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Collections of data

Abt, H.A. 2009, ApJS 180, 117. (2b) MK classes of SBs.

Barnard, R. et al. (9 authors) 2009, ApJ 689, 1215. (1x, 2x) Analyses of three BH candidates in M31: XBo 45, 135 & 375.

Diethelm, R. 2009, IBVS 5871. (5a) Timings of Minima of EBs obtained between July 2008 and December 2008: AD And, AS And, CN And, DK And, DO And, DS And, EP And, FL And, HR And, LO And, MO And, NZ And, QR And, QW And, V372 And, V404 And, V412 And, V440 And, V441 And, V444 And, V449 And, EL Aqr, SS Ari, AW Ari, AH Aur, AP Aur, CL Aur, HS Aur, HU Aur, IZ Aur, KO Aur, V404 Aur, V410 Aur, V523 Aur, V555 Aur, GSC 2393-680 Aur, GSC 3751-178 Aur, UU Cam, WW Cam, AO Cam, AV Cam, AY Cam, MP Cam, MT Cam, GSC 3715-1039, TU Cnc, TX Cnc, XZ Cnc, YY Cnc, AB Cnc, AD Cnc, AH Cnc, EH Cnc, GW Cnc, IL Cnc, IR Cnc, GSC 1927-862 Cnc, NSV 4158, NSV 4188, DF CVn, DQ CVn, GSC 2537-520 CVn, GSC 2544-1007 CVn, BB CMi, CW CMi, ZZ Cas, AT Cas, BH Cas, BS Cas, BU Cas, BZ Cas, CV Cas, CW Cas, DZ Cas, EY Cas, HQ Cas, IL Cas, IT Cas, KL Cas, KR Cas, LX Cas, LY Cas, MM Cas, MN Cas, MR Cas, MT Cas, MY Cas, NN Cas, NT Cas, NV Cas, OR Cas, OX Cas, QQ Cas, V337 Cas, V361 Cas, V366 Cas, V374 Cas, V375 Cas, V381 Cas, V384 Cas, V385 Cas, V387 Cas, V445 Cas, V448 Cas, V471 Cas, V473 Cas, V520 Cas, V541 Cas, V608 Cas, V952 Cas, V1007 Cas, V1009 Cas, V1014 Cas, NR Cep, OT Cep, V734 Cep, GSC 4502-138 Cep, RW Cet, TV Cet, YY Cet, EV Cet, NSV 388, AR CrB, AS CrB, AV CrB, UX Eri, ZZ Eri, AM Eri, BL Eri, BZ Eri, GSC 4734-713, GSC 5305-396, GSC 5305-1309, NSV 1864, BT Gem, DP Gem, FG Gem, FT Gem, MU Gem, GSC 1356-2826, GSC 1368-1411, V1033 Her, V1036 Her, V1038 Her, V1039 Her, V1044 Her, V1047 Her, V1053 Her, V1055 Her, WY Hya, DF Hya, DI Hya, EU Hya, FG Hya, GN Hya, GSC 196-894, GSC 4855-1725, GSC 5428-504, RR Lep, GSC 5358-917, TY Lyn, DE Lyn, UV Mon, V383 Mon, V392 Mon, V458 Mon, V460 Mon, V498 Mon, V514 Mon, V532 Mon, V881 Mon, GSC 4826-411, GSC 4850-1736, UW Ori, EF Ori, ER Ori, FL Ori, FO Ori, FZ Ori, GU Ori, V517 Ori, V641 Ori, V647 Ori, V667 Ori, V1353 Ori, V1824 Ori, GSC 104-1999, GSC 107-596, GSC 706-845, GSC 1296-975, GSC 4753-984, NSV 1955, DI Peg, V357 Peg, RV Per, CH Per, DV Per, DZ Per, EQ Per, HK Per, HW Per, II Per, IK Per, KN Per, KR Per, KW Per, NZ Per, QW Per, V366 Per, V432 Per, V434 Per, GSC 3708-1325, SX Psc, UW Psc, CP Psc, DS Psc, DV Psc, DZ Psc, EM Psc, GSC 24-63, KW Pup, NSV 4033, V384 Ser, RZ Tau, TY Tau, RZ Tau, TY Tau, AN Tau, CC Tau, CR Tau, CU Tau, EQ Tau, GR Tau, IV Tau, V781 Tau, V1022 Tau, V1112 Tau, V1188 Tau, V1220 Tau, V1222 Tau, V1234 Tau, V1237 Tau, GSC 1273-661, GSC 1830-1732, NSV 1719, V Tri, WW Tri.

Dworak, S.W. 2009, IBVS 5870. (5a) Photoelectric minima of selected EB: CG Aur, EP Aur, TY Boo, DF CVn, XZ CMi, V364 Cas, V384 Cas, V821 Cas, CC Com, V Crt, V456 Cyg, V466 Cyg, TZ Dra, AZ Gem, V899 Her, FG Hya, UV Leo, VZ Leo, VZ Leo, WY Leo, VW LMi, UV Lyn, TZ Lyr, V396 Mon, V714 Mon, V508 Oph, FK Ori, FT Ori, BO Peg, IQ Per, AH Tau, CU Tau, RS Tri, HW Vir, ASAS 085128+2527.9.

Dzib, S., Rodriguez, L.F. 2009, RMxAA 45, 3. (4ar) Radio proper motions of WR stars: WR 112 = 2MASS J18163349$-$1858423, WR 125 = V378 Vul, WR 140 = V1687 Cyg, WR 145a = Cyg X-3 = V1521 Cyg, WR 146 = BD +40$^{\circ}$4243, WR 147 = 2MASS J20364364+4021075.

Eger, P., Haberl, F. 2008, A&A 491, 841. (2dx) XMM-Newton observations of the SMC: long term evolution of frequently observed Be/x-ray binaries. CXOU J005736.2$-$721934, RX J0057.8$-$7207, RX J0059.3$-$7223, CXOU J010102.7$-$720658, RX J0101.3$-$7211, SAX J0103.2$-$7209, RX J0103.6$-$7201.

Eker, Z. et al. (11 authors) 2008, MNRAS 389, 1722. (6ab) Update of catalogue of chromospherically active binaries; 203 new entries.

Elias, N. M., II, Koch, R. H., Pfeiffer, R. J. 2008, A&A 489, 911. (3ao) Polarimetric measures of selected variable stars: LY Aur, V 705 Cas (Nova 1993), V1488 Cyg, $\beta$ Per, HR 8281.

Farrell, S.A., Barret, D., Skinner, G.K. 2009, MNRAS 393, 139. (1gx, 5bcgi, 8a) Superorbital variability in hard x-ray binaries: 4U 1636$-$536 = V801 Ara, 4U 1820$-$303, 4U 1916$-$053 = V1405 Aql, Cyg X-2 = V1341 Cyg, Sco X-1 = V818 Sco.

Glazunova, L.V. et al. (7 authors) 2008, AJ 136, 1736. (2d, 5k) Rotational velocities of binary components: TW And, UX Ari, SX Aur, TT Aur, CQ Aur, ZZ Boo, S Cnc, RZ Cnc, BM Cas, XY Cet, RZ Eri, AS Eri, CW Eri, RX Gem, RY Gem, VZ Hya, HS Hya, RR Lyn, AU Mon, LX Per, SZ Psc, UV Psc, CD Tau.

Griffin, R.F. 2008, Observatory 128, 474. (2a, 5d) SB1 near NGP: HD 117063, HD 117123, HD 117139, HD 117673.

Griffin, R.F. 2009, Observatory 129, 6. (2a, 5d) HR 738, HR 831, HR 5692, HR 7252.

Haberl, F., Eger, P., Pietsch, W. 2008, A&A 489, 327. (2dx, 6b) XMM-Newton observations of the SMC: Be/x-ray binary pulsars XMMU J005252.1$-$721715, XMMU J005403.8$-$722632, XMMU J005535.2$-$722906, XMMU J005929.0$-$723703.

Heller, R. et al. (4 authors) 2009, A&A 496, 191. (2d) Spectral analysis of 636 WD-M star binaries from the Sloan digital sky survey.

Hilton, E.J. et al. (6 authors) 2009, AJ 137, 3606. (1ao, 2x, 5g) XMM-Newton and optical observations of SDSS CVs: SDSS J083751.00+383012.5, SDSS J093214.82+495054.7, SDSS J142256.31$-$022-
108.1, SDSS J154104.67+360252.9, SDSS J204827.91+005008.9, SDSS J233325.92+152222.1.

Hornoch, K. et al. (5 authors) 2008, A&A 492, 301. (1a, 4a, 6b) Discovery, photometry, and astrometry of 49 classical nova candidates in the M81 galaxy.

Hübscher, J., Steinbach, H.-M., Walter, F. 2009, IBVS 5874. (5a) Photoelectric minima of selected EB: BD And, DK And, DS And, GK And, LO And, SS Ari, ZZ Aur, EM Aur, EP Aur, EQ Aur, HL Aur, HP Aur, IM Aur, IY Aur, KU Aur, V364 Aur, V404 Aur, V410 Aur, SS Boo, SU Boo, TU Boo, TY Boo, TZ Boo, XY Boo, AC Boo, AD Boo, AR Boo, CV Boo, EF Boo, FY Boo, GL Boo, GM Boo, GN Boo, GQ Boo, GR Boo, GT Boo, HH Boo, AL Cam, AO Cam, AV Cam, S Cnc, RY Cnc, TU Cnc, TX Cnc, WW Cnc, WX Cnc, XZ Cnc, AC Cnc, AD Cnc, AO Cnc, EH Cnc, FF Cnc, DH CVn, DR CVn, R CMa, RS CMi, RY CMi, SX CMi, AK CMi, TX Cas, IS Cas, IV Cas, KR Cas, MS Cas, MT Cas, V336 Cas, V345 Cas, V355 Cas, WW Cep, WY Cep, EF Cep, SS Cet, TU Cet, RW Com, RZ Com, SS Com, VY Com, CC Com, DG Com, LO Com, MR Com, AV CrB, WZ Cyg, ZZ Cyg, CV Cyg, V345 Cyg, V385 Cyg, V401 Cyg, V466 Cyg, V474 Cyg, V504 Cyg, V728 Cyg, V841 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V874 Cyg, V884 Cyg, V995 Cyg, V1083 Cyg, V1256 Cyg, V1787 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2282 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, FZ Del, RX Dra, RZ Dra, TW Dra, AK Dra, BV Dra, BW Dra, BX Dra, FU Dra, GQ Dra, KK Dra, U Gem, TZ Gem, WW Gem, YY Gem, AC Gem, AY Gem, AZ Gem, BT Gem, EF Gem, EL Gem, EN Gem, EY Gem, FG Gem, GW Gem, GZ Gem, KV Gem, QW Gem, SZ Her, TT Her, TU Her, CC Her, DH Her, FN Her, GU Her, MS Her, MT Her, MX Her, V359 Her, V366 Her, V450 Her, V719 Her, V733 Her, V829 Her, V842 Her, V861 Her, V1032 Her, V1033 Her, V1038 Her, V1042 Her, V1044 Her, V1045 Her, V1047 Her, V1050 Her, V1053 Her, V1055 Her, V1067 Her, V1073 Her, V1103 Her, AV Hya, DI Hya, V409 Hya, TW Lac, CN Lac, EM Lac, EO Lac, V344 Lac, UV Leo, XX Leo, XY Leo, XZ Leo, AG Leo, AM Leo, BL Leo, CE Leo, FM Leo, T LMi, RT LMi, XY LMi, RY Lyn, SW Lyn, SX Lyn, UU Lyn, DE Lyn, UZ Lyr, AH Lyr, BV Lyr, DF Lyr, IP Lyr, MN Lyr, NV Lyr, PY Lyr, QU Lyr, V574 Lyr, V580 Lyr, V596 Lyr, RW Mon, TU Mon, UV Mon, AO Mon, AT Mon, EP Mon, FS Mon, IL Mon, IX Mon, IZ Mon, MX Mon, V448 Mon, V527 Mon, V532 Mon, V843 Mon, V508 Oph, Z Ori, UW Ori, CQ Ori, EF Ori, EG Ori, EW Ori, FF Ori, FI Ori, FR Ori, FT Ori, GU Ori, V392 Ori, V519 Ori, V645 Ori, V1031 Ori, RW Per, RY Per, HV Per, II Per, IK Per, KL Per, KN Per, KR Per, KW Per, NP Per, NZ Per, V482 Per, RV Psc, CW Sge, AU Ser, BI Ser, V384 Ser, TY Tau, AH Tau, AN Tau, AP Tau, BN Tau, CD Tau, CU Tau, ET Tau, GW Tau, V1128 Tau, X Tri, TY UMa, UX UMa, UY UMa, VV UMa, XZ UMa, ZZ UMa, AA UMa, AW UMa, BH UMa, DW UMa, ES UMa, IW UMa, KM UMa, LP UMa, MQ UMa, RZ UMi, AG Vir, AW Vir, AX Vir, AZ Vir, CG Vir, VV Vul, XZ Vul, AX Vul, BU Vul, EV Vul, GP Vul, GR Vul, HI Vul.

Humphrey, P.J. 2009, ApJ 690, 512. (1co) Astrometry and photometry catalog of globular cluster candidates in 19 galaxies for comparison with LMXB populations.

Klutsch, A. et al. (7 authors) 2008, A&A 490, 737. (2ao, 5d) New triple systems in the RasTyc sample of stellar x-ray sources: RasTyc J0524+6739 = BD +67$^{\circ}$381, RasTyc J1828+3506 = BD +35$^{\circ}$3261, RasTyc J2034+8253 = BD +82$^{\circ}$622.

Landi, R. et al. (8 authors) 2009, MNRAS 392, 630. (1gx, 5cghi, 6b) INTEGRAL/IBIS and Swift/XRT observations of 22 hard CVs: IGR J00234+6141, V709 Cas, GK Per, BY Cam, IGR J06253+7334 = MU Cam, XSS J12270$-$4859, V834 Cen, IGR J14536$-$5522, IGR J15094$-$6649, IGR J15479$-$4529 = NY Lup, IGR J16167$-$4957, IGR J16500$-$3307, V2400 Oph, IGR J17195$-$4100, IGR J17303$-$0601, V2487 Oph, V1223 Sgr, V1432 Aql, V2069 Cyg, IGR J21335+5105, SS Cyg, FO Aqr.

Lawson, W.A., Crause, L.A. 2009, PASA, 26, 31. (1ao) A photometric survey for variability in ten x-ray-emitting low-mass stars in the Chamaeleon region: CHXR 3 = 2MASS J10580551$-$7728239, CHXR 20 = 2MASS J11064510$-$7727023, CHXR 33 = 2MASS J11084069$-$7636078, CHXR 37 = 2MASS J11091769$-$7627578, CHXR 40 = 2MASS J11094006$-$7628391, CHXR 47 = 2MASS J11103801$-$7732399, CHXR 53 = 2MASS J11122775$-$7625293, CHXR 59 = 2MASS J11132737$-$763-
4165, CHXR 71 = 2MASS J11023265$-$7729129, CHXR 85 = 2MASS J11120984$-$7634366.

Liu, G.Q. et al. (6 authors) 2008, MNRAS 390, 665. (2bd) Spectrophotometric study of 24 blue straggler stars in old open cluster M67.

Mermilliod, J.-C., Grenon, M., Mayor, M. 2008, A&A 491, 951. (2ao, 5d) Membership, binarity, and rotation of red dwarfs in the nearby open cluster Coma Berenices (Mel 111). Orbital elements of 10 SB's (Trumpler 35, 48, 53, 97, 102, 120,147, 150, 416, 433) and 2 Am systems (Trumpler 144, 145).

Mermilliod, J.-C., Queloz, D., Mayor, M. 2008, A&A 488, 409. (2ao, 5d, 6b) Membership and binarity of solar-type dwarfs in the nearby open cluster $\alpha$ Per (Mel 20): orbital elements of Heckmann 143, 457, 848.

Miszalski, B. et al. (5 authors) 2008, A&A 488, L79. (1ao*, 2ao, 6b) Discovery of EB central stars in the planetary nebulae PN G359.1-02.3 = IRAS 17495$-$3048, PN G357.6-03.3 = IRAS 17499$-$3240 and PN G000.2-01.9 = IRAS 17505$-$2943.

Nelson, R.H. 2009, IBVS 5875. (5a) CCD minima for selected EB in 2008: CN And, EP And, V441 And, V444 And, RX Ari, AH Aur, AP Aur, BC Aur, EP Aur, GX Aur, HL Aur, V410 Aur, GSC 2915-0212, GSC 3751-0178, XY Boo, AR Boo, GN Boo, GR Boo, GS Boo, GT Boo, GSC 2013-0288, GQ Boo, DN Cam, GSC 3715-1039, GSC 4369-1506, AX Cas, BH Cas, CW Cas, DZ Cas, EG Cas, KL Cas, V366 Cas, V375 Cas, V396 Cas, V541 Cas, V776 Cas, GSC 4030-2020, BB CMi, TX Cnc, WW Cnc, YY Cnc, HN Cnc, RW Com, SS Com, CC Com, LP Com, MM Com, AM CrB, BO CVn, DH CVn, DI CVn, DQ CVn, DR CVn, DX CVn, EE CVn, EF CVn, EG CVn, EI CVn, EI CVn, GSC 2537-0520, GSC 2534-1121, GSC 2544-1007, GSC 3034-0299, V456 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V726 Cyg, V885 Cyg, V1036 Cyg, V1901 Cyg, V2364 Cyg, V2364 Cyg, BV Dra, BW Dra, FU Dra, WW Gem, AC Gem, AL Gem, AY Gem, GSC 1331-0726, GW Gem, QW Gem, TT Her, V719 Her, V728 Her, V742 Her, V1003 Her, V1024 Her, V1036 Her, V1038 Her, V1042 Her, V1043 Her, V1047 Her, V1055 Her, V1065 Her, V1073 Her, V1097 Her, GSC 2056-0117, GSC 3510-1283, GSC 3097-1297, GSC 2615-1821, FG Hya, XZ Leo, AM Leo, GV Leo, RT LMi, RZ Lyn, BG Lyn, DZ Lyn, GSC 2495-1146, TZ Lyr, AH Lyr, DF Lyr, QU Lyr, V400 Lyr, V396 Mon, GSC 0143-1718, GSC 2751-1007, KW Per, V432 Per, V462 Per, V579 Per, V680 Per, GSC 2366-3002, WY Tau, CT Tau, GQ Tau, V471 Tau, GSC 1830-1432, XZ UMa, AA UMa, BM UMa, HN UMa, MQ UMa, GSC 3449-0688, RU UMi, HW Vir, GSC 2140-1485.

Orio, M. et al. (5 authors) 2009, ApJ 690, 1753. (1aux, 2x) Observations of CP Pup and V351 Pup.

Pereira, C.B., Roig, F. 2009, AJ 137, 118. (2do, 5gh) Yellow symbiotic stars: CD $-$43$^{\circ}$14304 = DD Mic, Hen 3-863 = 2MASS J13074339$-$48001894, Hen 3-1213, StH$\alpha$ 176 = 2MASS J20224225$-$2107546.

Pribulla, T. et al. (10 authors) 2009, AJ 137, 3646. (2ao, 5d) TZ Boo (quadruple), VW Boo, EL Boo (triple), VZ CVn, GK Cep (triple), RW Com, V2610 Oph (quadruple), V1387 Ori (triple), AU Ser, FT UMa (triple).

Pribulla, T. et al. (11 authors) 2008, MNRAS 391, 343. (1ao, 2ao, 5abcdeg, 6b) MOST satellite photometry of EBs, blue stragglers and $\delta$ Scuti variables: AH Cnc, ES Cnc, EV Cnc, GSC 814-323 = BD +12$^{\circ}$1929, HD 75638.

Pribulla, T. et al. (5 authors) 2009, MNRAS 392, 847. (2ao, 5dg, 6ab) Spectroscopic support survey of 103 objects observed by the Microvariability and Oscillations of STars (MOST) satellite.

Rebassa-Mansergas, A. et al. (14 authors) 2008, MNRAS 390, 1635. (1ao, 2ao, 5bd) Follow-up spectroscopy and photometry for 11 post-common envelope binaries from SDSS; new periods for 7 systems.

Reig, P. 2008, A&A 489, 725. (1x) Rapid spectral and timing variability of Be/x-ray binaries during type-II outbursts: 4U 0115+63 = V635 Cas, V 0332+53 = BQ Cam, KS 1947+300, EXO 2030+375 = V2246 Cyg.

Southworth, J. et al. (9 authors) 2008, MNRAS 391, 591. (1ao, 2abco, 5abcdegi) Time-resolved spectroscopy and photometry of nine CVs: SDSS J004335.14$-$003729.8, SDSS J033710.91$-$065059.4, SDSS J160111.53+091712.6, SDSS J163722.21$-$001957.1, SDSS J164248.52+134751.4, SDSS J1658-
37.70+184727.4, SDSS J165951.68+192745.6, SDSS J223252.35+140353.0 and SDSS J223843.84+01-

Takanashi, N., Doi, M., Yasuda, N. 2008, MNRAS 389, 1577. (5c) UBVRI LC study of 122 nearby SNe Ia.

Thorstensen, J.R., Lépine, S., Shara, M. 2008, AJ 136, 2107. (4) Parallaxes and distances of CVs: DW Cnc, HT Cas, MQ Dra, IR Gem, V396 Hya, KT Per, VV Pup, MR Ser, SW UMa, AR UMa, BZ UMa, QS Vir.

Xuepeng, C., Launhardt, R., Henning, T. 2009, ApJ 691, 1729. (4cm) Observations of binary protostars in NGC1333.

Zamanov, R.K. et al. (8 authors) 2008, MNRAS 390, 377. (2ao, 5k) Projected rotational velocities of giants in symbiotic systems.

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