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Collections of data

Boyaian, T.S. et al. (9 authors) 2007, ApJ 664, 1121. (2a, 5bdj) Solutions for two massive binaries: HD 37366 and HD 54662.

Bozkurt, Z., Degirmenci, 'O. 2007, MNRAS 379, 370. (1bo, 5abcef, 8a) Study of apsidal motion and light time effect of six binary systems: AS Cam, TV Cet, V477 Cyg, HS Her, U Oph and DR Vul.

Brinkworth, C.S. et al. (9 authors) 2007, ApJ 659, 1541. (1io, 2dx) Possibility of dust in polars.

Bulut, I., Demircan, O. 2007, MNRAS 378, 179. (6a) A new catalogue of eclipsing binary stars with eccentric orbits.

Carmona, A., van den Ancker, M.E., Henning, T. 2007, A&A 464, 687. (2o) Optical spectroscopy of close companions to nearby Herbig Ae/Be and T Tauri stars: S CrA, KK Oph, HD 144432, HD 150193.

Carquillat, J.-M., Prieur, J.-L. 2007, Astron. Nachr. 328, 527 (2a) RVs of 8 SB1 systems: HD 34318-9, HD 47579-80, HD 70442-3, HD 74946-7, HD 102171-2, HD 120901-2, HD 168701-2, HD 174191-2.

Dall, T.H. et al. (24 authors) 2007, A&A 470, 1201. (7bcd) VSOP: the variable star one-shot project. I. Project presentation and first data release.

de Marchi, F. et al. (10 authors) 2007, A&A 471, 515. (6b) Variable stars in the open cluster NGC 6791 and its surrounding field (61 new EBs).

Diethelm, R. 2007, IBVS No. 5781. (5a) 166. List of timings of minima EBs by BBSAG observers between July 2006 and June 2007: DS And, KN And, GSC2808-139 And, V557 Aql, V737 Aql, V760 Aql, V770 Aql, V917 Aql, NSV12008 Aql, ZZ Aur, AP Aur, EM Aur, GX Aur, HP Aur, IZ Aur, V365 Aur, V523 Aur, GSC2393-680 Aur, GSC2903-237 Aur, GSC2915-212 Aur, GSC3751-178 Aur, GM Boo, GN Boo, GQ Boo GR Boo, GSC2013-288 Boo, AO Cam, CD Cam, HW Cam, MT Cam, GSC3715-1039 Cam, NSV3715 Cam, DF CVn, DH CVn, DQ CVn, DX CVn, DY CVn, EE CVn, EF CVn, EG CVn, EI CVn, GSC2534-1121 CVn, GSC2537-520 CVn, GSC2544-1007 CVn, GSC2544-1090 CVn, GSC2545-970 CVn, GSC3034-299 CVn, AX Cas, DP Cas, GH Cas, KT Cas, MS Cas, NU Cas, V374 Cas, V419 Cas, V423 Cas, V651 Cas, V775 Cas, NSV517 Cas, CO Cep, EO Cep, GG Cep, GW Cep, IW Cep, NSV43 Cep, VY Com, LL Com, LO Com, LP Com, MR Com, AR CrB, AS CrB, AV CrB, GG Cyg, PQ Cyg, V346 Cyg, V385 Cyg, V501 Cyg, V635 Cyg, V753 Cyg, V824 Cyg, V853 Cyg, V869 Cyg, V910 Cyg, V961 Cyg, V964 Cyg, V1066 Cyg, V1083 Cyg, V1411 Cyg, V2280 Cyg, V2282 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, V2294 Cyg, GSC3159-1247 Cyg, Z Dra, MU Dra, DW Dra, KP Dra, GSC3523-505 Dra, GSC3552-321 Dra, GSC3905-60 Dra, AV Gem, EG Gem, LO Gem, DI Her, V1033 Her, V1036 Her, V1038 Her, V1039 Her, V1044 Her, V1047 Her, V1053 Her, V1055 Her, V1062 Her, V1067 Her, V1073 Her, V1094 Her, V1095 Her, V1096 Her, V1097 Her, V1101 Her, V1102 Her, V1103 Her, V1104 Her, GSC963-246 Her, GSC1518-913 Her, GSC2587-289 Her, GSC2587-1888 Her, GSC2614-1369 Her, GSC2615-1821 Her, GSC2618-1385 Her, GSC3097-1297 Her, GSC3101-547 Her, GSC3106-1368 Her, GSC3510-5 Her, GSC3510-1283 Her, GSC3532-553 Her, NSV10870 Her, TZ Lac, CO Lac, MZ Lac, NW Lac, EW Lyr, V336 Lyr, V400 Lyr, V574 Lyr, V579 Lyr, V580 Lyr, V582 Lyr, V591 Lyr, V592 Lyr, V596 Lyr, GSC3108-57 Lyr, GSC3109-859 Lyr, GSC3526-1995 Lyr, GSC3526-2369 Lyr, AL Oph, FH Ori, FT Ori, V1202 Ori, GSC107-596 Ori, GSC702-1892 Ori, GSC706-845 Ori, GSC1283-53 Ori, FF Sge, FL Sge, GO Sge, V384 Ser, GSC1830-1432 Tau, GSC1848-1264 Tau, UX UMa, AA UMa, IW UMa.

Dogru, S.S., Dogru, D., Donmez, A. 2007, IBVS No. 5795. (5a) 37 minima times of 31 EBs: SX Aur, ZZ Aur, GX Aur, TU Boo, TZ Boo, VW Boo, BI CVn, XZ CMi, BS Cas, V366 Cas, V389 Cas, V523 Cas, VW Cep, WZ Cep, BE Cep, EG Cep, GI Cep, GW Cep, RW Com, RZ Com, CC Com, TW CrB, YY Eri, DF Hya, SW Lac, UZ Leo, AP Leo, FZ Ori, RZ Tau, EQ Tau, BM UMa.

Erdem, A. et al. (4 authors) 2007, Astron. Nachr. 328, 543 (5ab) Orbital period variations of 4 Algol-type EB systems: SW Cyg, UU Leo, XX Cep, BO Vul.

Gnedin, Yu.N., Silant'ev, N.A., Titarchuk, L.G. 2006, BSAO 59, 52. (8b) Determination of strength and structure of magnetic field in the nearest environment of accreting compact stars: V1357 Cyg (Cyg X-1), V818 Sco (Sco X-1).

Griffin, R.F. 2007, Observatory 127, 171. (2a, 5d) SB1s near NGP: HD 113997, HD 114931, HD 115588, HD 116880.

Gurol, B. et al. (13) 2007, IBVS No. 5791. (5a) Minima times of some EBs: LO And, 44 Boo, FG Hya, XX LMi, AU Ser, CU Sge, DI Peg, HD 65498, BD+42$^{\circ}$2782, GSC 1174-0344, GSC 2751-1007, GSC 2765-0348.

Hachisu, I., Kato, M. 2007, ApJ 662, 552. (1a*o*, 5e) WD masses from universal decline law.

Henry, G.W., Fekel, F.C., Henry, S.M. 2007, AJ 133, 1421. (1bo, 2ao, 5b) BV photometry and RV for binaries containing $\gamma$ Dor stars: HD 32348, HR 2150 (HD 41547), HD 86371, PR Peg (HD 211699).

Hübscher, J., Walter, F. 2007, IBVS 5761. (5a) RT And, AB And, AC And, AD And, AM And, AP And, BD And, CO And, DK And, DS And, EX And, LM And, LO And, QX And, V404 And, V412 And, AF Aps, GK Aps, HO Aps, ST Aqr, GV Aqr, OO Aql, QY Aql, V417 Aql, V609 Aql, V997 Aql, V1096 Aql, V1097 Aql, V1542 Aql, V628 Ara, SS Ari, CL Aur, DO Aur, EM Aur, FN Aur, FO Aur, FP Aur, FR Aur, HP Aur, IY Aur, KU Aur, NN Aur, TY Boo, AC Boo, GN Boo, GQ Boo, AW Cam, CD Cam, XZ Cnc, AC Cnc, XX Cas, ZZ Cas, AB Cas, AE Cas, AX Cas, AX Cas, BH Cas, BS Cas, BU Cas, DN Cas, DO Cas, DZ Cas, EG Cas, EL Cas, EY Cas, GH Cas, GK Cas, GT Cas, IL Cas, IT Cas, IV Cas, KL Cas, MM Cas, MN Cas, MR Cas, MS Cas, MU Cas, MV Cas, NN Cas, NU Cas, OR Cas, OX Cas, PV Cas, V336 Cas, V337 Cas, V345 Cas, V357 Cas, V359 Cas, V360 Cas, V361 Cas, V374 Cas, V381 Cas, V411 Cas, V449 Cas, V459 Cas, V473 Cas, V520 Cas, V541 Cas, V608 Cas, V651 Cas, V654 Cas, TV Cep, VW Cep, CW Cep, DK Cep, DN Cep, EY Cep, GW Cep, IW Cep, KP Cep, NU Cep, V358 Cep, Y Cyg, DL Cyg, GV Cyg, KR Cyg, V345 Cyg, V401 Cyg, V463 Cyg, V466 Cyg, V488 Cyg, V508 Cyg, V548 Cyg, V616 Cyg, V635 Cyg, V680 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V725 Cyg, V729 Cyg, V753 Cyg, V796 Cyg, V836 Cyg, V841 Cyg, V853 Cyg, V856 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V865 Cyg, V866 Cyg, V871 Cyg, V873 Cyg, V874 Cyg, V877 Cyg, V884 Cyg, V885 Cyg, V889 Cyg, V891 Cyg, V902 Cyg, V907 Cyg, V909 Cyg, V910 Cyg, V931 Cyg, V934 Cyg, V941 Cyg, V947 Cyg, V957 Cyg, V963 Cyg, V965 Cyg, V979 Cyg, V995 Cyg, V1018 Cyg, V1019 Cyg, V1023 Cyg, V1034 Cyg, V1142 Cyg, V1256 Cyg, V1256 Cyg, V1321 Cyg, V1356 Cyg, V1411 Cyg, V1417 Cyg, V1580 Cyg, V1815 Cyg, V2181 Cyg, V2280 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, V2290 Cyg, V2294 Cyg, G3576.0170 Cyg, YY Del, AL Del, BH Del, BN Del, BY Del, FK Del, UZ Dra, GQ Dra, WX Eri, TZ Gem, BT Gem, CK Gem, CP Gem, CW Gem, CX Gem, EF Gem, FQ Gem, FT Gem, KQ Gem, KV Gem, LO Gem, MU Gem, HS Her, PW Her, V501 Her, V502 Her, V878 Her, AG Lac, AW Lac, CN Lac, CO Lac, EK Lac, EM Lac, EP Lac, ES Lac, FL Lac, IL Lac, IM Lac, IP Lac, IU Lac, MW Lac, NW Lac, OS Lac, V339 Lac, V441 Lac, AH Lyr, AK Lyr, PV Lyr, PY Lyr, V411 Lyr, EF Ori, ET Ori, GG Ori, GU Ori, QV Ori, V343 Ori, V392 Ori, U Peg, UX Peg, BK Peg, BN Peg, BX Peg, BZ Peg, CE Peg, DI Peg, DM Peg, GP Peg, KW Peg, V357 Peg, V375 Peg, V396 Peg, RT Per, RV Per, ST Per, AB Per, AG Per, DM Per, IM Per, KL Per, KN Per, KW Per, NP Per, V462 Per, V482 Per, Y Psc, SU Psc, UW Psc, VZ Psc, TU Sge, CP Sge, DK Sge, FF Sge, FP Sge, GN Sge, RW Tau, WY Tau, BN Tau, BV Tau, CF Tau, EQ Tau, GR Tau, V781 Tau, V1123 Tau, V1128 Tau, V Tri, X Tri, AB Vul, BK Vul, FM Vul, FQ Vul, FR Vul, HI Vul, HS Vul, NO Vul, GSC2140.1485 Vul, GSC2161.0917 Vul.

in't Zand, J.J.M., Jonker, P.G., Markwardt, C.B. 2007, A&A 465, 953. (2dx) Six new candidate ultracompact XBs: SAX J1712.6$-$3739, 4U 1722$-$30, 1RXS J172525.2$-$325717, SLX 1735$-$269, SLX 1737$-$282, SLX 1744$-$299.

Ishioka, R., Sekiguchi, K., Maehara, H. 2007, PASJ, 59, 929. (2id) Spectral fitting and distance estimation: V503 Cyg, IX Dra, V1108 Her, ASAS 002511+1217.2, SDSS J13701.06$-$091234.9.

Karami, K., Mohebi, R. 2007, ChJAA 7, 558. (5d, 7d) RV curve analysis by a new method: GM Dra, V502 Oph, AI Phe, HD 93917.

Karoff, C. et al. (10 authors) 2007, AJ 134, 766. (1a, 6b) New variables in COROT's main field include many EBs.

Kruspe, R., Schuh, S., Traulsen, I. 2007, IBVS No. 5796 (5a) New CCD minima of the EBs: PX And, EX Dra, AI Tri, HS 0705+6700.

Kundu, A., Maccarone, T.J., Zepf, S.E. 2007, ApJ 662, 525. (1ao, 2dx) Probing LMXB formation in globular clusters.

Lacy, C.H.S. 2007, IBVS No. 5764. (5a) New times of minima of some EBs: AP And, CO And, CG Aur, HP Aur, V456 Cyg, V974 Cyg, V1136 Cyg, BF Dra, GX Gem, LV Her, RW Lac, V506 Oph, V530 Ori, IM Per, IM Per, NP Per, V482 Per, V514 Per, AQ Ser, CF Tau, BP Vul, BT Vul, EQ Vul.

Lewandowski, M., Niedzielski, A., Maciejewski, G. 2007, IBVS No. 5784. (5a) CCD times of minima of some EBs from SAVS Sky Survey: V444 And, V344 Cas, WX Cnc, WY Cnc, LL Com, LT Com, MM Com, AU Dra, RZ Dra, VY Lac, UV Lyn, V563 Lyr, V576 Lyr, XY UMa, GSC 3109-0859, GSC 4428-1574, ROTSE1 J131228.30+251426.1, ROTSE1 J183824.48+423643.1.

Liu, Q.Z., van Paradijs, J., van den Heuvel, E.P.J. 2007, A&A 469, 807. (6a) A catalogue of LMXBs in the Galaxy, LMC, and SMC (Fourth edition).

Lockwood, G.W., Skiff, B.A. 2007, ApJSS 171, 260. (1b) 13-20 years of observations of 32 solar type stars. The Sun still has unusually low variability.

Michalska, G. 2007, IBVS No. 5759. (5bf, 6b) 11 EB with apsidal motion in LMC.

Nelson, R.H. 2007, IBVS No. 5760. (5a) CCD minima for selected EB in 2007: EP And, HS And, V376 And, SS Ari, AH Aur, HL Aur, V404 Aur, V404 Aur, V410 Aur, SU Boo, TZ Boo, XY Boo, AQ Boo, AR Boo, AY Cam, LR Cam, AE Cas, DN Cas, MT Cas, V364 Cas, V374 Cas, V385 Cas, V776 Cas, VZ Cep, AV CMi, WX Cnc, YY Cnc, AH Cnc, HN Cnc, RW Com, RZ Com, SS Com, LO Com, DI CVn, V488 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V1187 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1305 Cyg, V1417 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2240 Cyg, AR Dra, AX Dra, BX Dra, FU Dra, AI Gem, V345 Gem, V502 Her, V719 Her, V728 Her, V732 Her, V842 Her, V857 Her, V921 Her, V1069 Her, V339 Lac, XX Leo, AL Leo, VW LMi, SW Lyn, UV Lyn, V404 Lyr, V582 Lyr, V496 Mon, ER Ori, V343 Ori, V392 Ori, V1363 Ori, BP Per, II Per, IK Per, V432 Per, CU Sge, CU Sge, AQ Tau, CT Tau, CU Tau, GQ Tau, GW Tau, TY UMa, UY UMa, XZ UMa, BG UMa, BS UMa, HH UMa, HN UMa, AX Vir, CG Vir, BK Vul, GSC 2532-0514.

Ness, J.-U., et al. (8 authors) 2007, ApJ 663, 505. (1x, 2x) Swift observations of classsical novae: V1494 Aql, V1663 Aql, V723 Cas, V1047 Cen, V382 Nor, V574 Pup, V4743 Sgr, V5116 Sgr, V1188 Sco, V476 Sct, V477 Sct, Nova LMC 2005.

Parimucha, S. et al. (9 authors) 2007, IBVS No. 5777. (5a) 169 CCD and photoelectric times of minima of selected EBs: AB And, EP And, GZ And, LO And, QR And, AH Aur, TY Boo, TZ Boo, AO Cam, BS Cas, CW Cas, V523 Cas, V776 Cas, EG Cep, GW Cep, WZ Cep, CC Com, RZ Com, RW Com, GO Cyg, V401 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, BE Dra, EF Dra, FU Dra, AK Her, V829 Her, V857 Her, PP Lac, V344 Lac, CE Leo, XY Leo, UV Lyn, V361 Lyr, BB Peg, DI Peg, V351 Peg, V357 Peg, V432 Per, DV Psc, CW Sge, V Sge, EQ Tau, V781 Tau, XY UMa, TV UMi, AG Vir, PY Vir, ER Vul, BD+7$^{\circ}$3142.

Patel, S.G. et al. (7 authors) 2007, ApJ 665, 744. (2a, 5e) Five brown dwarf candidates found in the brown dwarf desert (>3 AU from primary): HD 8765, HD 72780, HD 74014, HD 150554, HD167665.

Phillips, J.P. 2007, MNRAS 376, 1120. (1ai) 2MASS JHK photometry of 216 symbiotic and suspected symbiotic binaries.

Pigulski, A., Michalska, G. 2007, Acta Astronomica 57, 61. (5g) Pulsating components of EB in ASAS-3 catalogue: Y Cir, VY Mic, MX Pav, IZ Tel, HD 62571, HD 99612, HD 220687, CPD$-$31$^{\circ}$6830, CPD$-$41$^{\circ}$5106, CPD$-$60$^{\circ}$871, ASAS J084350$-$4607.2.

Pilecki, B., Fabrycky, D., Poleski, R. 2007, MNRAS 378, 757. (1a*o, 5abcj) All-sky automated survey of 31 EBs with observed high period-change rates.

Pilecki, B., Szczygiel, D.M. 2007, IBVS No. 5768. (1a, 5b, 6b) 13 new EBs with additional variability in the ASAS catalogue: IV Lib, V395 Sgr, V393 Sco, HD 302992, BD$-$19$^{\circ}$3931, CD$-$53$^{\circ}$646, ASAS J103308$-$7133.8, ASAS J103513$-$1206.5, ASAS J115143$-$6253.2, ASAS J125523$-$7322.2, ASAS J131055$-$4844.0, ASAS J164802$-$6715.2, ASAS J172738$-$3808.6.

Pribulla, T. et al. (7 authors) 2007, AJ 133, 1977. (2ao, 5d) Radial velocities and orbital elements for CBs: OO Aql, CC Com, V345 Gem, XY Leo, AM Leo, V1010 Oph, V2612 Oph, XX Sex, W UMa, XY UMa.

Rau, A. et al. (9 authors) 2007, ApJ 664, 474. (1ao, 2oci) Observations and classification of 4 unidentified transients which include 3 CVs: WFI J161953.3+031909, ROTSE3J160213.1 (SU UMa-type) and SDSS-SN 15207 (SU UMa-type).

Rodríguez-Gill, P. et al. (18 authors) 2007, MNRAS 377, 1747. (1ao, 2acou, 5abcdeghi) Photometric and spectroscopic study of five SW Sextantis stars (CVs): HS 0129+2933, HS 0220+0603, HS 0455+8315, HS 0805+3822, HS 1813+6122.

Roelofs, G.H.A. et al. (8 authors) 2007, ApJ 666, 1174. (4a,5ei) Parallaxes of AM CVn stars show space density is lower: Individual results for AM CVn, HP Lib, CR Boo, V803 Cen, GP Com.

Rucinski, S. et al. (9 authors) 2007, AJ 134, 445. (10b) Errata in 2005 paper.

Russell, D.M., Fender, R.P., Jonker, P.G. 2007, MNRAS 379, 1108. (1iox, 5cgij, 8b) Evidence for a jet contribution to the optical/infrared light of 19 NS binaries: LZ Aqr, V1333 Aql, V822 Cen, BR Cir, V1341 Cyg, QX Nor, V1057 Ori, V4580 Sgr, V5511 Sgr, V5512 Sgr, NP Ser, V818 Sco, V1101 Sco, IGR J00291+5934, 4U 0520$-$72 (LMC X-2), XTE J0929$-$314, CXOU 132619.7$-$472910.8, XTE J1701$-$462, HETE J1900.1$-$2455.

Russell, D.M. et al. (4 authors) 2007, MNRAS 379, 1401. (1irx, 5cgij, 8b) Discovery of a new hysteresis effect in BHXBs: IL Lup, V381 Nor, V821 Ara.

Sheets, H.A. et al. (5 authors) 2007, PASP 119, 494. (2ac, 5bd) Nine CVs: LX And, CZ Aql, LU Cam, GZ Cnc, V632 Cyg, V1006 Cyg, BF Eri, BI Ori, FO Per.

Solima, A. et al. (5 authors) 2007, MNRAS 380, 781. (1ao, 5cg, 6ab) Discovery of binary systems in a sample of 13 low-density Galactic globular clusters.

Szalai, T. et al. (5 authors) 2007, A&A 465, 943. (1ao, 2ao, 5ace) Physical parameters and multiplicity of five southern close EBs: V870 Ara, QY Hya, VZ Lib, XY Leo, DX Tuc.

Szkody, P. et al. (16 authors) 2007, AJ 134, 185. (2ad, 4a, 5d, 6b) New CVs from SDSS.

Szkody, P. et al. (11 authors) 2007, ApJ 658, 1188. (1uo) Study of 3 CV's, showing complex instability strip.

Testa, P. et al. (4 authors) 2007, ApJ 665, 1349. (2x): X-ray optical depth of corona in RS CVn binaries II Peg, IM Peg and other active binaries and single stars.

Tokovinin, A.A., Gorynya, N.A. 2007, A&A 465, 257. (2ao, 5d) New spectroscopic components in multiple systems V. New spectroscopic orbits of close sub-systems: HD 52452B, HD 157358Aab, HD 219877B; improved orbit for HD 139461.

van Genderen, A.M., Sterken, C. 2007, IBVS No. 5782. (1a) Orbital effect on the light curves of eccentric EBs: $\eta$ Car, BP Cru, $\sigma$ Sco, $\alpha$ Vir, GP Vel, HD 109164.

Voichanskaya N.F. 2006, BSAO 59, 34. (5ce) Precataclysmic binary systems.

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