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Collections of data

Augusteijn, T. et al. (5 authors) 2008, A&A 486, 843. White dwarf-red dwarf binaries in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. Sample definition.

Boisvert, P. et al. (4 authors) 2008, ApJ 683, 449. (2u) LMC WC+O binaries HD 35517 (Br 22) and HD 36521 (Br 32).

Borkovits, T., Van Cauteren, P., Lampens, P. et al. (13 authors) 2008, IBVS 5835. (5a) New and archive times of minima of EB: AP Aur, CL Aur, HP Aur, IM Aur, IU Aur, 44 Boo, Y Cam, SV Cam, AS Cam, IT Cas, OX Cas, PV Cas, VW Cep, GK Cep, CC Com, V370 Cyg, V453 Cyg, V477 Cyg, V478 Cyg, V961 Cyg, RX Dra, EF Dra, TU Her, AK Her, CT Her, AK Her, AU Lac, RW Leo, XY Leo, UV Lyn, EF Ori, GU Ori, AG Per, V432 Per, AO Ser, OU Ser, SV Tau, RS Tri, W UMa, VV UMa, XY UMa, DW UMa, HX UMa, LP UMa, RT UMi, DR Vul.

Campbell, R.K., Harrison, T.E., Kapka, S. 2008, ApJ 683, 409. (1i, 2i, 5c) Phase-resolved cyclotron spectroscopy of polars, AM Her and ST LMi.

Clausen, J.V. et al. (7 authors) 2008, A&A 487, 1081. Four-colour photometry of eclipsing binaries. XLI. (AD Boo, SW CMa, HW CMa, VZ Hya, WZ Oph).

Diethelm, R. 2008, IBVS 5837. 166. List of timings of minima EB by BBSAG Observers obtained between July 2007 and June 2008: V1075 Aql, V379 Aur, V523 Aur, GSC 2393-680, TX Boo, FY Boo, AK Cam, DH CVn, LO Com, LP Com, V385 Cyg, V469 Cyg, V809 Cyg, V853 Cyg, V961 Cyg, V974 Cyg, V2280 Cyg, V2282 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, V2294 Cyg, MU Dra, GSC 3523-505, GSC 3552-321, GSC 3888-464, GSC 3905-60, TZ Gem, AZ Gem, BD Gem, EN Gem, NSV 3210, NSV 3346, LT Her, LV Her, V357 Her, V731 Her, V732 Her, V733 Her, V742 Her, V1088 Her, GSC 963-246, GSC 1518-913, GSC 1537-1557, GSC 1549-3991, GSC 2587-289, GSC 2587-4476, GSC 3097-1297, GSC 3101-547, GSC 3106-1368, GSC 3510-5, GSC 3532-553, BV Lyr, V400 Lyr, V574 Lyr, V579 Lyr, V580 Lyr, V582 Lyr, V591 Lyr, V592 Lyr, V596 Lyr, GSC 3108-57, GSC 3109-859, GSC 3526-1995, GSC 3526-2369, V2332 Oph, GSC 995-1646, NSV 8780, NSV 9637, GU Ori, GSC 107-596, GSC 702-1892, GSC 706-845, GSC 1283-53.

Dillon, M. et al. (10 authors) 2008, MNRAS 386, 1568. (1a, 5abcg) Time series photometry of 15 CVs from SDSS: 001856.93+345444.3, EN Cet (002728.01$-$010828.5), 015151.87+140047.2, 074813.54+290509.2, 082409.73+493124.4, 085414.02+390537.3, 090103.93+480911.1, 090452.09+440255.4, 091945.11+085710.0, 124426.26+613514.6, 125023.85+665525.5, 151413.72+454911.9, 171145.08+301320.0, 211605.43+113407.5, 215411.12$-$090121.6.

Farinelli, R. et al. (4 authors) 2008, ApJ 680, 602. (2dx) Applied new Comptonization model. V1341 Cyg (Cyg X-2), V818 Sco (Sco X-1), X Sgr X-1 (GX 3+1), NP Ser (GX 17+2), 4U 1642$-$45 (GX 340+0), 4U 1728$-$34 (GX 354-0).

Fridriksson, J.K. et al. (5 authors) 2008, ApJSS 177, 465. (1x) Variability in point-like sources indicate populations of XRB's in NGC 6946 and NGC 4485/4490.

Galache, J.L. et al. (8 authors) 2008, ApJSS 177, 189. (1o, 5b) SMC light curves producing 10 new and 10 updated ephemerides for Be/x-ray binaries.

Geißler, K., Chauvin, G., Sterzik, M. F. 2008, A&A 480, 193. (1ai) Mid-infrared imaging of brown dwarfs in binary systems. GJ 229 B, HD 130948 BC, HR 7329 B, HR 7672.

Godon, P. et al. (6 authors) 2008, ApJ 679, 1447. (2dou) Synthetic spectral analysis of exposed WD: SS Aur, EY Cyg, VW Hyi, RU Peg, EK TrA.

Griffin, R.F. 2008, Observatory 128, 95. (2a, 5d) SB2s: HD 105443, HD 108576, HD 112276, HD 112641, HR 4964 (partial orbit for long-P SB2).

Griffin, R.F. 2008, Observatory 128, 176. (2a, 5d) Bright binaries: 39 Cyg, $\beta$ LMi, $\kappa$ Per, 56 UMa, HR 4593.

Häussler, K., Berthold, T., Kroll, P. 2008, IBVS 5847. Elements for 8 EB: V415 Oph, V760 Oph, V947 Oph, V968 Oph, NSV 8869, NSV 8970, NSV 9740, NSV 9840.

Hübscher, J., Steinbach, H.-M., Walter, F. 2008, IBVS 5830. BAV observations of selected EB (BAV Mitteilungen No. 193): RT And, TW And, XZ And, AD And, AP And, BD And, BL And, CU And, EX And, GK And, GZ And, LO And, V404 And, V412 And, V425 And, CD Aqr, CX Aqr, FK Aql, QY Aql, V346 Aql, V416 Aql, V417 Aql, V609 Aql, V724 Aql, V761 Aql, V803 Aql, V8,04 Aql, V829 Aql, V970 Aql, V1045 Aql, V1075 Aql, V1096 Aql, V1097 Aql, V1243 Aql, V1299 Aql, V1430 Aql, V1538 Aql, V1542 Aql, SS Ari, BC Aur, FR Aur, V432 Aur, AC Boo, AM CMi, AX Cas, BN Cas, BS Cas, BU Cas, EN Cas, GU Cas, IR Cas, IT Cas, MV Cas, NN Cas, OR Cas, OX Cas, PV Cas, V336 Cas, V345 Cas, V360 Cas, V366 Cas, V374 Cas, V375 Cas, V381 Cas, V387 Cas, V396 Cas, V427 Cas, V459 Cas, V471 Cas, V523 Cas, V860 Cas, SU Cep, WY Cep, XX Cep, XY Cep, ZZ Cep, AI Cep, BE Cep, BU Cep, CW Cep, DW Cep, EF Cep, GS Cep, IM Cep, NW Cep, Y Cyg, SY Cyg, AE Cyg, BO Cyg, CG Cyg, DK Cyg, DO Cyg, EN Cyg, GG Cyg, GV Cyg, KR Cyg, KV Cyg, LO Cyg, MR Cyg, NU Cyg, V385 Cyg, V387 Cyg, V388 Cyg, V398 Cyg, V445 Cyg, V447 Cyg, V466 Cyg, V488 Cyg, V493 Cyg, V496 Cyg, V526 Cyg, V620 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V642 Cyg, V680 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V725 Cyg, V743 Cyg, V873 Cyg, V909 Cyg, V959 Cyg, V961 Cyg, V962 Cyg, V965 Cyg, V975 Cyg, V979 Cyg, V995 Cyg, V1004 Cyg, V1013 Cyg, V1018 Cyg, V1136 Cyg, V1147 Cyg, V1171 Cyg, V1411 Cyg, V1414 Cyg, V1508 Cyg, V1723 Cyg, V1815 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2181 Cyg, RR Del, TY Del, YY Del, AL Del, AV Del, BG Del, BH Del, BO Del, BS Del, BW Del, BY Del, CR Del, DM Del, TZ Dra, BE Dra, BF Dra, BO Gem, CW Gem, IM Gem, ES Her, LV Her, PW Her, V342 Her, V381 Her, V387 Her, V1052 Her, V1073 Her, AW Lac, CG Lac, CN Lac, CO Lac, CY Lac, EK Lac, EM Lac, EO Lac, EP Lac, ES Lac, EY Lac, FI Lac, FL Lac, GX Lac, IP Lac, KS Lac, MZ Lac, NW Lac, PP Lac, V339 Lac, V345 Lac, TT Lyr, UZ Lyr, BV Lyr, FT Ori, U Peg, ZZ Peg, AT Peg, BB Peg, BY Peg, CC Peg, CU Peg, DP Peg, GH Peg, RT Per, AG Per, IU Per, KN Per, LS Per, V366 Per, V449 Per, V Sge, SY Sge, UZ Sge, CK Sge, CW Sge, DK Sge, DL Sge, FL Sge, GN Sge, GO Sge, DK Sct, EY Sct, CD Tau, CF Tau, V Tri, RV Tri, RR Vul, AT Vul, AW Vul, AX Vul, AY Vul, BG Vul, BM Vul, BP Vul, BS Vul, BU Vul, CD Vul, EU Vul, FM Vul, FO Vul, FR Vul, GI Vul.

Karami, K., Mohebi, R. 2008, J. Ap. & Astron. 28, 217. (5e) Velocity-curve analysis by a nonlinear least-squares method: EE Cet, V921 Her, PV Pup, HD 141929.

Kato, T., Maehara, H., Monard, B. 2008, PASJ 60, L23. (1o, 5i) Late superhumps: V455 And, GW Lib, WG Sge.

Knigge, C. et al. (6 authors) 2008, ApJ 683, 1006. (1ui, 2ui, 6b) 48 blue objects in 47 Tuc observed, several binary stars and candidates discovered.

Kozhevnikova, A.V. et al. (4 authors) 2007, AZh 84, 1029. (1b, 5c) Long-term starspot activity of WY Cnc and BH Vir.

Littlefair, S.P. et al. (8 authors) 2008, MNRAS 388, 1582. (1ao, 5abcegij) Three-colour photometry and system parameters of seven short-period CVs: SDSS J090350.73+330036.1, SDSS J103533.03+055158.4, SDSS J122740.83+513925.0, SDSS J143317.78+101123.3, SDSS J150137.22+550123.3, SDSS J150240.98+333423.9 and SDSS J150722.30+523039.8.

Maciejewski, G., Georgiev, T., Niedzielski, A. 2008, Astron. Nachr. 329, 387. (1ao, 6b) Four EBs and one contact binary detected in young open cluster NGC 6939.

Maxted, P.F.L. et al. (5 authors) 2008, MNRAS 385, 2210. (2ao, 6b) 11 new low-mass binaries (6 SB2, 5 SB1) found in the young $\sigma$ and $\lambda$ Ori clusters.

Mermilliod, J.-C. et al. (5 authors) 2008, A&A 485, 95.(2ao) Membership, binarity, and rotation of F-G-K stars in the open cluster Blanco 1. (14 new SBs).

Mermilliod, J.-C., Queloz, D., Mayor, M. 2008, A&A 488, 409. Membership and binarity of solar-type dwarfs in the nearby open cluster Alpha Persei (Mel 20). (12 new SBs).

Messina, S. 2008, A&A 480, 495. Long-term magnetic activity in close binary systems. I. Patterns of color variations. Data for magnetically active CBs: UX Ari, VY Ari, RS CVn, BY Dra, EI Eri, V775 Her, AR Lac, DH Leo, V1149 Ori, II Peg, SZ Psc, AR Psc, V711 Tau, HU Vir.

Nelson, R.H. 2008, IBVS 5820. (5a) CCD minima for selected EB in 2007: WZ And, BL And, GI Aur, IZ Aur, MU Aur, V402 Aur, V404 Aur, V410 Aur, TY Boo, AC Boo, GQ Boo, AO Cam, DN Cam, MT Cam, V445 Cas, V471 Cas, V520 Cas, NW Cep, EH Cnc, FF Cnc, HN Cnc, RZ Com, LQ Com, RW CrB, BI CVn, BO CVn, DF CVn, DH CVn, G2533-1563 CVn, G2534-1121 CVn, G2537-0520 CVn, V680 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V841 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2282 Cyg, BV Dra, BW Dra, FU Dra, RW Gem, AC Gem, BD Gem, V345 Gem, V719 Her, V728 Her, V1055 Her, V1073 Her, G3092-1291 Her, V390 Hya, V0342 Lac, SW Lyn, DZ Lyn, AH Lyr, V0411 Lyr, V574 Lyr, V714 Mon, DM Peg, DK Per, IU Per, KR Per, KW Per, V432 Per, V579 Per, RV Psc, AU Ser, OU Ser, RZ Tau, SV Tau, AH Tau, AM Tau, CR Tau, CU Tau, EQ Tau, V781 Tau, UX UMa, XY UMa, ZZ UMa, AA UMa, BM UMa, HH UMa, GSC3449-0688 UMa, BG Vul, GI Vul.

Nespoli, E., Fabregat, J., Mennickent, R.E. 2008, A&A 486, 911. (2bi*, 6c) (6 HMXBs).

Ogloza, W. et al. (6 authors) 2008, IBVS 5843. (5a) Times of minima observed by "Pi of the sky": ST Aqr, SU Aqr, CW Aqr, CX Aqr, DD Aqr, DY Aqr, EE Aqr, EF Aqr, EK Aqr, EL Aqr, HV Aqr, KX Aqr, QR Ara, RX Ari, SS Ari, RS Col, eps CrA, RV Crv, SX Crv, TW Crt, W Crv, Y Crv, RW Dor, AV Dor, RU Eri, YY Eri, FG Hya, HU Hya, QY Hya, V340 Hya, V356 Hya, V358 Hya, UX Leo, UZ Leo, VZ Leo, XY Leo, XZ Leo, AM Leo, AP Leo, U Peg, TY Peg, AT Peg, BB Peg, BX Peg, DI Peg, DK Peg, OO Peg, V357 Peg, AE Phe, RW PsA, Y Psc, SZ Psc, UV Psc, VZ Psc, RW Tau, RZ Tau, AH Tau, CD Tau, GR Tau, HU Tau, V781 Tau, V1061 Tau, V1121 Tau, V1128 Tau, X Tri, UW Vir, VV Vir, AG Ari, AL Ari, TU CMa, VW CMa, CX CMa, FF CMa, FZ CMa, HY CMa, IQ CMa, IS CMa, KL CMa, LV CMa, YY CMi, BU CMi, RR Cen, V678 Cen, V700 Cen, V757 Cen, V839 Cen, TT Cet, TV Cet, TX Cet, WY Cet, XY Cet, YY Cet, AA Cet, DY Cet, TX Cnc, WY Cnc, XZ Cnc, FF Cnc, RS Col, YY Eri, AS Eri, BC Eri, BU Eri, BV Eri, BW Eri, BZ Eri, FO Eri, FX Eri, GH Eri, GK Eri, GW Eri, HN Eri, AE For, AL Gem, GW Gem, QT Gem, SX Hya, WY Hya, EZ Hya, FG Hya, AP Leo, DU Leo, V Lep, Z Lep, RR Lep, RS Lep, VZ Lib, ES Lib, IR Lib, SX Lup, FS Lup, FT Lup, TY Men, AN Men, Z Nor, NS Mon, IR Nor, V1010 Oph, V2394 Oph, ET Ori, FR Ori, V1388 Ori, U Peg, VZ Psc, AQ Psc, TY Pup, UZ Pup, EN Pup, MP Pup, UX Ret, V1055 Sco, V1084 Sco, U Sct, RS Ser, CQ Ser, Y Sex, VY Sex, YY Sgr, BN Sgr, DV Sgr, EG Sgr, V1647 Sgr, V4396 Sgr, VV Vir, AG Vir, BF Vir, BH Vir, CX Vir, DM Vir, GR Vir, HY Vir, IM Vir, LU Vir, MS Vir.

Pretorius, M.L., Knigge, C. 2008, MNRAS 385, 1471. (2co, 5b, 6b) H$\alpha$-based discovery of 14 new CVs.

Rau, A. et al. (8 authors) 2008, ApJ 682, 1205. (1o) Discovery of 5 new Fornax variables including 2 WUMa's in a survey of fast transients.

Reynolds, M.T. et al. (4 authors) 2008, MNRAS 387, 788. (1ao, 2bc, 5cdegi, 8b) Infrared contamination in the galactic x-ray novae: KV UMa (XTE J1118+480), V518 Per (GRO J0422+32), V616 Mon (A0620$-$00), QZ Vul (GS 2000+25), GU Mus (GS 1124$-$683), V822 Cen (Cen X-4), V404 Cyg (GS 2023+338).

Roberts, T.B., Levan, A.J., Goad, M.R. 2008, MNRAS 387, 73. (1aox, 5cg, 6c) HST imaging of 6 ultraluminous x-ray sources: IC 342 X$-$1, IC 342 X$-$2, NGC 2403 X$-$1, NGC 4485 X$-$1, NGC 4485 X$-$1, M83 IXO 82.

Rucinski, S.M. et al. (13 authors) 2008, AJ 136, 586. (2a, 5d) EG Cep, V1191 Cyg, V1003 Her, V357 Peg, V407 peg, V1123 tau, HH UMa, PY Vir, BD +7$^{\circ}$3142 (the last two are triple).

Russell, D.M., Fender, R.P. 2008, MNRAS 387, 713. (1aio, 3a, 5cgi) Polarized infrared emission from jets of eight x-ray binaries: V821 Ara (GX 339-4), V1033 Sco (GRO J1655$-$40), V518 Per (GRO J0422+32), V1055 Ori (4U 0614+09), KV UMa (XTE J1118+480), V818 Sco (Sco X-1), V1333 Aql (Aql X-1), V1343 Aql (SS 433).

Schnurr, O. et al. (5 authors) 2008, MNRAS 389, 806. (1ao*x*, 2abc, 5cdeg, 6b) A spectroscopic survey of 41 late-type WR stars in LMC.

Shimansky, V.V. et al. (7 authors) 2008, AZh 85, 810. (1a, 2d) Spectral types of four binaries based on photometric observations.

Sion, E.M. et al. (8 authors) 2008, ApJ 681, 543. (2u) Observations of dwarf novae in quiescence: SS Aur, V442 Cen, TT Crt, TU Men, BD Pav.

Soydugan, F. 2008, Astron. Nachr. 329, 587. (5b) O-C analysis of four Algol systems hints at possible third components of RY Aqr, SZ Her, RV Lyr, V913 Oph.

Thomas, N.L., Naylor, T., Norton, A.J. 2008, A&A 483, 547. (1bi*) The decline in irradiation from the WD in old novae: V1432 Aql, DD Cir, DN Gem, V Per, WY Sge, QU Vul.

Williams, B.F. et al. (10 authors) 2008, ApJ 680, 1120. (12x*, 6b) Search of CHANDRA data for transient x-ray sources in M33.

Wolf, M., Zejda, M., de Villiers, S.N. 2008, MNRAS 388, 1836. (1ao, 5abcefg) Apsidal motion in southern eccentric eclipsing binaries: GL Car, QX Car, NO Pup and V366 Pup .

Woodley, K.A. et al. (9 authors) 2008, ApJ 682, 199. (1xo) 353 x-ray point spurces identified in NGC 5128, most of which are LMXB's.

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