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Collections of data

Armstrong, D.J. et al. (9 authors) 2015, A&A 579, A19. KEPLER 2 Variable Catalogue: variable stars and EBs in K2 campaigns 1 and 0.

Bonnet-Bidaud, J.M. et al. (5 authors) 2015, A&A 579, A24. (2dx*) QPOs in accreting magnetic WDs. I. Observational constraints in x-ray and optical; x-ray QPOs: AM Her, CD Ind, V2301 Oph; Optical QPOs: V834 Cen, VV Pup, AN UMa.

Borkovits, T. et al. (4 authors) 2015, MNRAS 448, 946. (1ao*, 5af, 7c) Eclipse-timing analysis of 26 hierarchical triple stars consisting of close eccentric binaries with third body companions used to derive orbital and physical parameters for Kepler field objects with KIC numbers: KIC 04769799, 04940201, 05003117, 05255552, 05653126, 05731312, 05771589, 06545018, 06964043, 07289157, 07668648, 07670617, 07812175, 07955301, 08023317, 08143170, 08210721, 08938628, 09714358, 09715925, 09963009, 10268809, 10319590, 10979716, 11519226, 12356914.

Coe, M.J., Kirk, J. et al. 2015, MNRAS 452, 969. (1aoix, 6a, 9) Catalogue of 70 Be/x-ray binary systems in the SMC.

Coppejans, D.L. et al. (7 authors) 2015, MNRAS 451, 3801. (1r, 6c) Search for radio emission from non-magnetic CVs: TT Ari, RW Sex, V603 Aql, V1084 Her.

Dacheng, L. et al. (10 authors) 2015, ApJ 808, 20. (1x) Luminosity functions of NGC 3115 LMXBs and dependence on stellar environments.

Dimitrov, D.P., Kjurkchieva, D.P. 2015, MNRAS 448, 2890. (1aoo*, 2do, 5c) LC solutions for six ultrashort-period W UMa-type objects selected from NSVS data base: NSVS 925605, 2700153, 4484038, 4761821, 7179685, 8626028.

Falanga, M. et al. (6 authors) 2015, A&A 577, A130. (2dgx*, 5be) Ephemeris, orbital decay, and masses of ten eclipsing HMXBs: V779 Cen (Cen X-3), QV Nor (4U 1538$-$522), V884 Sco (4U 1700$-$377), GP Vel (Vel X-1), OAO 1657$-$415, IGR J17252$-$3616, IGR J18027$-$2016, XTE J1855$-$026, 1RXS J053246.1$-$662203 (LMC X-4), 2MASS J01170514$-$7326360 (SMC X-1).

Fuhrmann, K., Chini, R. 2015, ApJ 809, 107. (2o, 9) Multiplicity of F-type Stars: study of some 50 southern dwarfs.

Gallenne, A. et al. (18 authors) 2015, A&A 579, A68. (6b) Robust high-contrast companion detection from interferometric observations. The CANDID algorithm and an application to six binary Cepheids: RT Aur, SU Cas, AX Cir, V1334 Cyg, AW Per, T Vul.

Geier, S. et al. (16 authors) 2015, A&A 577, A26. (6a) The catalogue of RV variable hot subluminous stars from the MUCHFUSS project.

Geller, A.M., Latham, D.W., Mathieu, R.D. 2015, AJ 150, 97. RVs in M67 field, membership, kinematics, binaries.

Griffin, R.F. 2015, Observatory 135, 71. (2a, 5d) RVS and orbits: HR 1884, HR 8442, HD 174103, HD 182563, plus RVs of $\zeta$ Cep.

Griffin, R.F. 2015, Observatory 135, 122. (2a, 5d) RVS and orbits: HD 471, HD 3791, HD 4703, HD 8739.

Griffin, R.F. 2015, Observatory 135, 193. (2a, 5d) RVS and orbits: HD 20577, HD 23257, HD 38232, HD 130669.

Guo, Y.-J. et al. (6 authors) 2015, RAA 15, 525. (1x, 2dx, 5i) Understanding the x-ray spectrum of anomalous x-ray pulsars and soft $\gamma$-ray repeaters: SGR 0501+4516, 1E 1547.0$-$5408, 1RXS J170849$-$400910, SGR 1806$-$20.

Hong, K. et al. (6 authors) 2015, AJ 150, 1. (1ao, 5acf) Apsidal motion for 27 EBs in SMC.

Hubscher, J., Lehmann, P.B. 2015, IBVS No. 6149. (5a) Times of minima: RT And, AA And, AB And, CN And, HS Aqr, KP Aql, V337 Aql, V343 Aql, V346 Aql, V415 Aql, V417 Aql, V1353 Aql, V1700 Aql, V1825 Aql, V1826 Aql, AH Aur, AP Aur, CI Aur, CL Aur, DN Aur, FN Aur, FO Aur, GI Aur, HP Aur, IM Aur, KO Aur, KU Aur, MO Aur, NN Aur, OZ Aur, V410 Aur, V432 Aur, V459 Aur, V562 Aur, V599 Aur, V610 Aur, V618 Aur, V640 Aur, SU Boo, TY Boo, TZ Boo, UW Boo, VW Boo, YY Boo, AC Boo, AD Boo, BW Boo, CK Boo, CV Boo, DU Boo, EF Boo, EM Boo, ET Boo, ET Boo, EW Boo, FI Boo, FP Boo, GK Boo, GN Boo, GP Boo, GT Boo, GV Boo, GW Boo, HH Boo, IK Boo, IN Boo, NY Boo, OS Boo, PR Boo, PS Boo, PT Boo, PU Boo, PY Boo, PZ Boo, QQ Boo, QT Boo, QW Boo, QX Boo, QY Boo, V339 Boo, i Boo, WW Cam, AK Cam, AL Cam, AN Cam, AS Cam, AT Cam, AY Cam, AZ Cam, DN Cam, FN Cam, QU Cam, V337 Cam, V345 Cam, V352 Cam, V356 Cam, V362 Cam, V369 Cam, V372 Cam, V374 Cam, V514 Cam, V517 Cam, RY Cnc, TU Cnc, TX Cnc, WY Cnc, AH Cnc, EH Cnc, FF Cnc, IL Cnc, IM Cnc, IR Cnc, IT Cnc, KY Cnc, RS CVn, VZ CVn, VZ CVn, BI CVn, BO CVn, DF CVn, FU CVn, GZ CMa, SX CMi, TT CMi, TX CMi, TY CMi, TZ CMi, UZ CMi, XZ CMi, YY CMi, AK CMi, BB CMi, BH CMi, DS CMi, DW CMi, EI CMi, EL CMi, TV Cas, DN Cas, DO Cas, NU Cas, OX Cas, QQ Cas, V445 Cas, V1044 Cas, SU Cep, VW Cep, VZ Cep, AI Cep, CQ Cep, EG Cep, EK Cep, GK Cep, NN Cep, V397 Cep, RW Com, RZ Com, EK Com, MZ Com, RT CrB, RW CrB, TU CrB, TU CrB, TW CrB, YY CrB, AR CrB, AS CrB, WZ Cyg, ZZ Cyg, CG Cyg, CV Cyg, DK Cyg, GO Cyg, KR Cyg, LO Cyg, MR Cyg, MY Cyg, V366 Cyg, V382 Cyg, V388 Cyg, V401 Cyg, V453 Cyg, V456 Cyg, V463 Cyg, V466 Cyg, V477 Cyg, V478 Cyg, V498 Cyg, V541 Cyg, V548 Cyg, V628 Cyg, V675 Cyg, V687 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V704 Cyg, V728 Cyg, V787 Cyg, V796 Cyg, V828 Cyg, V836 Cyg, V874 Cyg, V889 Cyg, V891 Cyg, V1034 Cyg, V1061 Cyg, V1073 Cyg, V1171 Cyg, V1305 Cyg, V1356 Cyg, V1414 Cyg, V1417 Cyg, V1508 Cyg, V1723 Cyg, V2021 Cyg, V2197 Cyg, V2247 Cyg, V2278 Cyg, V2477 Cyg, V2486 Cyg, V2524 Cyg, V2540 Cyg, V2546 Cyg, V2643 Cyg, W Del, TY Del, AV Del, CN Del, FZ Del, Z Dra, RR Dra, RX Dra, RZ Dra, SX Dra, TW Dra, TZ Dra, AI Dra, AR Dra, AX Dra, BH Dra, BS Dra, BU Dra, CK Dra, CV Dra, FU Dra, GQ Dra, KK Dra, MW Dra, NW Dra, OQ Dra, V338 Dra, V339 Dra, V341 Dra, V342 Dra, V344 Dra, V422 Dra, WW Gem, YY Gem, BT Gem, EY Gem, GW Gem, HR Gem, V396 Gem, Z Her, RX Her, SZ Her, TT Her, TU Her, TX Her, UX Her, AK Her, AW Her, CC Her, DD Her, DH Her, DI Her, DK Her, HS Her, LT Her, MM Her, MT Her, V338 Her, V342 Her, V359 Her, V450 Her, V728 Her, V829 Her, V842 Her, V857 Her, V861 Her, V878 Her, V994 Her, V1023 Her, V1038 Her, V1044 Her, V1049 Her, V1053 Her, V1055 Her, V1073 Her, V1091 Her, V1097 Her, V1119 Her, V1138 Her, V1140 Her, V1302 Her, V1306 Her, V1309 Her, V1355 Her, u Her, WY Hya, AV Hya, EU Hya, FG Hya, RT Lac, VX Lac, VY Lac, AW Lac, CM Lac, CO Lac, DG Lac, HR Lac, IP Lac, NS Lac, Y Leo, RT Leo, RW Leo, UV Leo, UZ Leo, VZ Leo, WY Leo, XY Leo, XZ Leo, AL Leo, AM Leo, AP Leo, VW LMi, WZ LMi, XX LMi, XY LMi, AE LMi, AF LMi, SW Lyn, TY Lyn, UV Lyn, CC Lyn, CD Lyn, CN Lyn, DE Lyn, DY Lyn, DZ Lyn, TT Lyr, TZ Lyr, UZ Lyr, AA Lyr, AH Lyr, EW Lyr, FL Lyr, MN Lyr, PS Lyr, PY Lyr, V412 Lyr, V507 Lyr, V563 Lyr, V572 Lyr, V574 Lyr, V576 Lyr, V581 Lyr, V664 Lyr, BO Mon, HM Mon, NN Mon, V532 Mon, V864 Mon, V868 Mon, V936 Mon, V948 Mon, V953 Mon, U Oph, V456 Oph, V501 Oph, V508 Oph, V566 Oph, V839 Oph, V2612 Oph, V2735 Ori, AT Peg, BN Peg, GH Peg, GP Peg, V478 Peg, V481 Peg, V535 Peg, V560 Peg, V573 Peg, IQ Per, V482 Per, MP Pup, U Sge, V Sge, SY Sge, CU Sge, GN Sge, AO Ser, AU Ser, AU Ser, V384 Ser, V505 Ser, Y Sex, WZ Sex, WY Tau, AL Tau, AM Tau, AN Tau, BV Tau, CD Tau, V1374 Tau, W UMa, TX UMa, TY UMa, VV UMa, XY UMa, XZ UMa, ZZ UMa, AC UMa, AF UMa, AW UMa, BM UMa, BQ UMa, BS UMa, DW UMa, GT UMa, LO UMa, LP UMa, MQ UMa, MT UMa, PZ UMa, QT UMa, V342 UMa, V342 UMa, V343 UMa, W UMi, RU UMi, VW UMi, BH Vir, NN Vir, V355 Vir, V589 Vir, V591 Vir, Z Vul, RR Vul, RS Vul, AW Vul, BB Vul, BE Vul, BO Vul, BP Vul, BQ Vul, BS Vul, BU Vul, DR Vul, FM Vul, FR Vul, GO Vul, GP Vul, NO Vul, NP Vul, V496 Vul, 2MASS J07254451-0007409, ASAS J053222+2521.1, ASAS J093305+0441.8, ASAS J182856+1141.8, ASAS J183952+4323.1, ASAS J185538+4207.9, ASAS J190139+3902.5, ASAS J190934+4305.9, ASAS J191745+0846.9, ASAS J191751+1822.7, ASAS J195605+4713.2, ASAS J201225+0959.4, ASAS J203921+1746.2, ASAS J220226+4831.3, GSC 00279-00695, GSC 00279-00822, GSC 01337-01137, GSC 01403-01508, GSC 02695-03163, GSC 02753-01017, GSC 02757-01475, GSC 03110-00482, GSC 03111 -00566, GSC 03619-00047, GSC 03679-02129, GSC 03944-01954, GSC 03948-02316, GSC 03949-00122, GSC 03949-00631, GSC 03949-01667, HAT 199-12392, HAT 199-36558, HD 55338, NSV 2146, NSVS 10123419, NSVS 2554499, NSVS 2560518, NSVS 2745595, NSVS 3009580, NSVS 3067305, NSVS 3068865, NSVS 4863977, NSVS 4873889, NSVS 4992380, NSVS 5381032, NSVS 5475619, NSVS 8097163, NSVS 8229881, NSVS 8744913, ROTSE1 J125947.50+365843.6, ROTSE1 J143602.90 +370529.4, ROTSE1 J175527.44+440654.3, ROTSE1 J181032.62+403847.4, ROTSE1 J181628.90 +375019.3, ROTSE1 J181631.43+371103.0, ROTSE1 J185450.96+401407.7, TYC 3864-0488, TYC 3973-1124, UCAC3 294-12179, U-B1 1135-0102876, U-B1 1416-0453013, U-B1 1416-0454010.

Hui, C.Y. et al. (12 authors) 2015, ApJ 809, 68. (1x*g*, 2x*, 9) Search for ms pulsar candidates among the unidentified Fermi objects.

Kaderhandt, L. et al. (7 authors) 2015, AN 336, 677. (1ao, 6ab) Overview of about 40,000 variable stars contained in the Bochum Galactic Disk Survey with emphasis on EBs; statistical information about variable star classes and spectral type distribution.

Kalamkar, M. et al. (5 authors) 2015, ApJ 802, 23. (2dx) Study of the evolution of spectral and timing parameters in BH XRBs: V821 Ara (GX 339-4), MAXI J1659$-$152, SWIFT J1753.5$-$0127.

Kazarovets, E.V., Samus, N.N. 2015, PZ 35, 3. (6ab) Novae and nova-like Stars in the 81th name-list of variable stars: official announcement of GCVS names : V1830 Aql, V1369 Cen, V962 Cep, V2659 Cyg, V339 Del, V960 Mon, V5666 Sgr, V5667 Sgr, V5668 Sgr, V1533 Sco, V1534 Sco, V1535 Sco, V556 Ser.

Kjurkchieva, D.P., Dimitrov, D.P., Ibryamov, S.I. 2015, RAA 15, 1493. (1ao, 5bc, 6abd) LC solutions of six EBs at the lower limit of periods of the W UMa stars: V1067 Her (1SWASPJ174310.98+432709.6), 1SWASP J173828.46+111150.2, 2MASS J20482085+0659229 (NSVS 11534299), NSVS 10971359, NSVS 11234970, NSVS 11504202.

Kjurkchieva, D., Vasileva, D. 2015, PASA 32, e023. (1ao, 5bce) LC Solutions of ten eccentric Kepler binaries, three of them with tidally induced humps.

Khan, R. et al. (4 authors) 2015, ApJS 219, 42. (6) Spitzer point-source catalogues of 300,000 stars in seven nearby galaxies.

Kupfer, T. et al. (9 authors) 2015, A&A 576, A44. (2ao, 5d Hot subdwarf binaries from the MUCHFUSS project. Analysis of 12 new systems and a study of the short-period binary population: SDSS J011857.20$-$002546.5, SDSS J032138.67+053840.0, SDSS J082332.08+113641.8, SDSS J083006.17+475150.3, SDSS J095238.93+625818.9, SDSS J095101.28+034757.0, SDSS J102151.64 +301011.9, SDSS J113241.58$-$063652.8, SDSS J134632.65+281722.7, SDSS J150829.02+494050.9, SDSS J152222.14$-$013018.3, SDSS J183249.03+630910.5.

Laur, J. et al. (5 authors) 2015, A&A 581, 37. (1ao, 1*, 2a*, 5ab) Period changes for massive binaries in Cyg OB2: A36, B17, MT 059, MT 696, Schulte 3, Schulte 5.

Leiner, E.M. et al. (4 authors) 2015, AJ 150, 10. (2ao, 5d) Spectroscopic orbits for 43 SB1 and 18 SB2 in M35, and 19 SB1 in nearby field.

Lillo-Box, J. et al. (7 authors) 2015, A&A 576, A88. (1ao, 2ado, 5cde) EBs and fast rotators in the Kepler sample: KOI 0340, 0371.01, 0686, 3725, 3853.01.

Lin, D. et al. (10 authors) 2015, ApJ 808, 19. (1x, 6b) Chandra observations of NGC 3115: 136 candidate LMXBs discovered.

Luo, Y.-P. 20115, RAA 15, 733. (1ao, 5abc, 6abd) Variable stars in the open cluster NGC 2141.

Moe, M., Di Stefano, R. 2015, ApJ 810, 61. (1*, 2*) 221 LMC EBs with B-type MS primaries analyzed.

Montes, V.A. et al. (4 authors) 2015, ApJS 219, 41. (6) X-ray and radio observations in star-forming region IRAS 20126+4104.

Mróz, P. et al. (11 authors) 2015, ApJS 219, 26. (6) Ogle atlas of classical novae: galactic bulge objects.

Ness, J.U. et al. (13 authors) 2015, A&A 578, A39. (2dx) Short-period x-ray oscillations in super-soft novae and persistent super-soft sources: V339 Del, KT Eri, RS Oph, Cal 83, LMC 2009a.

Olling, R.P. et al. (9 authors) 2015, Nature 521, 332 (+ Erratum 2015, Nature 524, 502). (1ao) No signature of ejecta interaction with a stellar companion in three type-Ia SNe: KSN 2011b, 2011c, 2012a.

Parsons, S.G. et al. (16 authors) 2015, MNRAS 449, 2194. (1aoo*, 2do, 5bc, 6b) 14 new eclipsing WD+MS systems found from SDSS and Catalina surveys: SDSS J002348.75+134806.1, J002412.87 +174531.4, J042012.78+333739.7, J101356.32+272410.6, J112308.40$-$115559.3, J141150.74+211750.0, J141724.36+080112.0, J142427.69+112457.9, J154057.27+370543.4, J164235.97$-$063439.7, J220504.50 $-$062248.6, J230627.54$-$055533.2, J232705.33+211942.1, J234035.84+185555.0.

Sahman, D.I. et al. (4 authors) 2015, MNRAS 451, 2863. (1ao) Searching for nova shells around 101 CVs.

Smullen, R.A., Kobulnicky, H.A. (10 authors) 2015, ApJ 808, 166. (2ao, 5bd) Orbital solutions of 6 eccentric binaries, KIC 3230227, KIC 3749404, KIC 4248941, KIC 8719324, KIC 9899216, KIC 11494130.

Tai-Or, L., Faigler, S., Mazeh, T. 2015, A&A 580, 21. (1ao*, 2ao, 5d) Confirmation of binary nature for 70 stars with low-amplitude fluctuation detecd by CoRoT.

Thorstensen, J.R. et al. (6 authors) 2015, AJ 149, 128. (2a, 5d) RV orbital periods cor CVs from SDSS: HH Cnc, LV Cnc, V1227 Her, V1229 Her, V495 Hya, AC LMi, V493 Ser, V519 Ser, MR UMa, SDSS J075653,11+085831.8, SDSS J080534.49+072029.1, SDSS J080908.39+381406.2, SDSS J081256.85+191157.8, SDSS J081352.02+281317.3, SDSS J083845.26+491055.1, SDSS J091242.18 +620940.1, SDSS J092229.26+330743.6, SDSS J094558.24+292253.2, SDSS J101323.64+455858.9, SDSS J102320.28+440509.9, SDSS J102800.09+214813.5, SDSS J113215.50+624900.4, SDSS J124417.89 +300401.0, SDSS J142955.86+414516.8, SDSS J150441.76+084752.6, SDSS J153634.42+332851.9, SDSS J161909.10+135145.5, SDSS J165951.69+192745.6, SDSS J173008.38+624754.7.

Tomov, T. et al. (4 authors) 2015, A&A 576, A119. (2do, 5g) SALT observations of southern post-novae: OY Ara, V365 Car, V842 Cen, V868 Cen, V888 Cen, BY Cir, CP Cru, BT Mon, GI Mon, GQ Mus, RR Pic, CP Pup, DY Pup, HS Pup, HZ Pup, V445 Pup, T Pyx, U Sco, X Ser, CN Vel, V382 Vel, Nova Car 1972.

Turlione, A., Aguilera, D.N., Pons, J.A. 2015, A&A 577, A5. (2dx, 5g) Quiescent thermal emission from NSs in LMXBs: V2134 Oph (MXB 1659$-$29), UY Vol (EXO 0748 676), XTE J1701$-$462, KS 1731$-$260, IGR J17480$-$2446.

Wu, J. et al. (11 authors) 2015, MNRAS 448, 1900. (1aio, 2ao, 6b) Gemini spectroscopy of 21 optical counterparts to x-ray sources suggests that some are accreting binaries.

Yan, Z., Yu, W. 2015, ApJ 805, 87. (2dx) Statistical study of 110 bright outbursts in 36 LMXB transients.

Zasche, P. et al. (7 authors) 2015, AJ 149, 197. (1ao*, 5abc) Kepler EBs showing light-time effect from third body: V2281 Cyg (KIC 9402652), WX Dra (KIC 10581918), 2MASS J18572452+4042529 (KIC 5513861), 2MASS J19040202+4521216 (KIC 9007918), 2MASS J19174291+4438290 (KIC 8553788), 2MASS J19215310+3831428 (KIC 3440230), 2MASS J19275768+3740219 (KIC 2305372), 2MASS J19285262+4053359 (KIC 5621294), 2MASS J19513965+4315224 (KIC 7630658), 2MASS J19561361 +4754336 (KIC 10686876).

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