(Sub)Millimetre Observing Techniques Summer School

Victoria, BC, Canada    
14-17 August, 2006

Sponsors:Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
Canadian Space Agency

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Day 1    
Overview Basic Radio Astronomy (Sean Dougherty, DRAO)
OverviewContinuum Observing in the Submm/mm (Tracy Webb, McGill)
JCMT SCUBA-2 (Mark Halpern, UBC)
JCMTSCUBA-2 Mapping (Andy Gibb, UBC)
Overview Molecular Line Observations (Rene Plume, Calgary)
JCMT HARP-B/ACSIS: A B-Band Survey "Camera" (Russell Redman, HIA)
Overview Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (David Naylor, Lethbridge)
JCMT FTS-2: An FTS for use with SCUBA-2 (David Naylor, Lethbridge)
Day 2    
Overview Polarimetry in the Submillimetre (Martin Houde, UWO)
JCMT The Next Generation of JCMT Polarimeters: POL-2 and ROVER (Brenda Matthews, HIA)
JCMT JCMT Legacy Surveys, Data Management and Science with Archival Data (Russell Redman, HIA)
Overview Data Visualization (JJ Kavelaars, HIA)
Herschel The Herschel Space Observatory (James Di Francesco, HIA)
Herschel PACS and SPIRE: Photometers for Herschel (Peter Martin, U of T)
Herschel HIFI: the high resolution spectrometer for Herschel (Mike Fich, Waterloo)
Overview Future Submillimeter Missions (Mike Fich, Waterloo)
Day 3    
Overview Basics of Interferometry and Interferometric Calibration (Claire Chandler, NRAO, Socorro)
OverviewImaging and Deconvolution (David Wilner, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Day 4    
ALMA ALMA and the North American ALMA Science Center (Crystal Brogan, NRAO/NAASC)
ALMAObserving with ALMA (Lewis Knee, HIA)
eSMAeSMA: the SMA-JCMT-CSO array (David Wilner, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
EVLAThe EVLA Project (Sean Dougherty, DRAO)
OverviewPaths to Effective Scientific Proposals and Collaborations (James Di Francesco, HIA)

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Supplemental Material (from CD Rom)
Molecular Spectroscopy (2.7 MB, provided by Rene Plume)
Introduction to FTS (3.7 MB, provided by David Naylor)
MIRIAD Data Reduction (373 MB, provided by Brenda Matthews)
Star + Dust Model (to be provided by Mark Halpern)