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Collections of data

Adelman, S.J., Harrell, W.L. 2006, Baltic Astronomy 15, 363. (1bo) BVRI Photometry: NZ Gem, HD 73017, HD 77247, RT Vir, 104 Her.

Barret, D., Olive, J.-F., Miller, M.C. 2006, MNRAS 370, 1140. (1x*, 5bceg) A study of kHz QPOs in the neutron star x-ray binaries: 4U 1636$-$536, 4U 1608$-$522, 4U 1735$-$44, 4U 1728$-$34, 4U 1820$-$303, 4U 0614+09.

Bogdanov, S.B. et al. (6 authors) 2006, ApJ 646, 1104. (2x) Observations of 27 millisecond pulsars in 47 Tuc.

Cakirli, O. et al. (4 authors) 2006, IBVS 5729. (5a) New times of minima of EB: TT Cet, MX Del, MZ Del, CP Psc.

Darnley, M.J. et al. (20 authors) 2006, MNRAS 369, 257. (1aio, 5c, 6b) Discovery of 20 classical novae from the POINT-AGAPE microlensing survey of M31.

Diethelm, R. 2006, IBVS 5713. (5a) 165. list of timings of minima of EBs by BBSAG observers.

Dogru, S.S. et al. (5 authors) 2006, IBVS 5707. (5a) 23 minima of 18 EB: HL Aur, TU Boo, TY Boo, TZ Boo, AC Boo, CV Boo, EF Boo, RW Com, RZ Com, CC Com, RZ Dra, AX Dra, BW Dra, EM Lac, V502 Oph, FZ Ori, XZ UMa, AW Vir.

Frasca, A. et al. (6 authors) 2006, A&A 454, 301. (1ao, 2abo, 5d) Newly discovered active binaries: HDE 237215, HD 57267, BD+38$^{\circ}$2140, HD 183957, BD+15$^{\circ}$4538, BD+33$^{\circ}$4462 (see also General).

Gazeas, K. et al. (5 authors) 2006, Acta Astronomica 56, 127. (5bc) Physical parameters of components in CB systems: VI, New CCD LC for W UMa-type systems V410 Aur, CK Boo, FP Boo, V921 Her, ET Leo, XZ Leo, V839 Oph, V2357 Oph, AQ Psc and VY Sex.

Gierlinski, M., Newton, J. 2006, MNRAS 370, 837. (1x*, 5cg) X-ray spectral transitions of the black hole transients: XTE J1550$-$564, XTE J1859+226, XTE J1650$-$500, XTE J2012+381, GRS 1739$-$278, H1743$-$322, 4U 1543$-$47, GX 339$-$4.

Griffin, R.F. 2006, Observatory 126, 186. (2a, 5d) SB with periods near 1, 2 or 3 years: 66 Ori, HD 14544, HD 216218, HDE 237201.

Gromadzki, W. et al. (6 authors) 2006, Acta Astronomica 56, 97. (5c) Searching for flickering variability in symbiotic stars and related objects: BX Mon, V471 Per, RS Oph, V627 Cas, CI Cam, V886 Her, Z And, T CrB, MWC 560, V407 Cyg.

Howell, S.B. et al. (11 authors) 2006, ApJ 646, L65. (1i, 2i) First Spitzer observations of magnetic CV's: evidence of excess emission at 3-8 $\mu$m: EF Eri, GG Leo, V347 Pav, RX J0154.0$-$5947.

Iliev, I.Kh. et al. (5 authors) 2006, MNRAS 370, 819. (2abco, 5deghk) Abundance analysis of the Am binaries: HD 861, HD 18778, HD 20320, HD 29479, HD 96528, HD 108651.

Kim, Chun-Hwey et al. (7 authors) 2006, IBVS 5694. (5a) 208 CCD timings for 103 EB: AA And, BD And, BL And, BX And, CO And, CP And, EP And, GZ And, OO Aql, RX Ari, AH Aur, V534 Aur, HL Aur, HP Aur, IM Aur, SX Aur, AC Boo, TZ Boo, XY Boo, CV Boo, SV Cam, UU Cam, WW Cam, AL Cam, AV Cam, AW Cam, AZ Cam, TX Cnc, WX Cnc, TW Cas, TX Cas, ZZ Cas, AB Cas, AL Cas, BS Cas, BU Cas, CW Cas, DN Cas, DO Cas, V380 Cas, V445 Cas, V523 Cas, V541 Cas, V651 Cas, VW Cep, VZ Cep, WY Cep, DV Cep, EG Cep, GK Cep, GW Cep, NN Cep, SU Cep, CC Com, EK Com, TW CrB, BR Cyg, Z Dra, RZ Dra, TZ Dra, AR Dra, AX Dra, BE Dra, BS Dra, BW Dra, BV Dra, SX Gem, SZ Her, AK Her, V359 Her, XZ Leo, CE Leo, SX Lyn, UV Lyn, TZ Lyr, FL Lyr, FZ Ori, RT Per, DK Per, DM Per, IQ Per, KW Per, LS Per, V432 Per, DV Psc, CU Sge, RZ Tau, AH Tau, CT Tau, GR Tau, V781 Tau, RV Tri, W UMa, XY UMa, ZZ UMa, AA UMa, W UMi, RU UMi, DL Vir, AW Vul, GP Vul.

Law, N.M., Hodgkin, S.T., Mackay, C.D. 2006, MNRAS 368, 1917. (1aioc, 5ce, 6b) Discovery of five very low mass close binaries: LSPM J1235+1318, LSPM J1314+1320, LSPM J1423+1318, LSPM J1735+2634, LSPM J1809+2128.

Liu, Q.Z., van Paradijs, J., van den Heuvel, E.P.J. 2006, A&A 455, 1165. (6a) Catalogue of HMXBs in the Galaxy (4th edition).

Masetti, N. et al. (12 authors) 2006, A&A 449, 1139. (1ao, 2do, 6bc) Optical identification of IGR J112154$-$5952, IGR J11305$-$6256 and IGR J16207$-$5129 as possible galactic HMXB's.

Muno, M.P. et al. (4 authors) 2006, ApJSS 165, 173. (1x, 2x) Chandra catalogue of x-ray sources in the central 150 pc of galaxy.

Nelemans, G., Jonker, P.G., Steeghs, D. 2006, MNRAS 370, 255. (1x, 2bco, 5cgh, 8a) Optical spectroscopy of (candidate) ultracompact x-ray binaries: constraints on the composition of the donor stars: J0929$-$314, 4U 0614+09, 4U 1626$-$67, XB 1916$-$05, 4U 1556$-$60, XB 1905+00, 4U 1822$-$00.

Paczynski, B. et al. (4 authors) 2006, MNRAS 368, 1311. (1ao, 5c, 6b, 8c) Preliminary analysis of EBs in the All Sky Automated Survey catalogue.

Panagia, N. et al. (6 authors) 2006, ApJ 646, 369. (2r) No radio emissions from 27 Type 1a SN.

Peters, C.S., Thorstensen, J.R. 2006, PASP 118, 687. (2a, 5b) Old novae: CP Lac, DN Gem, Q Cyg, V603 Aql, V841 Oph.

Polsgrove, D.E. et al. (4 authors) 2006, IBVS 5710. (1a, 5ab) CCD photometry and timings: DF Lyr, BY Peg, CW Peg, RW Tri.

Pretorius, M.L., Warner, B., Woudt, P.A. 2006, MNRAS 368, 361. (1ao) Dwarf nova oscillations and QPOs in 13 systems observed: WW Cet, BP CrA, AG Hya, WX Hyi, X Leo, BR Lup, HP Nor, V426 Oph, V1159 Ori, V1193 Ori, RU Peg, HX Peg, V893 Sco.

Pribulla, T., Rucinski, S.M. 2006, AJ 131, 2986. (6a) Catalogue of contact binaries with distant companions (see also General).

Pribulla, T. et al. (11 authors) 2006, AJ 132, 769. (2a, 5c) DU Boo, ET Boo, TX Cnc, V1073 Cyg, HL Dra, AK Her, VW LMi, V566 Oph, TV UMi, AG Vir; ET Boo, VW LMi, TV UMi are quadruple; AG Vir is triple.

Prieur, J.-L., Carquillat, J.-M., Griffin, R.F. 2006, Astron. Nachr. 327, 686. (2a, 5d) CORAVEL spectrophotometric measurements of three red gialnt SB1 systems: HR 1304, HR 1908, HD 126947.

Rana, V.R. et al. (4 authors) 2006, ApJ 642, 1042. (2cdx) Non-magnetic CVs observed at Fe K$\alpha$. V603 Aql, WX Hyi, V426 Oph, SU UMa observed in quiescence only, SS Cyg, U Gem obseved in both quiescence and outburst.

Rucinski, S.M. 2006, MNRAS 368, 1319. (1ao, 5ce, 6b) Luminosity function of contact binaries based on the All Sky Automated Survey.

Samus', N.N. et al. (8 authors) 2006, LeAZh 32, 295. (6a) Electronic version of the third volume of GCVS with Improved Coordinates.

Schmidtke, P.C., Cowley, A.P. 2006, AJ 132, 919. (1o*) Photometric variability of pulsar binaries in SMC: XMMU J005152.3$-$731033, RX J0051.8$-$7231, RX J0052.1$-$7319, CXOU J005323.8$-$722715, XMMU J005605.2$-$722200, XMMU J005920.8$-$722316, CXOU J010102.7$-$720658, SAX J0103.2$-$7209, RX J0103.6$-$7201, RX J0105.1$-$7211.

Schmidtke, P.C., Cowley, A.P., Udalski, A. 2006, AJ 132, 971. (1ox, 5b, 6c) Be x-ray pulsars in SMC: RX J0052.9$-$7158, 2E 0053.7$-$722, SMC X-2, RX J0057.8$-$7202, CXOU J005750.3$-$720756, RX J0059.2$-$7138, XTE J0111.2$-$7317, RX J0117.6$-$7330.

Sguera, V. et al. (12 authors) 2006, ApJ 646, 452. (1g, 6b) Supergiant HMXB candidates unveiled.

Soydugan, E. et al. (4 authors) 2006, MNRAS 370, 2013. (6a) A catalogue of close binaries located in the $\delta$ Scuti region of the Cepheid instability strip.

Tomsick, J.A. et al. (6 authors) 2006, ApJ 647, 1309. (1oix, 2x) X-ray identifications of four IGR sources: IGR J16195$-$4945, IGR J16207$-$5129 probably HMXBs, IGR J16167$-$4957, IGR J17195$-$4100 probably not.

Trudolyubov, S., Priedhorsky, W., Cordova, F. 2006, ApJ 645, 277. (1x, 2x) Bright x-ray transients detected in M31.

van den Berg, M. et al. (12 authors) 2006, ApJ 647, L135. (1aio, 2x, 6b) Discovery of candidate symbiotic binaries in Baade's and Stanek's windows.

Vierdayanti, K. et al. (4 authors) 2006, PASJ 58, 915. (2x, 5i) Existence of intermediate-mass black holes in the ultraluminous x-ray sources: NGC 5204 X-1, NGC 4559 X-7, NGC 4559 X-10, NGC 1313 X-2.

Williams, B.F. et al. (4 authors) 2006, ApJ 643, 356. (2dx, 6ab) Catalog of 45 new transient x-ray sources in M31.

Witham, A.R. et al. (12 authors) 2006, MNRAS 369, 581. (1ao, 5bceg) Properties of 71 CVs in photometric H$\alpha$ surveys.

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