) Null result for companions of 14 low-mass WDs.

Konopacky, Q.M. et al. (8 authors) 2010, ApJ 711, 1087. (2o*) Mass discrepancies with evolutionary predictions found for several systems of twenty five low mass binary systems studied.

Lacy, C.H.S. 2009, IBVS No. 5910. (5a) New Times of Minima of Some EBs: AP And, CO And, CG Aur, HP Aur, UW Boo, V381 Cas, V651 Cas, WW Cep, WY Cep, V456 Cyg, V974 Cyg, V1136 Cyg, BF Dra, AC Gem, LV Her, WZ Leo, V501 Mon, V506 Oph, IM Per, V482 Per, V514 Per, AQ Ser, V335 Ser, TY Tau, CF Tau, V1094 Tau, BP Vul, BT Vul.

Marino, G. et al. (12 authors) 2010, IBVS No. 5917. (5a) CCD Minima of EBs: AB And, OO Aql, ZZ Aur, TY Boo, TZ Boo, VW Boo, AC Boo, CW Cas, V523 Cas, BE Cep, CW Cep, GK Cep, RW CrB, VZ CVn, GM Cyg, GO Cyg, V548 Cyg, V836 Cyg, RZ Dra, UX Eri, QW Gem, SZ Her, AK Her, V829 Her, SW Lac, XY Leo, DU Leo, VZ Lib, VW LMi, UV Lyn, V400 Lyr, V576 Lyr, V508 Oph, V839 Oph, ER Ori, AQ Peg, AT Peg, IP Peg, V357 Peg, AZ Pup, AU Ser, AH Tau, AN Tau, RV Tri, W UMa, XZ UMa, RU UMi, AG Vir, AH Vir, AX Vir, HT Vir, NN Vir, Z Vul.

Maxted, P.F.L., et al. (8 authors) 2009, MNRAS 400, 2012. (2aou, 5degi) Multi-epoch RV measurements of post-common-envelope binary stars using GALEX and SDSS photometry: J0357$-$0655, J0735+2035, J0740+2319, J0751+1940, J0754+2035, 0754+2847, J0755+2424, J0800+5231, J0801-
+2143, J0807+2225, J0814+5328, J0816+3707, J0824+2512, J0834+4104, J0851+2903, J0858+0512, J0902+3847, J0903+0949, J0905+3256, J0909+4521, J0915+5914, J0917+4442, J0923+5735, J0926-
+2811, J0941+4706, J0957+0340, J0959+3621, J1016+4935, J1019+3821, J1037+4200, J1042+6442, J1059+3206, J2104+0026, J2113+1107, J2320$-$1045, J2347+1335.

Mayer, P. et al. (4 authors) 2010, Astron. Nachr. 331, 274. (1bo, 5c, 7c) 64 nights of ESO-La Silla UBV photometry of mostly eclipsing early-type binaries presented, including MY Ser, V871 Cen and V1051 Cen.

Miszalski, B. et al. (4 authors) 2009, A&A 505, 249. (2do, 9) Binary planetary nebulae nuclei towards the Galactic bulge. II. A penchant for bipolarity and low-ionisation structures. Morphological study of 30 post-common-envelope PNe.

Mondal, S. 2010, ApJ 708, 1442. (8ab) Mass and spin of 2:3 Peak QPO?s for V381 Nor (XTE J1550$-$564), V1033 Sco (GRO J1655$-$40), V1487 Aql (GRS 1915+105), XTE J1650$-$500, H 1743$-$322.

Nelson, R.H. 2010, IBVS No. 5929. (5a) CCD Minima for Selected EBs in 2009: QR And, ZZ Aur, DN Aur, HP Aur, V560 Aur, V567 Aur, TU Boo, TZ Boo, XY Boo, DN Boo, FY Boo, GM Boo, GN Boo, GR Boo, HR Boo, AO Cam, CD Cam, MP Cam, NO Cam, ZZ Cas, DN Cas, V520 Cas, V608 Cas, V1009 Cas, V1011 Cas, GSC2.2 N311332336840, SU Cep, V738 Cep, XZ CMi, CZ CMi, AH Cnc, EH Cnc, GSC 1927-0862, IR Cnc, AS CrB, AV CrB, VW CVn, BO CVn, CX CVn, DE CVn, DF CVn, EE CVn, GSC 2544-1007, GSC 2544-1090, GSC 2545-0970, GSC 3034-0299, ZZ Cyg, CV Cyg, DO Cyg, V841 Cyg, V1171 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1305 Cyg, V1763 Cyg, V1823 Cyg, V2197 Cyg, GSC 3550-1770, GSC 3575-3593, GSC 3576-0170, BV Dra, CV Dra, FU Dra, GSC 3552-0321, GSC 3905-0060, AF Gem, V345 Gem, V367 Gem, V373 Gem, V390 Gem, GSC 1330-0287, GSC 1356-2826, IT Her, V829 Her, V842 Her, V856 Her, V857 Her, V1033 Her, V1036 Her, V1052 Her, V1094 Her, V1103 Her, GSC 1518-0913, GSC 2587-1888, GSC 2614-1369, GSC 2618-1385, GSC 3101-0547, GSC 3532-0553, IZ Lac, XY Leo, GV Leo, RY Lyn, EL Lyn, IW Lyr, V563 Lyr, V592 Lyr, GSC 3109-0859, IX Mon, V448 Mon, V530 Mon, V392 Ori, V1799 Ori, PU Peg, GSC 2765-0348, V427 Per, V432 Per, V680 Per, V740 Per, RV Psc, CP Psc, DS Psc, DZ Psc, AS Tau, EN Tau, EQ Tau, HY Tau, IL Tau, GSC 1874-0399, UY UMa, XY UMa, ZZ UMa, ES UMa, HH UMa, LP UMa, OQ UMa, BO Vul, GSC 2140-1485, GSC 2144-1499.

Nelson, T., Orio, M., Di Mille, F. 2010, Astron. Nachr. 331, 223. (1aou, 6c) Near and far UV and optical imaging data of M31 used to find optical/UV counterparts of supersoft x-ray sources; population synthesis applied to check if they are possible supernova type Ia progenitors.

Özdemir, S. 2010, Astron. Nachr. 331, 300. (1x$^*$) Long-term x-ray data of selected x-ray binaries from RXTE/ASM archive analyzed; super-orbital periods found for GX354-0 (4U 1728$-$34) and X Per.

Pietrukowicz, P. et al. (11 authors) 2010, A&A 509, A4. (1a, 6b) Millimagnitude photometry for transiting extrasolar planetary candidates . V. Follow-up of 30 OGLE transits yields 9 EB candidates.

Pietsch, W. 2010, Astron. Nachr. 331, 187. (1x) 20 optical novae in M31 identified as supersoft x-ray sources.

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