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Collections of data

Bagchi, M., Ray, A. 2009, ApJ 701, 1161. (1r*, 2r*) Distributions of eccentricities of radio pulsars in globular clusters.

Balman, S. 2009, AJ 138, 50. (1g, 2g, 5g) INTEGRAL observations of dip sources: V1405 Aql (XB 1916$-$053), XB 1323$-$619, X 1624$-$490, 4U 1746$-$371.

Brunschweiger, J. et al. (4 authors) 2009, A&A 496, 121. (2dx*) IPs in the Swift/BAT survey: spectra and WD masses for 29 systems.

Butters, O.W. et al. (5 authors) 2009, A&A 496, 891. (3ao) Circular polarization survey of IPs I. Northern targets in the range $17\, {\rm h} < {\rm RA} < 23\, {\rm h}$: AE Aqr, FO Aqr, V2306 Cyg, DQ Her, AO Psc, V1223 Sgr, 1RXS J173021.5$-$055933, 1RXS J213344.1+510725.

Campana, S. 2009, ApJ 699, 1144. (1x, 2x) Ten faint transients linked to burst-only x-ray binaries.

Diethelm, R. 2009, IBVS 5894. (5a) Timings of Minima of EB obtained between January and June 2009: ZZ Aur, CG Aur, DO Aur, EI Aur, EM Aur, EP Aur, EU Aur, FP Aur, FR Aur, FW Aur, HP Aur, HW Aur, II Aur, V364 Aur, V576 Aur, GCS 2393-680, SY Boo, TU Boo, AC Boo, AQ Boo, AR Boo, CK Boo, CV Boo, EF Boo, EW Boo, FY Boo, GK Boo, GL Boo, GM Boo, GQ Boo, GU Boo, HH Boo, HR Boo, GCS 912-792, GCS 921-412, GCS 1478-669, GCS 1484-525, WW Cam, AQ Cam, AZ Cam, HW Cam, LR Cam, MP Cam, NO Cam, NR Cam, GCS 4370-206, NSV 3715, NSV 4638, WW Cnc, WX Cnc, WY Cnc, AO Cnc, GQ Cnc, IN Cnc, IO Cnc, IU Cnc, GCS 1407-222, NSV 4322, RV CVn, VV CVn, VW CVn, BI CVn, CI CVn, DF CVn, DH CVn, DI CVn, DQ CVn, DR CVn, DU CVn, DX CVn, DY CVn, EE CVn, EF CVn, EG CVn, EH CVn, EI CVn, GCS 2537-520, GCS 2544-1007, TT CMi, TX CMi, UZ CMi, XZ CMi, CX CMi, CZ CMi, DL CMi, V1018 Cas, EF Cep, RW Com, RZ Com, SS Com, AQ Com, CC Com, CM Com, CN Com, DD Com, DG Com, EK Com, EQ Com, LL Com, LO Com, LP Com, LR Com, MM Com, MR Com, GCS 881-218, GCS 883-1116, GCS 1445-866, GCS 1446-1499, GCS 1446-2377, GCS 1994-935, RT CrB, RW CrB, YY CrB, AR CrB, AS CrB, GCS 880-55, W Crv, AC Crt, AR Dra, AX Dra, BX Dra, FU Dra, IV Dra, RU Eri, TZ Eri, WW Eri, BC Eri, GCS 5297-974, SX Gem, AI Gem, AZ Gem, BD Gem, DP Gem, EL Gem, EY Gem, FT Gem, GX Gem, IV Gem, KQ Gem, KV Gem, V380 Gem, NSV 3744, IK Her, V381 Her, V651 Her, V663 Her, V681 Her, V687 Her, V718 Her, V728 Her, V742 Her, V789 Her, V861 Her, V1005 Her, V1024 Her, V1025 Her, V1031 Her, V1036 Her, V1041 Her, V1042 Her, V1044 Her, V1049 Her, V1097 Her, V1119 Her, V1133 Her, GCS 950-560, GCS 965-581, GCS 973-1212, GCS 985-533, GCS 990-480, GCS 1528-936, GCS 1539-326, GCS 2043-227, UW Hya, VW Hya, VZ Hya, AV Hya, CQ Hya, EZ Hya, FG Hya, V404 Hya, V409 Hya, V410 Hya, GCS 230-1627, GCS 235-461, GCS 4875-1418, GCS 5447-940, GCS 5463-753, GCS 5467-1483, UU Leo, UX Leo, UZ Leo, XX Leo, XY Leo, XZ Leo, AM Leo, AP Leo, BL Leo, BW Leo, CE Leo, DU Leo, GU Leo, GV Leo, HI Leo, HS Leo, GCS 262-948, GCS 263-585, GCS 270-9, GCS 824-1304, GCS 870-349, RT LMi, XY LMi, Z Lep, GCS 5337-1744, GCS 5361-545, NSV 1864, NSV 2698, NSV 7292 Lib, NSV 7481, RV Lyn, RZ Lyn, UU Lyn, BG Lyn, DY Lyn, V573 Lyr, UU Mon, BO Mon, CF Mon, EI Mon, EW Mon, GU Mon, KR Mon, V396 Mon, V448 Mon, V453 Mon, V457 Mon, V458 Mon, V463 Mon, V494 Mon, V514 Mon, V524 Mon, V714 Mon, V864 Mon, GCS 4829-2025, GCS 4839-280, GCS 5397-1850, GCS 5399-2407, SX Oph, V947 Oph, V954 Oph, V1016 Oph, V1022 Oph, V1120 Oph, GCS 398-1236, GCS 403-1109, GCS 418-2020, GCS 978-1292, GCS 979-1273, NSV 9699, NSV 24049, EG Ori, EW Ori, FF Ori, FK Ori, FZ Ori, GG Ori, V392 Ori, V530 Ori, V640 Ori, V648 Ori, V1202 Ori, V1626 Ori, V1642 Ori, GCS 127-719, GCS 702-1892, GCS 1283-53, NSV 1955, XZ Per, FW Per, IM Per, KR Per, LS Per, NP Per, V482 Per, V737 Per, GCS 5404-4206, AO Ser, AU Ser, BI Ser, V384 Ser, V385 Ser, GCS 357-162, GCS 370-665, GCS 378-1212, GCS 930-267, GCS 949-1089, GCS 1499-834, GCS 2034-1670, GCS 2038-293, GCS 5017-129, GCS 5037-866, Y Sex, WX Sex, WZ Sex, GCS 4908-1303, GCS 4911-1235, GCS 4916-292, GCS 4918-1155, RZ Tau, TY Tau, WY Tau, AH Tau, BN Tau, BV Tau, CR Tau, GQ Tau, GW Tau, V407 Tau, V1249 Tau, GCS 1841-879, GCS 1848-1264, TW UMa, TY UMa, UX UMa, UY UMa, VV UMa, XY UMa, XZ UMa, ZZ UMa, AA UMa, AC UMa, BM UMa, BS UMa, DW UMa, ES UMa, IW UMa, LO UMa, MS UMa, RU UMi, AG Vir, AW Vir, AZ Vir, BF Vir, IR Vir, PS Vir, QX Vir, V337 Vir, GCS 286-631, GCS 296-9, GCS 303-36, GCS 303-65, GCS 303-735, GCS 314-388, GCS 316-99, GCS 318-1169, GCS 329-256, GCS 329-639, GCS 330-1394, GCS 878-260, GCS 892-892, GCS 897-470, GCS 898-3, GCS 4955-767, GCS 4958-415.

Dogru, S.S. et al. (8 authors) 2009, IBVS 5893. (5a) New Times of Minima of Some EB: KO Aql, V602 Aql, Y Cam, AB Cas, OX Cas, CW Cep, GI Cep, AK CMi, TW CrB, V370 Cyg, V909 Cyg, WW Cyg, RZ Dra, TZ Eri, BC Her, CT Her, GL Her, SZ Her, TU Her, TX Her, V338 Her, CO Lac, VX Lac, RW Leo, UU Leo, UX Leo, VZ Leo, XZ Leo, Y Leo, T LMi, SX Lyn, EW Lyr, TZ Lyr, BO Mon, RW Mon, V839 Oph, EQ Ori, FH Ori, RT Per, XZ Per, AO Ser, AM Tau, RV Tri, V Tri, VV UMa, XZ UMa.

Fender, R.P., Homan, J., Belloni, T.M. 2009, MNRAS 396, 1370. (1rx, 5gij, 8a) A study of the relation of radio emission to x-ray spectral and variability properties for a large sample of BH x-ray binary systems: V103 Sco (GRO J1655$-$40), 4U 1630$-$47, XTE J1748$-$288, XTE J2012+381, V381 Nor (XTE J1550$-$564), V406 Vul (XTE J1859+226), XTE J1650$-$500, IL Lup (4U 1543$-$47), H 1743$-$332, V1228 Sco (XTE J1720$-$318), V821 Ara (GX 339$-$4).

Fernandez, J.M. et al. (11 authors) 2009, ApJ 701, 764. (1c, 2a, 5d) Five transits of M stars analyzed in TrES planet search.

Gänsicke, B.T. et al. (18 authors) 2009, MNRAS 397, 2170. (1ao*, 2a*, 5bcde, 6ab) Discussion of properties of 137 CVs included in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey spectroscopic data base.

Geller, A.M. et al. (4 authors) 2009, AJ 137, 3743. (2a, 5de) SB orbits in NGC 188, 70 SB1, 15 SB2 and 13 field stars identified by WIYN open cluster study numbers only.

Godon, P. et al. (4 authors) 2009, ApJ 701, 1091. (1u, 2du, 5gi) Far UV observations of high-declination dwarf novae: DT Aps, V433 Ara, AM Cas, ES Dra, AQ Men, HP Nor, DT Oct, FO Per.

Griffin, R.F. 2009, Observatory 129, 54. (2a,5d) $\delta$ Aur, HR 4427, HR 7795, HD 9519.

Griffin, R.F. 2009, Observatory 129, 127. (2a,5d) HD 103684, HD 107496, HD 111628, HD 116479.

Guillot, S. et al. (5 authors) 2009, ApJ 699, 1418. (1x) LMXB's in NGC 6304.

Heil, L.M., Vaughan, S., Roberts, T.P. 2009, MNRAS 397, 1061. (1x*, 5bce, 6ab) A systematic study of variability in a sample of 19 ultraluminous x-ray sources: NGC 55 ULX, NGC 253 PSX2, NGC 1313 X-1, NGC 1313 X-2, NGC 2403 X-1, Holmberg II X-1, M82 X-1, Holmberg IX X-1, NGC 3628 X-1, NGC 4395 X-1, NGC 4559 X-1, NGC 4861 ULX, NGC 4945 XMM1, NGC 5204 X-1, M83 ULX, NGC 5408 X-1.

Heller, R. et al. (4 authors) 2009, A&A 496, 191. (6a) Spectral analysis of 636 WD-M star binaries from the SDSS.

Hübscher, J., Steinbach, H.-M., Walter, F, 2009, IBVS 5889. (5a) BAV-Results of Observations - Photoelectric Minima of Selected EB: RT And, WZ And, XZ And, AB And, AD And, BD And, BL And, DK And, KN And, QX And, V376 And, V404 And, V412 And, CX Aqr, KO Aql, LT Aql, OO Aql, V416 Aql, V417 Aql, V420 Aql, V602 Aql, V609 Aql, V694 Aql,V699 Aql, V887 Aql, V962 Aql, V1045 Aql, V1075 Aql, V1096 Aql, V1097 Aql, V1168 Aql, V1184 Aql, V1197 Aql, V1299 Aql, V1353 Aql, V1542 Aql, RS Ari, SS Ari, AL Ari, CQ Aur, EM Aur, IY Aur, KU Aur, V364 Aur, V379 Aur, UW Boo, AC Boo, GN Boo, GR Boo, SV Cam, AO Cam, S Cnc, WW Cnc, WY Cnc, AD Cnc, ZZ Cas, AL Cas, AX Cas, BN Cas, BS Cas, EY Cas, GG Cas, GR Cas, IL Cas, IR Cas, IS Cas, IT Cas, KL Cas, MN Cas, OR Cas, OX Cas, PV Cas, QQ Cas, V336 Cas, V345 Cas, V357 Cas, V361 Cas, V381 Cas, V449 Cas, V459 Cas, V473 Cas, V523 Cas, V651 Cas, SU Cep, VW Cep, WW Cep, XX Cep, ZZ Cep, BR Cep, CW Cep, DN Cep, IW Cep, KP Cep, TT Cet, DD Com, RW CrB, YY CrB, VV Cyg, WW Cyg, WZ Cyg, BR Cyg, CG Cyg, CV Cyg, DO Cyg, LO Cyg, MR Cyg, QU Cyg, V370 Cyg, V387 Cyg, V388 Cyg, V393 Cyg, V443 Cyg, V444 Cyg, V453 Cyg, V456 Cyg, V463 Cyg, V478 Cyg, V483 Cyg, V490 Cyg, V493 Cyg, V496 Cyg, V502 Cyg, V505 Cyg, V513 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V635 Cyg, V642 Cyg, V680 Cyg, V687 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V704 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V725 Cyg, V726 Cyg, V841 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V874 Cyg, V889 Cyg, V957 Cyg, V1011 Cyg, V1018 Cyg, V1023 Cyg, V1034 Cyg, V1036 Cyg, V1083 Cyg, V1136 Cyg, V1171 Cyg, V1188 Cyg, V1321 Cyg, V1326 Cyg, V1356 Cyg, V1401 Cyg, V1411 Cyg, V1414 Cyg, V1417 Cyg, V1877 Cyg, V2021 Cyg, V2422 Cyg, XX Del, BW Del, CR Del, EX Del, GG Del, UZ Dra, AI Dra, BE Dra, S Equ, WW Gem, YY Gem, AE Gem, AH Gem, AI Gem, AY Gem, AZ Gem, EL Gem, KV Gem, Z Her, SZ Her, TX Her, UX Her, DH Her, V829 Her, V856 Her, V857 Her, V1039 Her, VX Lac, AG Lac, AU Lac, BB Lac, CF Lac, CN Lac, CO Lac, DG Lac, EK Lac, EP Lac, ER Lac, ES Lac, EU Lac, EX Lac, EY Lac, FL Lac, HR Lac, IP Lac, IZ Lac, MZ Lac, NR Lac, OS Lac, PP Lac, V339 Lac, V342 Lac, VZ Leo, AG Leo, BL Leo, TY Lyn, AH Lyn, FL Lyr, IW Lyr, V579 Lyr, V580 Lyr, TV Mon, UU Mon, AQ Mon, BM Mon, DD Mon, IL Mon, V448 Mon, V507 Mon, V514 Mon, V515 Mon, AL Oph, V573 Oph, V735 Oph, CP Ori, ES Ori, EW Ori, GG Ori, V648 Ori, U Peg, BX Peg, DK Peg, V396 Peg, RT Per, XZ Per, BY Per, HS Per, IQ Per, KL Per, KN Per, V482 Per, Y Psc, VZ Psc, ER Psc, V Sge, SY Sge, BR Sge, CU Sge, CW Sge, DK Sge, FL Sge, GN Sge, V384 Ser, SV Tau, AH Tau, AN Tau, CU Tau, EN Tau, IV Tau, V781 Tau, V1112 Tau, RV Tri, DY Vir, AW Vul, AW Vul, AX Vul, AY Vul, AZ Vul, BE Vul, BP Vul, BS Vul, BT Vul, BU Vul, CD Vul, ER Vul, EV Vul, FF Vul, FM Vul, FQ Vul, HI Vul, HS Vul, IW Vul, KN Vul, GSC 01375.01089.

Kabath, P. et al. (9 authors) 2009, AJ 137, 3911. (1ao, 6b) Discovery of new periodic variables, including EBs, in CoRoT LRc2 field.

Karami, K. et al. (5 authors) 2009, Astron. Nachr. 330, 836. (2ao*, 5d) Artificial neural network method applied to analyze RV curves and derive orbital parameters of SB2 systems: RZ Cas, CC Cas, HS Her, HD 93917, V921 Her, Y Cyg.

Karami, K. et al. (5 authors) 2009, PASA 26, 121. (5d, 7d) Artificial neural network to derive the orbital parameters of SBs: AB And, V373 Cas, V523 Cas, V401 Cyg, GM Dra, V2388 Oph, HD 141929.

Kiminki, D.C. et al. (5 authors) 2009, AJ 137, 4608. (2ao, 5d) Massive binaries in Cyg OB2: 2MASS J20294666+4105083, GSC03161-00815, GSC 03161-01397 (Schulte 73), MT 145, MT 372.

Liakos, A., Niarchos, P. 2009, IBVS 5897. (5a) 148 CCD times of minima of 47 EB: AD And, TT And, RY Aqr, AH Aur, AC Boo, TZ Boo, UW Boo, AL Cam, SV Cam, AV CMi, YY CMi, RW Cap, TY Cap, WY Cet, RZ Com, KR Cyg, RZ Dra, TZ Dra, TZ Eri, UX Eri, AL Gem, GCS 3101-0683, GCS 4589-2999, GCS 4833-1209, CC Her, SZ Her, V338 Her, UU Leo, LZ Lyr, DD Mon, IL Mon, KR Mon, V839 Oph, FT Ori, BB Peg, KP Peg, IU Per, V432 Per, CR Sct, UZ Sge, V505 Sgr,YY Sgr, EQ Tau, RV Tri, X Tri, AZ Vir, DR Vul.

Miszalski, B. et al. (5 authors) 2009, A&A 496, 813. (6b) Binary planetary nebulae nuclei toward the Galactic bulge. I. Sample discovery, period distribution, and binary fraction. 21 binaries in OGLE photometric survey.

Parihar, P. et al. (7 authors) 2009, MNRAS 395, 593. (2o*) Search for chromospherically active EBs using the ASAS survey of EBs: 36 out of 180 binaries show excess H$\alpha$ emission.

Parimucha, S. et al. (7 authors) 2009, IBVS 5898. (5a) Minima Times of Selected EB: RT And, AB And, CN And, EP And, GZ And, LO And, V376 And, OO Aql, AH Aur, AR Aur, V402 Aur, TY Boo, TZ Boo, XY Boo, AC Boo, FI Boo, SV Cam, AO Cam, CD Cam, DN Cam, FN Cam, TX Cnc, EH Cnc, BI CVn, RZ Cas, BS Cas, CW Cas, V459 Cas, V523 Cas, V651 Cas, V776 Cas, VW Cep, WZ Cep, GK Cep, GW Cep, RW Com, RZ Com, SS Com, CC Com, YY CrB, CG Cyg, KR Cyg, V401 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, LS Del, CM Dra, FU Dra, HL Dra, AK Her, V624 Her, V728 Her, V829 Her, V857 Her, SW Lac, PP Lac, V344 Lac, V398 Lac, UV Leo, AM Leo, CE Leo, EX Leo, RT LMi, VW LMi, V714 Mon, RV Oph, V508 Oph, V2610 Oph, V2612 Oph, FZ Ori, V1363 Ori, V1387 Ori, U Peg, AT Peg, BB Peg, BX Peg, DI Peg, KW Peg, V351 Peg, V357 Peg, V432 Per, DV Psc, GCS 8-901, AO Ser, AU Ser, OU Ser, BD +7 3142, Y Sex, CW Sge, AH Tau, EQ Tau, V781 Tau, UX UMa, XY UMa, AA UMa, AW UMa, HH UMa, TV UMi, AG Vir, AH Vir, AZ Vir, HW Vir, PY Vir.

Pejcha, O. 2009, ApJ 701, L119. (1d) Rebrightenings in decay LCs following outbursts: V603 Aql, V1494 Aql, DK Lac, V2540 Oph, V4745 Sgr.

Pietrukowicz, P. et al. (9 authors) 2009, A&A 503, 651. (1ao, 6b) Deep census of variable stars in a VLT/VIMOS field in Carina (121 new EBs).

Pretorius, M.L. 2009, MNRAS 395, 386. (1ao, 2ao, 5d) Time-resolved optical observations of five CVs detected by INTEGRAL: IGR J15094$-$6649, IGR J16500$-$3307, IGR J17195$-$4100, XSS J12270$-$4859, IGR J16167$-$4957.

Pyrzas, S. et al. (10 authors) 2009, MNRAS 394, 978. (1ao, 2ab, 5bc, 6b) Four eclipsing WD+main sequence star binaries detected from SDSS survey: SDSS J011009.09+132616.1, SDSS J030308.35-
+005444.1, SDSS J143547.87+373338.5, SDSS J154846.00+405728.8.

Shaposhnikov, N., Titarchuk, L. 2009, ApJ 699, 453. (1x, 2x) Mass-determination of BH binaries using scaling of spectral and variability characteristics.

Szkody, P. et al. (13 authors) 2009, AJ 137, 4011. (2bd, 6b) New CVs from SDSS spectra: SDSS J023003.79+260440.3, SDSS J075808.81+104545.5, SDSS J082253.12+231300.6, SDSS J090113.51 +144704.6, SDSS J091001.63+164820.0, SDSS J092122.84+203857.1, SDSS J093537.46+161950.8, SDSS J093839.25+534403.8, SDSS J100515.38+191107.9, SDSS J103100.55+202832.2, SDSS
J105443.06+285032.7, SDSS J105754.25+275947.5, SDSS J105905.07+272755.5, SDSS J124117.89 +300401.0, SDSS J133309.19+143706.9, SDSS J152212.20+080340.9, SDSS J152419.33+220920.0, SDSS J153015.04+094946.3, SDSS J154453.60+255348.8, SDSS J154953.41+173939.0, SDSS
J155720.75+180720.2, SDSS J160419.02+161548.5, SDSS J160501.35+203056.9, SDSS J160932.67 +055044.6, SDSS J161909.10+135145.5, SDSS J162718.39+120435.0. 13 previously known ones also recovered from SDSS spectra.

van den Berg, M., Hong, J.S., Grindlay, J.E. 2009, ApJ 700, 1702. (1xo) Deep galactic bulge survey. I. Faint accretion-driven binaries in the limiting window.

Voss, R. et al. (19 authors) 2009, ApJ 701, 471. (1x, 2x*) Luminosity functions of LMXB's in Centaurus A.

Wilson, R.E., Van Hamme, W. 2009, ApJ 699, 118. (1co, 2o*, 5cd) Mapping the solar neighborhood with EBs: WW Aur, R CMa, RZ Cas, RS Cha.

Yakut, K. et al. (15 authors) 2009, A&A 503, 165. (1ao, 2a*, 5abcde) CBs and other variable stars in the solar-age galactic open cluster M 67: AH Cnc, EV Cnc, ES Cnc.

Yilmaz, M. et al. (16 authors) 2009, IBVS 5887. (5a) Times of Minima of EB: V372 And, HS Aqr, AP Aur, AR Aur, IU Aur, TZ Boo, AC Boo, CK Boo, DU Boo, ET Boo, TX Cnc, WY Cnc, BO CVn, V776 Cas, EG Cep, RW Com, YY CrB, ZZ Cyg, GO Cyg, MR Cyg, V477 Cyg, V836 Cyg, V1073 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V2150 Cyg, DM Del, LS Del, YY Eri, V345 Gem, AK Her, HS Her, V829 Her, V842 Her, V878 Her, SW Lac, XY Leo, XZ Leo, AP Leo, UV Leo, CN Lyn, V456 Oph, V502 Oph, V508 Oph, V566 Oph, V839 Oph, U Peg, V351 Peg, V357 Peg, V407 Peg, IQ Per, ST Per, V482 Per, AQ Psc, RZ Tau, GR Tau, V471 Tau, V781 Tau, V1123 Tau, V1128 Tau, V1130 Tau, HH UMa, ZZ UMa, GR Vir, DR Vul.

Zwintz, K. et al. (15 authors) 2009, A&A 502, 239. (1ao, 6b) MOST photometry of NGC 2264 binaries: HD 47934 , HD 47732 , NGC 2264 67, HD 47755.

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