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Collections of data

Abe, F. et al. (19 authors) 2005, MNRAS 364, 325. (1ao, 5abce) Search for 12 planetary transit candidates.

Abt, H.A., Willmarth, D. 2006, ApJS 162, 207. (2ao, 5bd) RV and orbits for 39 SB1s and 12 SB2s F7-G8 IV-V stars within 25 pc, many previously known.

Anderson, S.F. et al. (26 authors) 2005, AJ 130, 2230. (1a, 2b, 6b) Discovery of four new AM CVn candidates by SDSS spectroscopy and follow-up photometry: SDSS J0926+3624, SDSS J1411+4812, SDSS J1552+3201, SDSS J0129+3842. See also Individual Stars (SDSS J0926+3624).

Aungwerojwit, A. et al. (12 authors) 2005, A&A 443, 995. (1ao, 2o, 5c) New long-period CVs: HS 0139+0559, HS 0229+8016, HS 0506+7725, HS 0642+5049.

Bakis, V., et al. (7 authors) 2005, IBVS 5662. (5a) 51 new minima times of 34 EBs: XZ Aql, OO Aql, TT Aur, UW Boo, AC Boo, AR Boo, SV Cam, AB Cas, IR Cas, TV Cas, VW Cep, XX Cep, EG Cep, EM Cep, GSC 4288 0186, ZZ Cyg, DK Cyg, UW Cyg, V388 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V1061 Cyg, Z Dra, TZ Dra, TW Dra, V1034 Her, SW Lac, EM Lac, EW Lyr, V502 Oph, V839 Oph, AT Peg, BG Peg, DI Peg, AU Ser.

Bartkevicius, A., Sperauskas, J. 2005, Baltic Astron. 14, 511. (2a) RVs of population II binaries - 91 Hipparcos stars yield 8 new RV variables: HD 29696, HD 117466 AB, BD +28$^{\circ}$4035 AB, BD +30$^{\circ}$2129 A, BD +39$^{\circ}$1828 AB, BD +69$^{\circ}$230 A, BD +82$^{\circ}$565 A, TYC 2267-1300-1, and 2 suspected variables: HD 27961 AB, HD 75632 AB.

Benaglia, P., Koribalski, B., Colombo, J.F.A. 2006, Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia 23, 50. (2r) Radio detection of colliding-wind binaries: CD$-$47$^{\circ}$4551, HD 93129A, HD 124314, HD 150136.

Biazzo, K. et al. (4 authors) 2006, A&A 446, 1129. (2d) H$\alpha$ spectrophotometry: VY Ari, HK Lac, IM Peg (see also General).

Bíro, I.B. et al. (12 authors) 2006, IBVS 5684. (5a) New times of minima of EBs: RT And, EP And, OO Aql, IM Aur, IU Aur, SV Cam, AS Cam, RZ Cas, OX Cas, PV Cas, VW Cep, EK Cep, AH Cnc, ES Cnc, AQ Com, LS Del, U Gem, HS Her, V994 Her, AU Lac, Y Leo, UZ Leo, V404 Lyr, BX Peg, AG Per, $\beta$ Per, WZ Sge, DW UMa, LP UMa, TV UMi.

Borkovits, T. et al. (7 authors) 2005, A&A 441, 1087. (5ab) Period variations as possible indirect evidence for magnetic cycles in W UMa systems: AB And, OO Aql, DK Cyg, V566 Oph, U Peg.

Bouy, H. et al. (8 authors) 2006, ApJ 637, 1056. (1o) No new brown dwarf binaries discovered in the Pleiades.

Corbel, S., Tomsick, J.A., Kaaret, P. 2006, ApJ 636, 971. (1x) XTE J1550$-$564 and H1743$-$322 x-ray emission in quiescence.

Diethelm, R. 2005, IBVS 5653. (5a) 217 timings of minima of EBs secured by BBSAG observers between July 2004 and June 2005: AS And, BL And, FK And, WZ Ant, AF Aps, BH Aps, BV Aps, RY Aur, ZZ Aur, CG Aur, DO Aur, EI Aur, EP Aur, GX Aur, HL Aur, HP Aur, IZ Aur, KU Aur, V364 Aur, V404 Aur, V410 Aur, TU Boo, TZ Boo, UW Boo, VW Boo, XY Boo, AC Boo, AD Boo, AQ Boo, AR Boo, GM Boo, GN Boo, GQ Boo, GR Boo, AS Cam, CD Cam, DF CVn, DH CVn, RS CMi, TY CMi, AP CMi, BB CMi, BH Cas, CV Cas, CW Cas, EI Cas, EP Cas, GR Cas, GU Cas, KL Cas, MT Cas, NU Cas, OR Cas, PV Cas, V350 Cas, V359 Cas, V537 Cas, WW Cep, GG Cep, GI Cep, LP Cep, OT Cep, BN Cir, LO Com, LP Com, V635 Cyg, V1066 Cyg, V2280 Cyg, V2282 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, V2294 Cyg, BE Dra, KK Dra, RZ Equ, AA Eri, U Gem, AF Gem, AI Gem, AV Gem, BS Gem, EY Gem, GP Gem, HR Gem, KQ Gem, V412 Her, V490 Her, V842 Her, V1033 Her, V1036 Her, V1038 Her, V1039 Her, AG Lac, EK Lac, EL Lac, HX Lac, IM Lac, PP Lac, V344 Lac, AL Leo, LZ Lyr, V512 Lyr, V496 Oph, V511 Oph, V1016 Oph, V641 Ori, V645 Ori, ZZ Peg, BO Peg, BX Peg, BY Peg, CE Peg, DZ Per, EQ Per, II Per, PS Per, QT Per, V450 Per, Y Psc, CX Ser, WY Tau, CR Tau, ES Tau, IV Tau, V781 Tau, V1112 Tau, HW Vir, CS Vul, GSC 181 2426, GSC 995 1646, GSC 1537 1557, GSC 1549 121, GSC 1996 437, GSC 2004 784, GSC 2035 175, GSC 2040 1361, GSC 2579 1125, GSC 2580 2086, GSC 2533 1519, GSC 2534 216, GSC 2536 122, GSC 2537 520, GSC 2544 1007, GSC 2548 936, GSC 2632 319, GSC 2915 2, GSC 3022 996, GSC 3026 1046, GSC 3097 1297, GSC 3101 547, GSC 3104 1384, GSC 3106 1368, GSC 3510 5, GSC 3540 85, GSC 3549 929, GSC 3888 464, NSV 223.

Dvorak, S.W. 2006, IBVS 5676. (5a) Times of minima for neglected EBs in 2005: CN And, GZ And, V1355 Aql, CR Aqr, HV Aqr, HW Aur, V402 Aur, AC Boo, EF Boo, XY Boo, BS Cas, V384 Cas, BE Cep, DY Cet, YY Cet, TY CMi, WY Cnc, YY CrB, DF CVn, V753 Cyg, V1787 Cyg, V1918 Cyg, V2150 Cyg, BZ Eri, VV Eri, AV Gem, GW Gem, KV Gem, ES Her, V733 Her, V829 Her, V1042 Her, V1065 Her, LU Lac, PP Lac, V344 Lac, VY Lac, DU Leo, VW LMi, AO Mon, V514 Mon, V508 Oph, V509 Oph, V2357 Oph, V2383 Oph, V392 Ori, BY Peg, KW Peg, V351 Peg, ZZ Peg, DV Per, IU Per, KN Per, V449 Per, DV Psc, VZ Psc, RZ Pyx, AS Ser, OU Ser, CT Tau, GW Tau, AG Vir, HW Vir, NN Vir.

Edelmann, H., Altmann, M., Heber, U. 2006, Baltic Astron. 15, 191. (5d) Four RV variable sdB stars with eccentric orbits: PG 1233$-$136, [CW 83]1419$-$09, PG 0133+114, PB 7352.

Edelmann, H. et al. (5 authors) 2005, A&A 442, 1023. (2ac, 5d) High-resolution spectroscopy of bright subdwarf B stars. I. RV variables: HD 171858, HD 188112, CD $-$24$^{\circ}$731, CPD $-$64$^{\circ}$481, PG 0001+275, PG 0133+114, HE 0230$-$4323, PG 1232$-$136, [CW83] 1419$-$09, [CW83] 1735+22, BPS CS 22169-0001, JL 82, LB 1516, PB 7352, PHL 457, Ton S 153, Ton S 183.

Feline, W.J. et al. (5 authors) 2005, MNRAS 364, 1158. (1ao, 5abcgij) Photometry and disc model: GY Cnc, HT Cas, IR Com.

Ferraro, F.R. et al. (6 authors) 2006, ApJ 638, 433. (1o) 300 blue straggler candidates discovered in $\omega$ Cen, most due to mass exchange.

Geske, M.T., Gettel, S.J., McKay, T.A. 2006, AJ 131, 633. (1x) ROSAT survey of 142 CBs.

Gettel, S.J., Geske, M.T., McKay, T.A. 2006, AJ 131, 621. (6a) Catalogue of 1022 bright CBs.

Griffin, R.F. 2005, Observatory 125, 300. (2a, 5d) RVs and spectroscopic orbits: HD 106383, HD 109070, HD 118157, HD 121213.

Griffin, R.F. 2005, Observatory 125, 367. (2a, 5d) RVs and spectroscopic orbits: HR 2452, HR 5769, HD 15850, HD 193468.

Hargis, J.R., Sandquist, E.L. Bradstreet, D.H. 2005, AJ 130, 2824. (1ao, 5bc, 6b) 31 new EB in M11 field with LC solutions for two.

Hartman, J.D. et al. (5 authors) 2005, AJ 130, 2241. (1ao, 6b) Detection of W UMa binaries in NGC 6791.

Heinze, A.N., Hinz, P.M. 2005, AJ 130, 1929. (2b, 6b) OGLE-III planetary-transit candidates; OGLE-TR-135 and OGLE-TR-137 probably EBs.

Hillwig, T.C. et al. (6 authors) 2006, ApJ 639, 1069. (1b, 2ao, 5bcde) Observations of 13 O-type stars in the Cas OB6 discover 2 new binaries and provides new elements for 3 new binaries: DN Cas, BD+60 497, HD 17505A, BD +60 594, HD 17520.

Ivanova, N., Kalogera, V. 2006, ApJ 636, 985. (9*) Factors affecting the BH mass spectrum.

Kaluzny, J., Mochnacki, S., Rucinski, S.M. 2006, AJ 131, 407. (1ao, 6b) Discovery of new CBs in LMC, including at least one contact binary.

Kaluzny, J. et al. (4 authors) 2006, MNRAS 365, 548. (1ao, 5abce, 6bc) Photometric survey for 30 variable stars in NGC 6397.

Karl, C. et al. (4 authors) 2006, Baltic Astron. 15, 151. (5dh) RVs of 6 sdB binaries from the SPY (Supernova Ia progenitor survey) project: WD 0048$-$202, HE 0532$-$4503, HE 0929$-$0424, HE 1448$-$0510, HE 2135$-$3749, HE 2150$-$0238.

Kotková, L., Wolf, M. 2006, IBVS 5676. (5a) Precise CCD times of minima of selected EBs: TT And, UU And, AD And, CO And, DO And, EP And, GK And, HS And, LO And, CZ Aqr, V343 Aql, V407 Aql, V417 Aql, V609 Aql, V694 Aql, V803 Aql, V1075 Aql, AH Aur, AM Aur, CI Aur, GX Aur, HL Aur, HS Aur, KO Aur, XY Boo, RV CVn, AH Cas, AL Cas, CW Cas, XY Cep, BE Cep, DK Cep, DP Cep, RW Com, RW CrB, TW CrB, UW Cyg, CG Cyg, DX Cyg, GV Cyg, V401 Cyg, V442 Cyg, V456 Cyg, V469 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V865 Cyg, V961 Cyg, V1004 Cyg, RR Dra, RZ Dra, WX Dra, BE Dra, BU Dra, BD Gem, EM Lac, V344 Lac, Y Leo, WZ Leo, XZ Leo, AM Leo, AP Leo, CE Leo, TZ Lyr, XZ Mon, AY Mon, BM Mon, DD Mon, HM Mon, V396 Mon, V453 Mon, V509 Oph, V2203 Oph, FZ Ori, GU Ori, V343 Ori, V392 Ori, UX Peg, KW Peg, WY Per, HK Per, IT Per, V432 Per, V482 Per, AO Ser, VV UMa, XZ UMa, BM UMa, HW Vir, EU Vul, FM Vul, GP Vul, NO Vul.

Krajci, T. 2006, IBVS 5690. (5a) Photoelectric minima of some EBs: UU And, HU And, HV Aqr, V936 Aql, V1647 Aql, SZ Ari, DO Aur, FV Aur, II Aur, V355 Aur, CP Cam, XZ Cnc, AC Cnc, AH Cnc, BI CVn, DM CVn, SZ CMa, AD CMa, CZ CMa, TX CMi, AV CMi, AQ Cap, RZ Cas, GK Cas, MR Cas, NU Cas, V361 Cas, FH Cep, GW Cep, NR Cep, WY Cet, YY Cet, DY Cet, CM Com, EK Com, NU Cyg, QW Cyg, V490 Cyg, V693 Cyg, V803 Cyg, V842 Cyg, V884 Cyg, V907 Cyg, V931 Cyg, V979 Cyg, V1045 Cyg, V1189 Cyg, FR Del, LU Dra, AM Eri, GZ Gem, V501 Her, V513 Her, V731 Her, V742 Her, VX Lac, AG Lac, LU Lac, BW Leo, T LMi, RV Lib, SS Lib, TY Lib, VZ Lib, AA Lib, AE Lib, BW Lib, ES Lib, FU Lib, FW Lib, GI Lib, GK Lib, GV Lib, GY Lib, HQ Lib, IL Lib, IT Lib, WW Lyn, V417 Lyr, V429 Lyr, DW Mon, FV Mon, HM Mon, HP Mon, IM Mon, V383 Mon, V384 Mon, V457 Mon, V464 Mon, V515 Mon, V524 Mon, V635 Mon, V1016 Oph, V1022 Oph, V1120 Oph, V1677 Oph, V1811 Oph, V2377 Oph, VV Ori, ES Ori, FK Ori, V641 Ori, V645 Ori, V667 Ori, V1016 Ori, V1027 Ori, BQ Peg, CF Peg, EY Peg, HI Peg, DV Per, DX Per, FW Per, V364 Per, V434 Per, SU Psc, DV Psc, DF Pup, KW Pup, UU Sge, GN Sge, BK Sgr, V1068 Sgr, V4197 Sgr, V4202 Sgr, V784 Sco, V1044 Sco, V1054 Sco, EZ Sct, FG Sct, CQ Ser, LX Ser, MX Ser, Y Sex, BN Tau, GQ Tau, RW Tri, ST Tri, XY UMa, DN UMa, VV Vir, AG Vir, AK Vir, CM Vir, CX Vir, DL Vir, DM Vir, FO Vir, FQ Vir, GK Vir, HT Vir, MR Vir, MS Vir, GSC 2336 0821, GSC 3449 0688, GSC 1874 0399, Ha0242 2802, SDSS J040714$-$064425.

Kubota, A. et al. (4 authors) 2005, ApJ 631, 1062. (2dx,5i) Fitting of temperature profile in thin disk: V1033 Sco (GRO J1655$-$40), XTE J2012+381, LMC X-1, LMC X-3.

Lacy, C.H.S. 2006, IBVS 5670. (5a) New times of minima of some EBs: AP And, CO And, V602 Aql, CG Aur, HP Aur, V381 Cas, V389 Cas, V651 Cas, IO Cep, V456 Cyg, V974 Cyg, V1136 Cyg, BF Dra, LV Her, GM Hya, RW Lac, V501 Mon, SX Oph, V506 Oph, V648 Ori, IM Per, NP Per, V482 Per, AQ Ser, BI Ser, CF Tau, BP Vul, BT Vul, EQ Vul.

Markoff,S., Nowak, M.A. 2006, ApJ 635, 1203. (2x, 8a) Base of jet in V821 Ara (GX 339-4) and V1357 Cyg (Cyg X-1) acts as compact accretion-disk coronae.

Milone, E.F. et al. (7 authors) 2005, A&A 441, 605. (1ao, 2ao, 5cde) Orbits and masses from simulated Gaia data: SV Cam, BS Dra, HP Dra.

Mondi Bidin, C. et al. (6 authors) 2006, Baltic Astron. 15, 53. (2a) Spectroscopic search for binaries among hottest horizontal branch stars in globular custers: no CBs found among 51 stars in NGC 6752 and first 15 stars in M80.

Morales-Rueda, L. et al. (5 authors) 2006, Baltic Astron. 15, 187. (2a, 5d) Orbital solutions of four binaries out of 17 sdB stars with RV variations from the Edinburgh-Cape survey: EC 00404$-$4429, EC 02200$-$2338, EC 12327$-$1338, EC 12408$-$1427.

Mossakovskaja, L.V. 2006, IBVS 5675. (5a) Photoelectric times of minima of some EBs: Y Cam, W Del, GG Ori, TX UMa.

Nelemans, G. et al. (11 authors) 2005, A&A 440, 1087. (1ao, 2o, 5e) Binaries discovered by the SPY project. IV. Five single-lined DA double WDs: HE0320$-$1917, WD0326$-$273, WD1013$-$010, WD1210+140, HE1511$-$0448.

Nelson, R.H. 2006, IBVS 5672. (5a) CCD minima for selected EBs in 2005: AP And, CN And, V346 Aql, RX Ari, TX Ari, SX Aur, ZZ Aur, CL Aur, DO Aur, EM Aur, EP Aur, EP Aur, FW Aur, GI Aur, GX Aur, HL Aur, HP Aur, HU Aur, V364 Aur, V402 Aur, V410 Aur, EF Boo, GS Boo, AO Cam, CW Cas, V364 Cas, V381 Cas, V445 Cas, V473 Cas, V520 Cas, WZ Cep, WZ Cep, AK CMi, WW Cnc, YY Cnc, AH Cnc, EH Cnc, CC Com, EK Com, TW CrB, DF CVn, DH CVn, DH CVn, DI CVn, V388 Cyg, V726 Cyg, V824 Cyg, V841 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V865 Cyg, V1141 Cyg, V1147 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, V1305 Cyg, ET Del, BE Dra, EF Dra, AC Gem, DP Gem, FT Gem, KV Gem, QW Gem, V345 Gem, V728 Her, V731 Her, V1043 Her, WY Hya, VY Lac, IM Lac, PP Lac, Y Leo, UZ Leo, XY Leo, RT LMi, SW Lyn, UU Lyn, BG Lyn, V448 Mon, V498 Mon, V514 Mon, V714 Mon, UW Ori, FF Ori, V1363 Ori, DK Per, HW Per, IK Per, KR Per, RV Psc, CC Ser, WY Tau, AN Tau, BV Tau, CR Tau, CU Tau, V781 Tau, V1128 Tau, TY UMa, XY UMa, BM UMa, HH UMa, HN UMa, RU UMi, BG Vul, BT Vul.

Otero, S.A., Hoogeveen, G.J., Wils, P. 2006, IBVS 5674. (5b) New elements for 80 EBs found in ASAS-3, Hipparcos and NSVS databases VIII.: EL And, KP And, LY And, MW And, V412 And, AL Aps, BO Aps, MM Aps, EF Aqr, FW Aqr, GN Aqr, V864 Aql, V887 Aql, V1455 Aql, V529 Ara, FZ Aur, GW Aur, V355 Aur, EI CMa, EX CMa, MV Car, V537 Cas, V404 Cen, V600 Cen, V656 Cen, V721 Cen, V348 Cyg, V504 Cyg, V1321 Cyg, V1941 Cyg, KK Gem, V1021 Her, AS Hya, AE Ind, DE Lyn, AF Oph, LL Oph, V1879 Oph, V517 Ori, BB Per, SZ Pup, MO Pup, V468 Sco, V698 Sco, GSC 1158 0201, GSC 1684 0522, GSC 1721 1141, GSC 1805 0750, GSC 4678 0496, GSC 4685 1287, GSC 5451 1708, GSC 5759 0110, GSC 6550 3021, GSC 6816 0087, GSC 6839 0257, GSC 7102 1072, GSC 7133 3078, GSC 7194 0239, GSC 7588 0403, GSC 7666 0960, GSC 7672 2238, GSC 8198 1376, GSC 8296 2365, GSC 9135 0268, GSC 9517 0107, NSV 00042, NSV 00608, NSV 01226, NSV 07972, NSV 08269, NSV 09226, NSV 09650, NSV 10349, NSV 10761, NSV 12109, NSV 12268, NSV 12860, NSV 14638, NSV 25852, NSV 25943.

Otero, S.A. et al. (4 authors) 2006, IBVS 5681. (6b) 50 new eccentric EBs found in ASAS, Hipparcos and NSVS Databases: EQ Boo, V990 Her, PX Hya, V680 Mon, VZ PsA, V3895 Sgr, GSC 0134 1181, GSC 0169 2236, GSC 1890 1296, GSC 2143 1871, GSC 3152 1202, GSC 3612 1565, GSC 3670 0919, GSC 3677 0819, GSC 3682 0837, GSC 3964 0741, GSC 4031 2155, GSC 4062 0752, GSC 4257 0906, GSC 4277 0586, GSC 4282 0702, GSC 4292 0745, GSC 4302 0936, GSC 4309 0449, GSC 4311 0987, GSC 4330 1963, GSC 4349 1189, GSC 4375 1733, GSC 4381 0288, GSC 4479 0412, GSC 4480 0830, GSC 4480 1097, GSC 4480 1261, GSC 4481 0230, GSC 4487 0347, GSC 4502 0203, GSC 4513 2537, GSC 4514 2034, GSC 4518 1759, GSC 4524 1856, GSC 4544 0439, GSC 4596 1254, GSC 5922 1647, GSC 8957 2047, NSV 04653, NSV 08163, NSV 08299, NSV 12772, NSV 17921, NSV 24564.

Peters, C.S., Thorstensen, J.R. 2005, PASP 117, 1386. (2ad, 5bd) Long-P CVs: GY Hya, V392 Hya, RX J1951.7+3716, SDSS J204448$-$045929.

Pribulla, Th. et al. (9 authors) 2005, IBVS 5668. (5a) 180 CCD and photoelectric times of minima of selected EBs: RT And, AB And, BX And, AH Aur, V410 Aur, 44 Boo, TZ Boo, DU Boo, ET Boo, FI Boo, SV Cam, DN Cam, BI CVn, BS Cas, CW Cas, V523 Cas, VW Cep, WZ Cep, GW Cep, EE Cet, RW Com, SS Com, CC Com, EK Com, YY CrB, CG Cyg, V401 Cyg, V1191 Cyg, EF Dra, FU Dra, V829 Her, V857 Her, V921 Her, SW Lac, V344 Lac, CE Leo, EX Leo, VW LMi, V714 Mon, V753 Mon, BX Peg, KW Peg, V432 Per, DV Psc, V Sge, CW Sge, OU Ser, AH Tau, EQ Tau, W UMa, XY UMa, AA UMa, AW UMa, HH UMa, TV UMi, AG Vir, HT Vir, ER Vul.

Ramsay, G. et al. (6 authors) 2005, A&A 440, 675. (1ax, 5i) XMM-Newton observations of AM CVn systems: CR Boo, AM CVn, GP Com, HP Lib.

Randall, S.W., Sarazin, C.L., Irwin, J.I. 2006, ApJ 636, 200. (1x) XMM-Newton observations of LMXBs in NGC 4649.

Robinson, P.B., Clayton, G.C., Schaefer, B.E. 2006, PASP 118, 385. (1bo*) Search of plates of Maria Mitchell Observatory for outbursts 1913-1995 of recurrent novae CI Aql, V1017 Sgr, V3890 Sgr, and clasical novae BS Sgr, V1016 Sgr, V1172 Sgr, V4444 Sgr yields none that were not already known.

Sandquist, E.L. 2006, IBVS 5679. (1a, 6b) New EBs in the field of M67: Cl* NGC 2682 FBC 2404, Cl* NGC 2682 FBC 5018, Cl* NGC 2682 FBC 5774, Cl* NGC 2682 FBC 5986.

Schmidtke, P.C., Cowley, A.P. 2005, AJ 130, 2220. (1aoi*) Photometric periodicities of Be/x-ray pulsars in the SMC: XMMU J0047237$-$731226, RX J0049.1$-$7250, RX J0050.7$-$7316, XTE J0052$-$725, CXOU J005455.6$-$7245.0, RX J0054.9$-$7226, XMMU J005517.9$-$723853.

Seetha, S., Ashoka, B.N., Marar, T.M.K. 2005, J. Ap. & Astron. 26, 301. (1o) Results of some pulsators from WET: PG 1336$-$018, REJ 0751+14.

Skopal, A. 2005, A&A 440, 995. Disentangling the composite continuum of symbiotic binaries. I. S-type systems: EG And, Z And, AE Ara, T CrB, TX CVn, BF Cyg, CH Cyg, CI Cyg, V1329 Cyg, LT Del, AG Dra, CQ Dra, V443 Her, YY Her, RW Hya, SY Mus, AR Pav, AG Peg, AX Per, IV Vir, CD$-$43$^{\circ}$14304.

Stairs, I.H. et al. (14 authors) 2005, ApJ 632, 1060. (4ar, 6b) Discoveries of ms pulsars in wide orbits of WDs: PSR J1751$-$2857, PSR J1853+1303, PSR J1910+1256.

Todd, I. et al. (6 authors) 2005, MNRAS 362, 915. (1ao, 5bc, 6b) A survey of EBs in the eastern spiral arm of M31 (280 binaries identified, 98 newly discovered).

Wadhwa, S.S. 2005, Ap&SS 300, 289. (1o*, 5c) Analysis of All-Sky Automated Survey V-band data: II Aps, AV Pup, GZ Pup.

Wadhwa, S.S. 2005, Ap&SS 300, 329. (1o*, 5c) Analysis of All-Sky Automated Survey V-band data: NW Aps, BV 435, BV 996.

Wadhwa, S.S. 2006, Ap&SS 301, 195. (1o*, 5c) Analysis of All-Sky Automated Survey V-band data: NSV 3497, NSV 13890.

Woudt, P.A., Warner, B., Spark, M. 2005, MNRAS 364, 107. (1ao, 5abcg) High-speed photometry of faint CVs: V433 Ara, OQ Car, V591 Cen, V1039 Cen, UY Mic, V367 Peg, V382 Vel, SY Vol, RX J0403+044, Cal 86, LB 9963, MACHO peculiar variable in Sgr.

Yang, Y.-G. et al. (4 authors) 2005, Ap&SS 300, 337. (1ao, 5c) New W UMa systems: GSC 0619-0232, GSC 0804-0118, GSC 1848-1264, GSC 2936-0478.

Yang, Y.-G. et al. (5 authors) 2005, PASJ 57, 983. (1ao, 5bce) Photometric investigations: GSC 0763-0572, RR Cen, $\epsilon$ CrA.

Zakirov, M.M., Eshankulova, M.V. 2004, KFNT 20, 525. (1b, 5b) CB systems in regions of OB-associations. II. AT Vul in Vul OB1 and EV Vul in Vul OB4.

Zamanov, R.K. et al. (6 authors) 2006, MNRAS 365, 1215. (2ao, 5bdegijk, 8c) Rotational velocities of the mass donors in symbiotic stars: V417 Cen, HDE 330036, AS 201, Hen 3-1591, StH$\alpha$ 190.

Zhang, C.M. et al. (5 authors) 2006, MNRAS 366, 1373.(1x*, 5bi) Correlation between the twin kHz QPO frequencies of 18 LMXBs: SAXJ 1808.4-3658, Sco X-1, GX 17+2, GX 340+0, GX349+2, GX 5-1, Gyg X-2, 4U 0614+09, 4U 1608$-$52, 4U 1636$-$53, 4U 1702$-$43, 4U 1705$-$44, 4U 1728$-$34, KS 1731$-$260, 4U 1735$-$44, 4U 1820$-$30, 4U 1915$-$05, XTEJ 2123$-$058.

Zola, S. et al. (12 authors) 2006, Acta Astronomica 55, 389. (1a, 2a, 5bcd) Physical properties of components in CBs: CN And, V776 Cas, FU Dra, UV Lyn, BB Peg, V592 Per, OU Ser, EQ Tau, HN UMa, HT Vir.

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