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Collections of data

Baran, A. et al. (6 authors) 2004, Acta Astronomica 54, 195. (1ab, 2a, 5cde) AB And, GZ And, AO Cam, DN Cam, DK Cyg.

Bayne, G.P. et al. (5 authors) 2004, MNRAS 349, 833. (1ao, 5abcefg) CCD photometry and modelling of Magellanic Cloud binaries: MOA J005018.4$-$723855, MOA J005623.5$-$722123, MACHO* 05:36:48.7$-$69:17:00.

Belle, K.E. et al. (5 authors) 2004, AJ 128, 448. (2ci*, 1bi) Line identifications in search for circumbinary disks in CVs: QU Car, V592 Cas, EX Hya, DI Lac, TZ Per, V3885 Sgr, IX Vel.

Blättler, E., Diethelm, R. 2004, IBVS 5516. (1a, 5ab) CCD LC of ROTSE1 variables XX: GSC 3510:1283 Her, GSC 2618:1385 Her, GSC 2614:1369 Her, GSC 2615:1821 Her.

Blättler, E., Diethelm, R. 2004, IBVS 5525. (1a, 5ab) CCD LC of ROTSE1 variables XXI: GSC 3108:57 Lyr, GSC 3526:1995 Lyr, GSC 3109:859 Lyr, GSC 3526:2369 Lyr.

Blättler, E., Diethelm, R. 2004, IBVS 5541. (1a, 5ab) CCD LC of ROTSE1 variables XXII: GSC 2533:1519 CVn, GSC 2534:1121 CVn, GSC 2537:520 CVn, GSC 2544:1007 CVn.

Boyd, P.T., Smale, A.P. 2004, ApJ 612, 1006. (1x*): Long term LCs of XRB's contain periodic and random components: LMC X-3, V1341 Cyg (Cyg X-2), V1521 Cyg (Cyg X-3).

Carquillat, J.-M. et al. (5 authors) 2004, MNRAS 352, 708. (2a, 5deg) Orbital elements of ten spectroscopic binaries: HD 19342, HD 19910, HD 36360, HD 102925, HD 126031, HD 127263, HD 138406, HD 155714, HD 195692, HD 199360.

Catanzaro, G., Leto, P. 2004, A&A 416, 661. (5d) Orbital solutions for SB2 systems with a HgMn component. (HD 358 = HR 15, HD 32964 = HR 1657, HD 33647 = HR 1690, HD 173524 = HR 7049, HD 174933 = HR 7113, HD 191110 = HR 7694, HD 216494 = HR 8704). (2ao, 6d)

Darnley, M.J. et al. (19 authors) 2004, MNRAS 353, 571. (1ao, 5g) A catalogue of 20 classical novae from POINT-AGAPE microlensing survey of M31: PACN-99-01, PACN-99-02, PACN-99-03, PACN-99-04, PACN-99-05, PACN-99-06, PACN-99-07, PACN-00-01, PACN-00-02, PACN-00-03, PACN-00-04, PACN-00-05, PACN-00-06, PACN-00-07, PACN-01-01, PACN-01-02, PACN-01-03, PACN-01-04, PACN-01-05, PACN-01-06.

Diethelm, R. 2004, IBVS 5543. (5a) 163. List of minima timings of EB by BBSAG Observers: 559 timings of minima.

Dubus, G. et al. (5 authors) 2004, MNRAS 349, 869. (1aio, 5gi, 8b) Excess mid-infrared emission in CVs: QR And, RX And, AE Aqr, HU Aqr, SS Cyg, IP Peg, WZ Sge, RW Tri.

Dworak, S.W. 2004, IBVS 5542. (5b) Updated elements for southern EB: WZ Ant, HL Aps, II Aps, LR Ara, V489 Ara, V491 Ara, DK Car, PX Car, LW Cen, V380 Cen, V677 Cen, VW CMa, YY CMa, RZ Col, UU CrA, SZ Cru, TU Cru, AY Cru, DS Eri, RU Gru, RY Gru, AK Gru, TV Ind, RR Men, TV Mic, UZ Mic, VY Mic, TT Mus, SZ Nor, BI Pav, BT Pav, HQ Pav, HY Pav, CF Pup, CI Pup, GY Pup, GZ Pup, HI Pup, SV Pyx, TV Pyx, V756 ScoCG Vel, FW Vel, YY Vel, ZZ Vel, W Vol, VW Ant, XX Ant, XY Ant, Y Ant, CD Aps, FY Aps, LO Aps, V843 Aql, MM Ara, V349 Ara, V610 Ara, V620 Ara, AF Cap, DQ Car, DV Car, DX Car, EN Car, FP Car, GP Car, QR Car, PV Cen, V498 Cen, V614 Cen, V742 Cen, V775 Cen, V805 Cen, WZ Cet, AQ Cir, BD Cir, BG Cir, BN Cir, AR CMa, FQ CMa, SZ CMa, SV Col, V412 CrA, AA Cru, BQ Eri, CI Eri, AR Gru, SZ Hor, DZ Hya, FW Hya, RU Ind, FW Lib, FR Lup, FZ Lup, BL Mus, UV Mus, HX Nor, LU Nor, NP Pav, VW Phe, WX Phe, AW Pup, BK Pup, CU Pup, MW Pup, SU Pyx, TX Pyx, TZ Pyx, FU Sco, V385 Sco, V565 Sco, V591 Sco, V606 Sco, V632 Sco, V714 Sco, V885 Sco, V904 Sco, EQ Sct, V356 Sct, V766 Sgr, V2349 Sgr, V2617 Sgr, NS Tel, EM TrA, SS TrA, AQ Vel, DU Vel, DZ Vel, FH Vel, FT Vel, FV Vel, FQ Vir.

Dworak, S.W. 2004, IBVS 5549. (1a) Missing Southern EB: YY Car, BP Car, CD Car, FS Car, GG Car, GV Car, RR Col, RS Crt, AY Mus, SW Nor, SX Nor, TT Nor, UW Nor, VV Nor, CY Oph, V604 Sco, V1108 Sgr, V1721 Sgr, EP TrA, CK Vel. Incorrectly classified variable stars: FL Car, V746 Cen, AW Gru, BF Gru, HH Nor, RU Sex, V1643 Sgr. Incorrectly identified EB: V673 Cen, EV Lup, V3886 Sgr.

Hellier, C., Mukai, K. 2004, MNRAS 352, 1037. (2cx, 5g) Compilation of Fe K$\alpha$-line spectra for magnetic CVs. AM Her, EX Hya, AO Psc, GK Per, V1223 Sgr.

Hobbs, G. et al. (15 authors) 2004, MNRAS 352, 1439. (1r) Discovery of 180 pulsars and parameters for 281 previously known pulsars.

Joergens, V., Neuhäuser, R., Fernández, M. 2004, Baltic Astronomy 13, 505. (2aio, 5dk, 9): Brown dwarfs in Cha I.

Kim, D-W, Fabbiano, G. 2004, ApJ 611, 846. (1x*): X-ray luminosity function and total luminosity of LMXB's in early-type binaries (from 985 point-like sources).

Kreiner, J.M. 2004, Acta Astronomica 54, 207. (5b) Up-to date linear elements of EB.

Maciejewski, G., Czart, K., Niedzielski, A. 2004, IBVS 5518. (1a, 6b) New variable stars from SAVS.

Mathias, P. et al. (17 authors) 2004, A&A 417, 189. Multi-site, multi-technique survey of $\gamma$ Doradus candidates. I. Spectroscopic results for 59 stars. Parameters for double-lined (HD 62454, HD 86371, HD 221866) and single-lined binaries (HD 70645, HD 80731, HD 100215).

Mochejska, B.J. et al. (6 authors) 2004, AJ 128, 312. (1ao, 5b, 6b) Discovery of new variables in field of NGC 2158 (open cluster), including 34 probable EB; period determination.

Otero, S.A. 2004, IBVS 5532. (5b) New elements for 80 EB: CE Cir, V1000 Cen, V920 Her, V1375 Ori, V1384 Ori, V362 Pup, NSV 00763, NSV 01175, NSV 01708, NSV 03489, NSV 03725, NSV 03870, NSV 04226, NSV 04426, NSV 04686, NSV 04711, NSV 04941, NSV 05156, NSV 05177, NSV 05487, NSV 06061, NSV 06091, NSV 06144, NSV 06150, NSV 06208, NSV 06218, NSV 06354, NSV 06488, NSV 06592, NSV 06714, NSV 06746, NSV 06800, NSV 06921, NSV 06933, NSV 07038, NSV 07044, NSV 07763, NSV 07847, NSV 07871, NSV 08564, NSV 09348, NSV 09482, NSV 09948, NSV 10425, NSV 10789, NSV 11114, NSV 11217, NSV 11381, NSV 11425, NSV 11764, NSV 11807, NSV 12215, NSV 12710, NSV 13404, NSV 13527, NSV 13605, NSV 13608, NSV 13711, NSV 13717, NSV 13766, NSV 13890, NSV 14003, NSV 14163, NSV 14164, NSV 14384, NSV 14532, NSV 17233, NSV 17258, NSV 17336, NSV 18132, NSV 18183, NSV 18424, NSV 19453, NSV 19983, NSV 20009, NSV 20245, NSV 20721, NSV 24926, NSV 25992.

Otero, S.A., Dubovsky, P.A. 2004, IBVS 5557. (5b) New Elements for 80 EB IV.: V392 And, LL Aqr, DV Boo, IW CMa, KV CMa, V467 Car, V775 Cas, V454 Cep, DP Cet, MP Del, GZ Dra, V339 Gem, V912 Her, QR Hya, IL Lib, IV Lib, LQ Mus, QT Peg, V365 Pup, AC Pyx, V1044 Sco, PS Ser, V1126 Tau, GZ UMa, PQ Vel, QY Vel, V394 Vul, NSV 00233, NSV 00726, NSV 01403, NSV 02470, NSV 03443, NSV 03728, NSV 04638, NSV 05040, NSV 05914, NSV 06157, NSV 06968, NSV 07178, NSV 07400, NSV 07746, NSV 08499, NSV 10982, NSV 11243, NSV 11781, NSV 12326, NSV 12870, NSV 13121, NSV 13625, NSV 15234, NSV 15375, NSV 15730, NSV 16199, NSV 16296, NSV 17236, NSV 17283, NSV 17436, NSV 17456, NSV 17552, NSV 17578, NSV 17647, NSV 17723, NSV 18104, NSV 18480, NSV 18546, NSV 18553, NSV 18786, NSV 19698, NSV 19703, NSV 19773, NSV 20174, NSV 20433, NSV 20782, NSV 20827, NSV 20894, NSV 20913, NSV 22984, NSV 24620, NSV 25862, NSV 25928.

Petterson, O.K.L., Cottrell, P.L., Albrow, M.D. 2004, MNRAS 350, 95. (2a, 5de, 8c) Orbital elements, absolute dimensions and masses for binary cepheids: Y Car, YZ Car, AX Cir, BP Cir, T Mon, S Mus, W Sgr, V350 Sgr, V636 Sco.

Pikhun, A.I., Andronov, I.L. 2003, OAP 16, 54. (1c) Photographic photometry and minima timings of the eclipsing binaries U Sge and V363 Cyg.

Ramsay, G. et al. (6 authors) 2004, MNRAS 350, 1373. (1aux, 5bcg) XMM-Newton observations of 37 polars: J0132-65, J2022-39, EV UMa, J1015+09, J0154.0-5947, FH UMa, CP Tuc, DP Leo, V347 Pav, J1149+28, J0453-42, J1957-57, V834 Cen, EP Dra, J1002-19, CE Gru, J2115-58, MR Ser, ST LMi, AN UMa, EK UMa, WW Hor, AR UMa, EU Cnc, UZ For, J1846+55, J0531-46, V2009-65, J0501-03, J1141-6410, BY Cam, V1500 Cyg, MN Hya, J1007-20, VY For, J1313-32, V895 Cen.

Roberts, T.P. et al. (4 authors) 2004, MNRAS 349, 1193. (1bx, 2d, 5cg) Short-term variability and spectral parameters of probable HMXBs in nearby galaxies: 1C 342 X-1, NGC 3628 X-2, NGC 4136 X-1, NGC 4559 X-1, NGC 5204 X-1.

Schultz, J., Hakala, P., Huovelin, J. 2004, Baltic Astronomy 13, 581. (3ao, 5i): Polarization in LMXBs: V818 Sco (Sco X-1), HZ Her (Her X-1), KV UMa (XTE J1118+480).

Selam, S. O. 2004, A&A 416, 1097. Key parameters of W UMa-type contact binaries discovered by HIPPARCOS

Smak, J. 2004, Acta Astronomica 54, 221. (5ij) Enhanced mass transfer in dwarf novae of the SU UMa-type during outbursts and superoutbursts: YZ Cnc, OY Car, Z Cha, VW Hyi, SU UMa.

Solonovich, A.P., Bryukhanov, I.S., Semenyuta, A.S. 2003, OAP 16, 66. (1c, 6d) Searches of the periods and variability type definition of new variable stars: LL Aqr, AL Ari, FM Leo, V1366 Ori, V1125 Tau.

Suchkov, A.A., Hanisch, R.J. 2004, ApJ 612, 437. (1x*, 2x*): Class X automated classifier "detection" of low-luminosity hard x-ray binary candidates from WGACAT.

Tas, G. et al. (11 authors) 2004, IBVS 5548. (5a) Times of minima for EB: ET Boo, DE CVn, KR Cyg, MM Her, FS Leo, RW Tau, V1123 Tau, HD 162905 and HD 170451.

Thorstensen, J.R., Fenton, W.R., Taylor, C.J. 2004, PASP 116, 300. (2aco, 5bd) Spectroscopic orbits and emission-line identification for seven CVs: TT Crt, EZ Del, LL Lyr, UY Pup, RY Ser, CH UMa, SDSS J081321+452809.

Vlemmings, W.H.T., Cordes, J.M., Chartterjee, S. 2004, ApJ 610, 402. (4a) Binary pulsar disrupted by second supernova.

Weldrake, D.T.F. et al. (4 authors) 2004, AJ 128, 736. (1ao, 5b, 6b) Discovery of new variables in field of 47 Tuc, including 28 EB; period determination.

Wetterer, C.J. et al. (9 authors) 2004, IBVS 5547. (1a, 5abc) Preliminary LC solutions for EB: V883 Her, V507 Lyr, MQ Peg, MX Peg, ROTSE1 J180616.31+280109.1.

Woudt, P.A., Warner, B., Pretorius, M.L. 2004, MNRAS 351, 1015. (1ao, 5bce) High-speed photometry of 13 faint cataclysmic variables: V356 Aql, GI Mon, AO Oct, V972 Oph, FH Ser, Aqr1, FIRST J1023+0038, H$\alpha$ 0242$-$2802, SDSS 0155+00, SDSS 0233+00, SDSS 1240$-$01, SDSS 1556$-$00, SDSS 2050$-$05.

Yu, W., van der Klis, M., Fender, R. 2004, ApJ 611, L121. (1x) Correlation between of LMXB's peak flux of hard and soft x-rays in outburst rise: V1333 Aql (Aql X-1), 4U 1705$-$44, XTE J1550$-$564.

Zola, S. et al. (10 authors) 2004, Acta Astronomica 54, 299. (1ab, 2a, 5cde) V402 Aur, SX Crv, V829 Her, VZ Lib, V753 Mon.

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