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Collections of data

Ak, H., Özeren, F.F., Ekmekci, F. 2003, IBVS 5361. (1af, 2c) Photoelectric minimum times of some EB stars: BK Cep, U Cep, EM Cep, CQ Cep, IU Aur, ER Vul.

Blättler, E., Diethelm, R. 2002, IBVS 5333. (1af, 2c) CCD light curves of ROTSE1 variables in Hercules: GSC 3528.44, GSC 3532.939, GSC 2629.1932, GSC 3532.174

Carney, B.W. et al. (5 authors) 2003, AJ 125, 293. (1b, 2a) RV and orbital elements for HD 6755, HD 27928, HD 135148, HD 186478, HD 218732, HD 222434, BD +30$^{\circ}$ 2034, BD +19$^{\circ}$ 2976, BD +18$^{\circ}$ 2757, BD +18$^{\circ}$2890, BD +13$^{\circ}$ 3683, BD +10$^{\circ}$ 2495, BD +1$^{\circ}$ 3070, CD $-$37$^{\circ}$ 14010. HD 108317 and BD $-$1$^{\circ}$ 2582 also found to be binaries of unknown period (see also General).

Carrier, F. et al. (4 authors) 2002, A&A 394, 151. Multiplicity among chemically peculiar stars. Orbits for HD 5550, HD 22128, HD 56495, HD 98088, HD 9996, HD 12288, HD 40711, HD 54908, HD 65339, HD 73709, HD 105680, HD 138426, HD 184471, HD 188854, HD 200405, HD 216533. Rough mass estimate for components of HD 65339 (53 Cam). (2a)

Cieslinski, D. et al. (4 authors) 2003, PASP 115, 193 (1a, 3b) LC for new variables, mostly dwarf novae in galactic bulge, from OGLE-II database: OGLE 050108.08$-$692813.0, OGLE 051955.79$-$702753.4, Bul sc3 6033, Bul sc3 7898, Bul sc5 2859, Bul sc6 816, Bul sc7 1492, Bul sc7 1575, Bul sc8 2190, Bul sc10 1727, Bul sc11 1160, Bul sc11 1886, Bul sc11 1905, Bul sc12 2728, Bul sc12 2934, Bul sc13 691, Bul sc13 1972, Bul sc14 3708, Bul sc16 1300, Bul sc16 2143, Bul sc17 1447, Bul sc17 4122, Bul sc18 4562, Bul sc20 135, Bul sc23 2872, Bul sc26 2089, Bul sc29 1956, Bul sc30 5126, Bul sc33 703, Bul sc35 1171, Bul sc40 677, Bul sc42 1487, Bul sc47 70, Bul sc49 332, Bul sc49 672. Other variables of uncertain type: OGLE 004257.17$-$732252.3, OGLE 005718.12$-$724235.0, OGLE 010049.94$-$724148.1, Bul sc2 3095, Bul sc3 215, Bul sc4 1367, Bul sc8 569, Bul sc8 1184, Bul sc9 1565, Bul sc14 587, Bul sc16 365, Bul sc19 713, Bul sc19 1874, Bul sc19 1917, Bul sc19 2209, Bul sc22 880, Bul sc22 3429, Bul sc27 759, Bul sc28 1459, Bul sc29 606, Bul sc30 3025, Bul sc30 6421, Bul sc33 4157, Bul sc35 3030, Bul sc40 3491, Bul sc41 2587, Bul sc41 3228, Bul sc42 2440, Bul sc47 680, Bul sc49 614.

Coburn, W. et al. (8 authors) 2002, ApJ 580, 394. Study of magnetic fields in several x-ray pulsars: Her X-1, 4U 0115+63, Cen X-3, 4U 1626$-$67, XTE J1946$-$274, Vela X-1, 4U 1907+09, 4U 1538$-$52, GX 301-2, X Per, (4U 0352+309).

Cornelisse, R. et al. (10 authors) 2002, A&A 392, 885. BeppoSAX Wide Field Cameras observations of six typeI X-ray bursters (SAX J1324.5$-$6313, 2S 1711$-$339, SAX J1818.7 +1424, SAX J1828.5$-$1037, SAX J2224.9+5421, 2S 0918$-$549).

Cornelisse, R. et al. (5 authors) 2002, A&A 392, 931. CHANDRA follow-up of bursters with low persistent emission (SAX J1324.5$-$6313, SAX J1752.3$-$3128, SAX J1753.5$-$2349, SAX J1806.5$-$2215, SAX J1818.7+1424).

Demeautis, Ch., Bernasconi, L., Behrend, R. 2002, IBVS 5329. (1a, 2c) Light curve parameters: GSC 1414.851, GSC 2511.773, GSC 876.362, GSC 316.779.

Demircan, O. et al. (13 authors) 2003, IBVS 5364. (1af, 2c) First EB observations at Ulupinar Astrophysics Observatory: AB And, AD And, BX And, XZ Aql, OO Aql, V417 Aql, TZ Boo, AC Boo, TY Cap, RZ Cas, AB Cas, IR Cas, IV Cas, XX Cep, DK Cep, EG Cep, YY CrB, ZZ Cyg, V836 Cyg, V859 Cyg, RZ Dra, AI Dra, RZ Equ, EW Lyr, PY Lyr, V508 Oph, AT Peg, BB Peg, FG Sct, V Sge, V Tri, RT UMi, AH Vir.

Dvorak, S.W. 2003, IBVS 5378. (1af, 2c) Times of minima for neglected EBs in 2002: CN And, CO And, GZ And, LO And, EK Aqr, V1353 Aql, AH Aur, HW Aur, AO Cam, TX Cnc, WX Cnc, AK CMi, AX Cas, BH Cas, BS Cas, EP Cas, V366 Cas, V384 Cas, V520 Cas, V541 Cas, WY Cep, NS Cep, TX Cet, VY Cet, LO Cyg, V505 Cyg, V836 Cyg, V877 Cyg, V1141 Cyg, ET Del, LS Del, RU Eri, WW Eri, BL Eri, AZ Gem, GW Gem, MS Her, EM Lac, PP Lac, V342 Lac, V344 Lac, EP Mon, IX Mon, NN Mon, V396 Mon, V458 Mon, V514 Mon, V530 Mon, EU Peg, HW Per, V450 Per, VZ Psc, RS Sct, BV Tau, CT Tau, GW Tau, FR Vul, GU Vul, GSC 5178.1376.

Foellmi, C., Moffat, A.F.J., Guerrero, M.A. 2003, MNRAS 338, 360. (1b, 2ac, 5, 6) Search for Wolf-Rayet binaries in SMC.

Foellmi, C., Moffat, A.F.J., Guerrero, M.A. 2003, MNRAS 338, 1025. (1b, 2ac, 5, 6) Search for Wolf-Rayet binaries in LMC.

Hall, T.A. et al. (36 authors) 2003, ApJ 583, 853. (1g) Cerenkov radiation search for TeV emissions from pulsars in binary systems: LSI +61 303, PSR B1534+12, PSR B1639+36B, PSR B1957+20.

Harries, T.J., Hilditch, R.W., Howarth, I.D. 2003, MNRAS 339, 157. (1abo, 2abc, 5) EBs in SMC: The Cloud distance and fundamental parameters of 10 systems: 5 038089, 5 202153, 5 316725, 6 077224, 6 158118, 6 215965, 7 243913, 9 175323, 11 30116, 11 57855.

Hegedüs, T. et al. (15 authors) 2003, IBVS 5372. (1af, 2c) New times of minima of EB systems: V397 Cep, V442 Cyg, MR Del, V401 Lac, V402 Lac, V1123 Tau, V1128 Tau.

Karska, A., Maciejewski, G. 2003, IBVS 5380. (1af, 2c) CCD times of minima of some EBs in 2002: SX Aur, CK Boo, ET Boo, FI Boo, YY CrB, MR Cyg, V891 Cyg, DI Peg, W UMa, TX UMa, VV UMa.

Lacy, C.H.S. 2002, IBVS 5357. (1af, 2c) Times of minima of EBs: CO And, HP Aur, CV Boo, SW Cnc, MU Cas, V396 Cas, V459 Cas, V651 Cas, VZ Cep, DV Cep, V1061 Cyg, GX Gem, LV Her, RW Lac, FO Ori, V530 Ori, V482 Per, V514 Per, RXJ0212.3, EN Tau, V1094 Tau, AT Vul, BP Vul.

Lloyd, C. et al. (5 authors) 2003, IBVS 5366. (1af, 2c) Three new W UMa EBs: GSC 0766.1248 (Brh V40), GSC 0471.2133 (Brh V60), GSC 0763.0572 (Brh V103).

Luna, G.J. et al. (4 authors) 2003, IBVS 5375. (1b, 2a) SB in open cluster Trumpler 16 revisited: HD 93161, Cl Trumpler 16 104, Cl Trumpler 16 112.

Muno, M.P. et al. (4 authors) 2002, ApJ 580, 1048. Frequency stability of millisecond oscillations in thermonuclear X-ray burts in 4U 1608$-$522, 4U1636$-$536, MXB 1659$-$298, Aql X-1, KS 1731$-$260, 4U 1728$-$34, 4U1702$-$429, and 4U 1916$-$053.

Nelson, R.H. 2003, IBVS 5371. (1af, 2c) CCD minima for selected EBs in 2002: RT And, WZ And, AB And, AD And, BX And, LO And, EP And, ZZ Aur, BF Aur, HL Aur, KU Aur, WW Cam, AO Cam, BU Cas, GT Cas, MM Cas, MN Cas, OX Cas, V357 Cas, V366 Cas, V459 Cas, BE Cep, EF Cep, OT Cep, SS Cet, XZ CMi, V387 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V1073 Cyg, YY Eri, RW Gem, EY Gem, GW Gem, DF Hya, SW Lac, VX Lac, VY Lac, CM Lac, EM Lac, SW Lyn, FR Ori, BX Peg, CC Peg, RT Per, RV Per, WY Per, XZ Per, V432 Per, V449 Per, V579 Per, UV Psc, RZ Tau, CU Tau, EQ Tau, V781 Tau, V Tri, RV Tri, XY UMa.

Ness, J.-U. et al. (8 authors) 2002, A&A 394, 911. Coronal density diagnostics with Helium-like triplets: CHANDRA-LETGS observations of Algol, Capella, Procyon, $\epsilon$ Eri, $\alpha$ Cen A&B, UX Ari, AD Leo, YY Gem, and HR 1099. (1x)

Pribulla, T. et al. (4 authors) 2002, IBVS 5341 (1af, 2c) New times of minima of EB systems: RT And, AB And, BX And, EP And, SS Ari, V402 Aur, 44i Boo, DU Boo, FI Boo, SV Cam, DN Cam, FN Cam, TX Cnc, TX Cnc, WY Cnc, CW Cas, V523 Cas, VW Cep, WZ Cep, EG Cep, GW Cep, EE Cet, SS Com, YY CrB, CG Cyg, V1191 Cyg, EF Dra, FU Dra, SW Lac, AM Leo, V714 Mon, V432 Per, XY UMa, AA UMa, AW UMa, ER Vul.

Prieur, J.-L., et al. (9 authors) 2003, ApJS 144, 263. (1a) Speckle observations for differential photometry of components of composite spectrum systems: HD 8036, HD 12447, HD 18925, HD 29140, HD 74874, HD 83808, HD 165341, HD 166479, HD 183912, HD 186203, HD 186518, HD 187259, HD 187321, HD 194359, HD 195692, HD 215242.

Qian, S. 2003, PASJ 55, 289. (2c) Orbital period studies for TW And, RW Leo, AY Vul.

Rueda-Morales, L. et al. (5 authors) 2003, MNRAS 338, 752. (1b, 2ac) Orbital periods of 22 sdB stars.

Rukmini, J., Vivekananda Rao, P. 2002, Bull. Astron. Soc. India 30, 665. (1a) Two W UMa-type variables in the pen cluster Be 33.

Saha, S.K. et al. (4 authors) 2002, Bull. Astron. Soc. India 30, 677. (1e) Speckle interferometric observations: HR 4891, HR 5298.

Sanz-Forcada, J., Brickhouse, N.S., Dupree, A.K. 2003, ApJS 145, 147. (1abu) EUVE Measures of temperatures and structure of stellar coronae of active binaries. FK Aqr, V824 Ara, VY Ari, $\alpha$ Aur, $\alpha$ CMi, BH CVn, $\alpha$ Cen, $\beta$ Cet, AY Cet, $\sigma^2$ CrB, BY Dra, $\epsilon$ Eri, CC Eri, YY Gem, LQ Hya, AR Lac, DH Leo, BF Lyn, V478 Lyr, AR Psc, $\xi$ UMa, ER Vul.

Thorstenson, J.R., Fenton, W.H. 2003, PASP 115, 37. (1bc) RV and spectra for dwarf novae with periods under two hours. KX Aql, FT Cam, PU CMa, V660 Her, DM Lyr.

Torres, G. et al. (6 authors) 2003, AJ 125, 825. (1b, 2a) RV and orbital elements for 4 Sex, HD 97131 (triple), BD $-$21$^{\circ}$ 2961, RX J1100.0$-$3813. RV for possible binaries RX J1109.7$-$3907, HIP 50976, TWA-12 and several other members of TW Hya association (see also General).

Winter, L., Sion, E.M. 2003, ApJ 582, 352. (1bu) IUE archival study of disks in quiescence: EM Cyg, CZ Ori, and WW Cet.

Wyrzykowski, L. et al. (9 authors) 2003, Acta Astronomica 53, 1 (1a, 2c, 3b) The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. EB stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Yakut, K. et al. (4 authors) 2003, IBVS 5360 (1af, 2c) New times of minima of EB systems: RT And, AW UMa, V836 Cyg.

Yokogawa, J. et al. (5 authors) 2003, PASJ 55, 161. (1x, 3abcd) A total of 106 discrete X-ray sources in SMC from ASCA observations.

Zacs, L. et al. (4 authors) 2003, MNRAS 339, 460. (1b, 2ef) Search for diffuse absorption bands in the carbon-rich stars: HD 13611, HD 21120, HD 50082, HD 201626, HD 204075, HD 218356, BD $+$75$^{\circ}$348.

Zurita, C., Casares, J., Shahbaz, T. 2003, ApJ 582, 369 (1ao) High speed photometry reveals evidence for optical flares in quiescent soft X-ray transients: V404 Cyg, A0620-00, J0422+32, GS 2000+25, Cen X-4.

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