Memories of Tokyo

These are some pictures I took during the IAU Symposium I attended in Tokyo, Japan in July, 2001 (see slashdot article). Click on the image for a larger version.

Beer Garden At the beer garden on the Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo
Simon Karaoke Simon White performing the Beatles classic "Scarborough Fair" live on stage at a karaoke bar.
Simon Hat Fun with Japanese headwear...
Jarrod Hat Jarrod Hurley experiences the hat.
Jarrod Wig Now trying on some wigs.
My Duet Eric and Simon accompanied by a Japanese fellow on tambourine.
Simon & Simon Simon White and Simon Portegies Zwart team up for a number.
Grad Students From left to right: me, Mark Krumholz, Jeremy Tinker, and Andreea Font in Sanjo Conference Hall.
Aarseth Myself and Sverre Aarseth, the father of N-body simulations, in front of a GRAPE-6 supercomputer.
Kyudo Archery Kyudo (Japanese archery) practice on campus.
Dinner 1
Dinner 2
Dinner 3
Dinner on the last night of the conference in the Nezu district.

More pictures from my trip to Japan...

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